Big Travel, Big Power eMTB! New Mukuta is fire ????#short #shorts #electricbike #ebike

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So have reversed Fork we have four Piston hydraulic brakes and look at this New graphics and not sure if this is Foldable ore suspension Handlebar this design is super red and We have adjustable shock right here so Have a bunch of positions and we have 200 W 52 volt rear hub and this is the New ebike from makuda Me

Electric City Vehicles Powering the Seattle Area

If you’re thinking about making the switch to an electric vehicle, there are many things to consider. Deciding which model to buy, where and how to charge it, whether to keep your existing car or replace it with an EV, and what tax breaks you may be eligible for can seem daunting at first.

Fortunately, there are numerous resources available to help you navigate the transition to an EV. The Seattle area is particularly well-suited for EV ownership because of its clean, affordable electricity and extensive public charging network. We’re working hard to grow the number of fast and Level 2 chargers around town, as well as expand access at shopping centers, parking garages, and workplaces. We’re also bringing more public charging options to the neighborhoods where you live, work, and play, including locations powered by City Light.

Electric vehicles are the fastest and most efficient way to reduce pollution from transportation. They are also the most economical way to drive a car. An EV costs less to fuel than a gas-powered vehicle, and can save its owner hundreds of dollars per year in maintenance, insurance, and gasoline.

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Xpeng G9 Geilo test part 2

Xpeng G9 Performance range test