DO IT ALL 1200W Heybike MARS 2 OFFICIAL 2023 Release and Review

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This new improved electric bike is light and compact but delivers class 3 performance.

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This is the new hey bike Mars 2 ebike Model that was released just last week Last year hey bike delivered Mars One The Fat Tire folder that was needed for Those looking for compact light ebike Folder model that was able to tackle Off-road and rough terrains but had Limited power and low cargo capacity This new ebike release should fix that Problem and offer more new options this New Marx 2 ebike looks very similar to The first version but with once you look Closer there are four main differences And a lot of new changes and various Improved Options now let's go over the Improvements and differences between Mars 1 and Mars 2 and the first thing is The motor bigger motor 750 W versus 500 Watts now you can lock this bike to Class 3 and go up to 28 M hour second is The battery you have the same 12.5 amp Power capacity but better enclosure and We have extra functions here you have USB a type charging port you can charge Your cell phone or El Electronics on a Go and we have here a battery capacity Indicator and the battery it's much more Compact the third is the rear rack now We can load up to 120 lb and this rear Rack is much beefier much stronger Better design you have a bunch of Accessories you can attach to this rear Rack also if you look here much stronger

Connection on both Sides and another thing which is Important to mention here this Frame is Still foldable still compact the same Size as the Mars one but it is much Stronger if you look here at the weld Perfectly done and we have much thicker Rear triangle and the shape it's more Rounded much better design looks more Modern another thing I notice is that The frame it's much Thinner it's more compact we have the Same folding mechanism they kept this Handle which actually it's very handy You can lift the bike and you can carry It easier when it's unfolded also when It's folded and we have this uh SE po Suspension which is present on the Previous model but here which we Actually mentioned live stream last Week the SE post needs to be slightly Longer maybe another 4 5 in and here is The maximum I actually lifted a little Bit higher and I'm still having a good Comfortable paddling position but I Think if I was able to lift it 2 in Longer seat post I can extend my legs More and push Harder let's power the bike On and this is how this is set up the Bag it's added by me it doesn't come With the bike very compact very nice Console here and we have lights plus Minus onof and this is the function so

It gives you a various stats of the bike But what's cool here we have an app so I'll show you the app in a moment you Can set up this bike any way you like it Now we're in third speed Level engages right Away very Comfortable hopefully you guys can see The screen fully charged battery we'll Go in the fif mode turn left onto Gallows Road really good torque picks up really Fast Contin down this Ro On Let's do just throttle the bike is Limited to 27.5 M an hour if you pedal Can reach 30 m hour or faster depending Your Fitness condition but around 29 to 30 m hour I feel a push back and it's Getting stronger and stronger once you Reach higher top speed 273.5 the acceleration on Max it's Engaging powerful and a fun to ride when The battery drops to 50% or lower the Bike drops to 20 25 26 mph on throttle Alone and we'll stay in that Range four Speed Trail for Speed so third about 190 M Hour with Aist and this is comfortable pedaling Not pushing too hard if you push Harder you fast 20 Mph actually 22 let's go second

Speed second speed again comfortable Paddling not pushing too much about 15.5 mil an hour let's see how much it Drop yeah about 10.5 let's go first speed this is very Slow it's like walking speed Here slide uphill and the bike picks up Speed really easy really fast to stay on Washington I feel like it's so much Power from the motor that I need like a Bigger chain ring so I can push harder It's pretty much I'm just ghost pedling Right now and I'm going Uphill turn right to St Washington quick Uh heel clim test this is about 18° Slope let's see if the bike does it from Zero all the way to the top fifth level Assist and it is about 7 m Hour which is not bad let's try this Side so we can get a little more Speed see how it Does yeah 50 m an hour Very Easily the power delivery it's very good In this bike the torque is really Powerful at the maximum level and you Can adjust an NA but still this is the Fifth level I put all to the Max and it Does amazingly well let's open up the App and this is how it starts and this Is how it looks like we can turn off Turn on the bike from the phone it shows You the Bluetooth connection the 100% The capacity and here we have

