Xpeng G9 Performance acceleration and noise test

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This video was brought to you by AED Ro Planner cow Marcus be stormberg and B Componente All right we back home let's take a look At the results so you see the G9 Performance did it quite well it Actually beat Ron GT wow that's a sport SPS car uh okay when it comes to weight Uh weighs a little bit more than the E DT but way more horsepower huh Impressive so faster than 4 second in This category this kind of wait okay What other SCV yeah okay e um yeah el7 Is even faster yeah sorry ma there's Another Chinese that is faster other Than that well I haven't tested modx yet Um modx pla uh Tesla they said that they Might have one for next year so I okay Whatever but okay so that's uh good and Then when it comes to Breaking I skipped That one but noise look at this look at This noise performance okay the R5 uh is Very quiet but it's not the R5 EV the EV Has the um uh the acoustic foam in it uh But still really really quiet we're Talking about eqs eqe levels you see Here uh beating even fat E when was this Tested okay maybe that was a while ago But um the G9 is very quiet it's Blistering fast if you go for the Performance if you go for the long range Maybe you should get a little bit more Efficient car but still you know really Good car for the money even beating the

One we're sitting in right now now in Performance at least and noise maybe not In price but uh that's the crazy part is That this um m m y well if you buy a m y Performance uh price-wise the G9 cost a Little bit more but you then get way More comfort and slight more space so The G9 is like a Kinder Egg yeah anyway I think that's going to be it for now I Hope you guys enjoy this video as always Thank you for watching and talk to you Later

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