11″ Wheels Light But Massive Electric Scooter Isinwheel GT2 Review

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This electric scooter is built differently.

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Today we are looking at the new electric Scooter this is the I wheel GT2 model This is a regular electr scooter box Size but it's so light let's unbox it And see what we have [Music] Here [Music] One and we got in the smaller box the Front 4 LED lights which is very Compact And we have the spra pouch with a Charger and a set of Tools this is the new icing wheel GT2 Model this massive 11in off-road tires On this compact frame makes this model Look like a powerful heavy off-road Monster but the scooter weighs 24 kg or 54 lb only the design is interesting and Different compared to all other scooters I've tried so far let's go over the Specs and after take a closer Look this model comes with a single unit Drive rear 800 WS hob motor the battery It's 15 M capacity maximum load 330 lb And protection level Ipx4 we have three speeds level of Assist and we have Eco STD or St Probably Sport and Turbo where let's see how the turbo [Music] Does let's see how much it pick up now So Maxum [Music] Speed

26.2 M an Hour acceleration it's not really strong It's more mild as you seen so not bad Actually for single 800 WTS I was Expecting slightly more powerful Acceleration but I think it's more Dialed for longer range and more Smoother more friendlier more user Friendlier uh acceleration yeah very Gradual very intuitive very smooth and I'm maxed out on the Throttle the battery is fully charged Not bad Actually it's not a very stick heel Maybe like under 10° but still it does Pretty Well and after like 5 6 seconds goes Into cruise control so you have to be Careful and then you tap it one more Time or press brakes and gets out of the Cruise control I like the screen it's Very easy to read today is very sunny Still looks very good so now the cruise Control is [Music] On it's probably about 5 6 Seconds range the weather it's so bad Right now in New York City we had the Rain since last Friday and it's not Stopping the temperature dropped below 60° on faren height it is really cold I Weigh 225 lbs I test it as always in Max Speed setting ranging between 15 to 23 Mph top speed covering 19.3 m in range a

Vally design on handlebars and we have This folding structure here so this one Twist and comes uh down very nice Console regular standard grips low entry Level you have to twist them really hard So they come loose when you ride but Once you unscrew them the same as makuda It is spring loaded so there's quite a Fret there ceration there's no lines There's nothing that you can actually Grip so you have to really you know Tighten it really well or grab one of Those um wrenches you know that doesn't Scratch it and really tightens it Doesn't come loose big screen and here We have the thumb throttle on the right Hand side and we have this you know Standard mechanical disc brake levers Nothing fancy they work pretty well and It came with this Uh thing in the front which is super Cool I like this addition and uh we have This hook here that goes down into the Frame and what's cool here you push it Backwards so I haven't seen the design Spring loaded and um the surface looks Like it's you know it's a robber finish Very you know thick very big uh fander I Like it because when it rains it doesn't Splash you which is really good covers Completely the rear tire and here this Finish it's like rubberized you know Like a plasticky thing it is the most Unusual construction I have not seen

This before I don't know if this top Part it's cast or forged aluminum but Looks solid also very nicely painted so Looks pretty good usually the bottom Part it's aluminum or reinforced Structure here it looks like a plastic Panel It is Well integrated has smooth Lines it doesn't look bad you can see Here the openings of the screw that goes Into the body And here's the packing tape that could Not remove here we have the charging Port so you just lift it up and push it Down and get the charging port and nice Sticker here so I like the front you see How the fender covers here in the front Also in the back really nicely you know Done so you can ride in rain and it Doesn't Splash you the deck has a little Bit of grip tape right here with the Logo and the name two screws coming out Here so very basic very simple but uh From a side if you look it is massive And it is super light for its size and For this look for this design and the Cables management nicely done hiding Here inside the stem here you have Adjustable so here is the lever you open You can adjust the height which is Pretty cool I like this uh front uh Pouch here and the Cables pretty nicely organized can be Wrapped in those you know like things That go around but we don't have that

Here we can do it yourself not a big Deal but nicely go inside here behind And you see here this kind of wrap if You get this thing and covered all Around will be so nice they didn't do That and uh this uh thing here it's Solid uh this kind of comes loose so uh It would be nice to have here some Threads so you can grab and uh push it Harder like you know twist it harder so It doesn't come loose besides that a Pretty clean you know setup here like The console and the screen here really Nicely done for this price range deck Size with 7.5 in from tip to this end It's 21 in from this section here from The front about 18 in we can still put Your foot here in the front and rest Here in the back about 5 in and length And all the way in the back 8 in this is Spring-loaded so you can easily put your Foot over and just rest while you ride Handlebar width 25 in handlebar height It's adjustable so the lowest Point will Be from the deck to the top 31 in and The highest Point will be 41 1/2 in suspension in The back is very minimal about half an Inch so not much travel here but because The wheels are so big and all the knobs And this fig thickness massive thickness Right and a small compact frame makes The the riot more comfortable so

Dissipates the vibrations all the you Know the Heats in the potholes so much Better the same here look how massive it Is and this is a fake suspension it Doesn't actually move not sure why I Didn't put the same exact suspension as In the back to the front to improve Performance but the way it is it's not Bad it does pretty well in the city Lights pretty bright this blue stripes Are crazy a bright super cool the rear Light very tiny and the front light for This size for this price level it is Pretty bright it doesn't have a wide Spill just a like a throw very long Throw very narrow line not sure if this Can be set up to be spread more that'll Be awesome but this line it's actually Going all the way to the top you can see Because they're those lights in front But it's really throwing far and you can See here on this wall it goes all the Way to the top so if you flip it 90° Will be so much better now the rear Light brake light it's really good but It's so tiny I wish it was bigger and This is the cool part we have here Turning Signals for this price level having Turning signals it's pretty cool and Look at the screen here even shows the Notification on the screen left and Right not bad at all The biggest Advantage here is the

Massive Wheels making this model look Deceptively heavy duty but when you pick It up you get surprised how light it is This is the first scooter model I see on The market offering this 11in Wheels Option on a short frame base it is not An off-road setup due to limited Suspension but this massive Wheels Dissipate the bump so well and it's a Good budget option on sale now for $759 with decent range and components For this price level it is an Interesting design and good for those That look for extra cushion comfort let Me know what do you think about this Model in the comments below the link Will be in the description box thanks For watching and I'll see you next Time

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