Hyundai Kona MY2024 acceleration and noise test

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This video was brought to you by Marcus Be elmech a planner Stone bik Camp power And B Component All right we're back home but not in the Car we are now in the kitchen yeah Trying to experiment new angles but okay So we see that the new Corner was Significantly slower according to spec It's actually 8.8 seconds and man to do 8 second but compare that to the old Corner it's way up here 6.8 seconds uh And then the spec is 7.6 so I don't know What's up with that that the new Kaa is A lot slower 204 horsepower the new K Even has more horsepower if you look Down here again uh where was it here you See more horsepower slightly more weight So this is really weird okay well you Have winter tires but uh that doesn't Explain the only reason why it's slow I Mean according to spec it's also slow And then when it comes to noise then we Have a nice Improvement look here the Old Corner had okay wet road but still 17in wheels and more noise and the new Corner even 19in Wheels has better noise Levels so yeah there you guys have it if You want less noise and you don't care Too much about acceleration get the new Corner yeah is a Bad is a bad ABC spell [Music]

ABC banana the new word is Banana she's quiet now that's perfect She can be just Studio host for Me sometimes she doesn't want to say Anything yeah oh Yay ABC ab BC okay After Is better 999 99 AB ABC ABC okay so I think that's going to be It for now hope you guys enjoy this Video as always thank you for watching And talk to you later

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Hyundai Kona 65 kWh MY2024 range test