The NEW 72Volt E-Scooter You’ve Never Heard Of! Maxfun 10 Pro Review

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This new electric scooter is different.
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0:00 Maxfun intro
1:12 Specs
1:48 Battery
3:19 Top Speed
4:44 Range test
5:16 Uphill test
5:31 Closer look
5:54 Suspension
7:48 lights
9:59 Why buy this electric scooter

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Choosing Electric City Vehicles

Choosing an electric vehicle can be more complex than picking out a car. You must also consider how and where you will charge it, what kind of maintenance it will need and whether or not you qualify for those tax breaks. And that’s just for starters.

Electric cars use an electric motor to turn the wheels and an insulated battery to store energy. They can run on electricity from any source that produces a reliable voltage, including fossil fuels like coal and oil, as well as renewables such as wind or solar power.

Most electric vehicles can be charged with a standard 120 V outlet. However, to charge the vehicle more quickly you must install a dedicated 240 V charging system or EV charger. You can also recharge your EV at work or one of the growing number of public charging stations.

But the transition to EVs is still a long way from reality, with many dealers not convinced that consumer interest in the technology will grow fast enough to justify large capital investments in charging infrastructure and raw materials needed to build the vehicles. In addition, dealers worry that OEMs are using the EV transition to make demands they would not have made previously, such as requiring pre-ordering and a strict schedule of deliveries or limiting dealership trade-in programs. Dealers are also concerned that the federal and state incentives adopted to support the EV transition will not approach affordability in the near term.

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