Best Electric – USA

Electric cars, their components (like batteries) and ecosystem (like charging stations)
Tesla accelerates the transition to electric mobility with a full range of increasingly affordable electric cars. Tesla also produces Solar Roof, home batteries and operates large solar stations with energy storage.

Rivian is an automotive technology company that develops products and services to advance the shift to sustainable mobility.



Nikola’s fuel cell membrane electrode assembly (MEA) research is aimed at developing an architecture that could satisfy the power output needs and durability requirements of heavy-duty applications, such as the operations of the company’s long-haul vehicles like the Nikola One.

Lucid Motors is a Silicon Valley company that designs, develops, and builds electric vehicles.
Sila Nanotechnologies is a provider and manufacturer of revolutionary car batteries.

Proterra makes zero-emission, battery-electric buses that help eliminate fossil fuel dependency and reduce costs.

ChargePoint is an electronics company that specializes in an open electric vehicle charging network.
QuantumScape is a renewable energy company that develops solid-state battery technology to increase the range of electric cars.

Canoo is building electric vehicles made for subscription. Canoo is a one-of-a-kind mobility company creating electric vehicles that are both innovative and affordable.


Karma Automotive designs, engineers, assembles and markets luxury electric vehicles, all from its Southern California base of operations. Launched by Wanxiang Group that purchased what was left of Fisker in 2014