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Electric City Vehicles

Electric City Vehicles

For those that mainly use their car for commutes, running errands or going out with friends or family, an electric vehicle is the perfect choice. These smaller cars have a lot to offer with instant, punchy acceleration and a sleek, minimalist design. They also have usable real-world range and can be charged in an hour or less at one of many Level III public DC fast charging locations.

In a city, the Renault ZOE’s compact size and large windows make it easy to navigate narrow streets and maneuver into bay and parallel parking spaces. It’s packed with smart features like a parking assist system that steers the car into the spot, and the option for rear sensors and a reversing camera. It can be equipped with a solar panel to increase the rate at which it regenerates energy, too.

Ford is working on a battery plant, called BlueOval City, to produce its own lithium-iron-phosphate batteries for its EVs. By sourcing the materials in-house, the company hopes to qualify for the lower consumer tax credit and be more resilient against supply chain problems.

As for GM, its new partnership with Honda will allow it to scale up production of its all-electric Bolt SUV. It’s the first of four EVs to be produced by the joint venture, with a Buick plug-in hybrid and a Cadillac EV coming in 2022. The Bolt has a long history of selling well, and its recent updates have made it more appealing to consumers and dealers.

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