ENVO STAX: Riding FEELS Just Like a Regular Bike!

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This is Anvil a company that is focused On engineering research and development Of affordable solutions for clean Transportation and electric Drive Systems this team developed some really Cool drive system kits for snow water And land recently they developed and are Coming to the market with new Microelectric vehicles that are Impressive and will fit perfectly in our Day lives activities making them more Efficient anvo is entering the ebike Market with interesting ebike collection Today we'll be testing their new road Electric bike this is the new envo stack That looks impressive in person not so Much on a website this E Bike looks Rides and feels like a normal bike you Can remove the assist and have that Natural pedal feel or unleash the Maximum power and have a fast aggressive Ebike specs we have a 500 W rear hub Motor super Compact and we have here 36 Volt 700 C by 40 mm tires it look looks Like a regular road gravel bike super Sleek frame you can see any of the welds It's all smooth and very nicely done Painted beautifully I like this uh you Know Two-tone color they Chosen and the Battery usually these tubes are very Thick this is so much thinner and here We have 36 volt 12.8 and power capacity Or

46.8 w we have the charging port right Here under which is uh beginning I was Going to be difficult to to access but It's actually not it's very easy you Just pop this up open it and connect PL Of space here and the tube is very thin Very narrow I'm 63 when I saw this Frame Initially and when I got it I thought It's going to be medium it's going to be Small for me but it's actually very Comfortable you can lift this higher and You can see my posture it's not bad it's Actually comfortable the buy stock Weighs only 42 LB pretty Sleek Design so going to start with the zero Assistance and see how much speed you Can develop and if it's easy or not to Ride with no assist at all and uh I Forgot to Shift yeah it feels like a regular Bike this red light pass It it is uh just uh slightly harder to Start but feels like a regular bike There's not much Resistance I can pedal and Uh yeah this is pretty Good let's stop and go in the first Level Assist about 11 12 M Hour 13 12 so I'll say 12 M Hour let's go second Speed not much difference for 14 15 third

Speed theist is much more powerful so I Have to shift Down let's go Fourth and fifth and the fifth level This this is so much powerful you have To shift down or start pushing more Because it's just so much easier Comfortable pedaling not putting too Much pressure About 20 21 M hour the bike is so much More Nimble and a fifth speed level Accelerates really really fast getting From 5 miles to 20 22 M hour it's so Much faster it feels really quick really Aggressive almost like a racing Bike this bike allows you to have so Much adjustability you can remove Completely the assist and use the Regular bike it's not difficult to bedle Once you start going and picks up speed Really fast if you let's say went for a Longer ride day before and you're sore And you want to recover put in a fifth Level assist and barely put any pressure The bike will give you the option to go 20 plus miles an hour still I did the Test uh in a fifth level assist and I Was able to cover 30.8 m in range which Is incredible and I didn't put too much Effort let's say medium to low assist of Course I weigh 220 lb if you lighter You'll get so much more range this bike Here really gives you chance to go Really aggressive and right fast and

Burn the battery you know much quicker Or just relax and you know pedal the Regular bike between 15 to 20 M hour and Cover 40 50 plus miles in range it Depends also on your weight terrain and So many more variables but if you're Under 200 lb you'll get closer to Adverti Numbers okay up here let's see how it That Does okay I not going to be pushing too Much just to give you guys an Idea sixspeed in the Back and I'm pushing really hard and It's 19 M Hour so easy 19 20 M hour the bike does Pretty well without pushing hard we have Nice cranks here big size chain ring all The cables are routed through the frame Even the front brake goes into the fork So really nicely done clean handlebars Nice shimer I think this mt200 uh Hydraulic brakes good shifter very crisp Shifting precise set up perfectly out of The box we have this very small compact Console and has all the buttons and the Screen all together so when you power it On you have the battery the voltage Speed Watts consumed in real time and How much you cover so far and we have Five levels of assist very nice screen Very easy to read in the sunlight I like That the screen is actually integrated With the console so it's only one place

To adjust the settings there's nothing Else on the handlebars besides the grips The shifter the lever for the brakes and That's pretty much it this is my P Design Mount which I added after I got The bike but here look you have all the Buttons uh and a screen in one console So you have here plus and minus so you Can adjust the speed press this button You can go for this Numbers and here we have on and off Button very compact right next to your Thumb and your fingers so you can easily Ride without taking your eyes off the Road and Adjust really quickly very Convenient when it comes to the size When I got initially I thought this is Going to be too small for me it looks Like medium but if you play with uh Adjustments height of the seat post of The battery here and you have Adjustability here you can play with the Stem you can get the different Aftermarket stem and raise the angle get A longer shorter so you can really Adjust this uh frame and I feel like now There's a trend there's a lot of Electric bikes and regular road bikes Having a shorter wheel base not sure why For me I going to be uncomfortable I Really thought that I'm screwed up and I Know this model is just too small for me But after riding 50 plus kilm and once I

Lifted the the seat higher it's really Well set up it's really fast and uh for Me what's important here is as long as My food is extended 100% I feel Comfortable I can shift the seat I can Play with the front and back Adjustability and it's uh it's working Pretty well I think for somebody who's Between 5 ft up to 65 this Frame will Work very well and here the sit post you Can extend more I am above the limit Here almost an inch uh but the battery Is all the way almost to the bottom here So you can go higher and this clamp is Pretty sturdy so if you go a couple Inches higher you'll be still fine it's A sporty design racing you know geometry But as long for me at least as long as I Have enough uh length here to extend my Leg just rides well feels more Nimble Better contact with the road more Dynamic feels more responsive for me for Off-road you need wider longer wheel Base for Road riding I think it's not Needed the seat is the Vivo from settler Royale it's very narrow so if you cover You know 50 to 100 km a day you'll have Discomfort the seat is pretty you know Comfortable pretty well done but still Longer range distances you'll definitely Need padded shorts the bike looks really Really cool I'm not sure if the video is Going to you know really translate how Looks in the person the paint job it's

Exceptional really cool and you can add Fenders in the front and the back they Also sell uh the rear rack which you can Turn this into commuter this bike is Super slick just beautiful but there's One area that needs attention and can be Improved wiring here this big connector Can be replaced for something more Compact and all this wi access can be You know reduced so that alone will Shave couple of hundred grams which will Improve the bike handling and I'm not Sure if the control is here or inside The battery tube but uh making all this Uh area more compact will look better This can be integrated more better Inside and hidden so you know having Less wires less weight will improve the Bike and uh not sure if you guys Realized a lot of bikes have uh the Bottom bracket you know in the same line With the tube or in front this is in the Back so you have slightly different feel I quite like it it's uh comfortable for Me I mention that it's completely Different um compared to other bikes if You like to lose weight stay fit and Healthy ride faster and have more Dynamic ride than this is the bike for You it is priced at $1,999 slightly higher than vric T1 and 10 ways 600 Pro but it has its own Character it is faster but compared to Specialized track or canale it is priced

Way lower you have high level components Well balanced good quality overall the Link will be down below in the Description box check it out thanks for Watching and I'll see you next Time

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