The account of security and when you go Here in settings we have the bike name We have the B Collar let's get outside of this Proximity autolock 180 seconds to uh Turn out by itself and here we have Personalize and this is what I was Talking about so you can adjust the Speed to any limit you would like I went To Max here we have kilometers to miles An hour we have throtle speed limiter And how sensitive it is and you have Different levels of uh Assist I'll go to 125 and here this is the best part you Can adjust the speed limit any way you Like for any speed level exactly tailor It to your Needs and that's the best part I just Keep it like let's say about 20 M hour So it's Class 2 and 4 and maximum and Level Fifth and uh backlight on the Screen and sensitivity very low very High or let's say let's put it on three And uh that's uh the settings that I Think all the ebikes should have and you Can adjust and really tailor it to your Needs to your power delivery required For your area and uh have the bike that Actually performs as you like and also So uh it's confirming with the local Laws and regulations so there's more Stuff here you can uh go on the bike List and see your ride and besides that

What else we can do here uh we can go This is the settings we have the rider Information the account uh connection And uh upgrade the firmware so you can Also do that we have latest version so This allows you and this is the part That I really like this allows you to Comply with the local uh rules laws and Regulation and have uh a compliant bike And also when you're private property Tested and adjusted to your needs and That's uh the app that uh I think it's Really useful I don't really use apps But having this uh uh level of settings It's very helpful and I hope other ebike Manufacturers Implement um this um Application and the Products range test temperature about 69° on Fahrenheit my weight 235 lb I Mostly assisted 75 to 80% on this ride In the fif level of assist with speeds Between 15 to 26 mph and I managed to Cover a respectful 24.5 m in range Considering that the bike weighs 75 lb And we only have 12.5 M capacity or 600w Battery this is very good results and by The way if your battery dies I managed To you know to push about 6 to mph and It's not that easy so make sure if you Have longer rides you have a second Battery we have 7-speed CIS cassette in The back standard Shimano shifter that You see on all other models K by Collection pretty much the same

Drivetrain here we have uh double Sandwich chain and uh I feel like this Chain ring can be slightly bigger at 27 28 M an hour I get uh pretty much ghost Peddling and I feel like if I had bigger Outside Amer change ring I'll be able to Get higher top speed save energy and Extend the range on this model Suspension has lock and open position And rebound adjustments we have about 2 And 1/2 in of travel very soft very Comfortable front suspension clean Handlebar the same CIS uh Shimano Shifter right thumb throttle leather Grips with Hardware to secure them and You know standard screen small consoles On the left And mechanical disc brake levers so Standard stuff but I feel like in this Frame it's more compact still a light Package that can handle off-road it's Foldable relatively light for 75 lbs uh Weight pretty Compact and very helpful For those that actually want to carry Heavier loads and this bike you can Install a front rack and uh kind of Convert US to a cargo utility bike Lights let's check them Quickly so the lights are not super Bright but more than enough we have very Long throw and it's not super wide but I Think because of this bluish ttin it Kind of like diminishes the power output But still it is completely dark on this

Trail and I can see uh pretty well I Would say it's just I wish it was maybe Like white um kind of like you know tent So it would be much much brighter and More visibility let's check the rear Light plenty Brightness and when you press the Brakes this is what you get flashing Rear active brake Light very Bright visible from far away the Close-ups here it is much more Concentrated but it's this bluish collar Kind of like Fades when you you know uh Reach uh when you you straight up the Bars and you you know point up front but Still enough uh to be you know riding Faster 25 M hour you know outside a city In the city it's perfect Mars 2 model Comes in four color options and a lot of Accessories to add and upgrade your ride To your desire commuting running errands Needs or lifestyle Mar 2 is a solid Upgrade from the previous version hey Bike focused and added features that Will improve your commute and make your Life easier the higher top speed and Power delivery adjustability with Improved higher low capacity rear rack Makes a big difference this heat bike is Perfect for any level Rider but it Shines in cities like New York and Washington DC where space is very Expensive limited and having a bag that

Folds that is class three and can Deliver big Thrills and capable of Tackling any terrain it's important the Link will be down below in the Description box thank you so much for Watching let me know in the comments Below how do you like the upgrades and I'll see you next time

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