My NEW OFFROAD E-bike Rundeer Attack 10 Review

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This new e-bike is massive but so comfortable and so capable offroad. A blast to ride anywhere!

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All right this box is really heavy this Is a new bike and this is the Rond Deere Attack 10 massive frame motorcycle type Front fork a lot of travel so big light Hopefully it's a powerful bike so let's Take this out and see how it looks like How it Performs so here's the packaging very Clean very nicely Done and here's the bike nice packaging Put this aside Well packed look at this nicely wrapped Good protective uh fig Foam so this is how the bike looks Without the seat this Frame is super Cool and there's zero welds so only have To install the seat just finish the Front tire and we're ready to ride Here's the bike fully assembled and this Frame design is very unique beefy and Massive Army Sandy Cool collar we have a Shorter axle to axle span and front Light with this massive panel it's Impressive when it comes to design There's a lot going on here this bike is The first design frame that doesn't have Any welds this design is similar to Anoki AQ 177 and A8 Pro Max when it Comes to size with this massive wide new Look just slightly shorter axle to axle What is unique here that I haven't seen In any other ebike so far is the tech Used to make this Frame this brand is Using integrated stamping technique

Featuring a magnesium alloy frame and Aluminum alloy triangle front and Mid-frame are held in screws and the Rear triangle it's all one piece super Clean smooth lines this model looks like A hammer of the ebikes lifted with 13.7 In of ground clearance long travel front Fork suspension built like an off-road Tank specs the battery it is UL Certified which is very important and we Have here 20 amp hour or 960w hour Capacity in this 48 volt system and we Have here on the bottom a switch on off The key lock and we have this lever here That allows you to remove this battery The battery mounts from on the Bottom the motor it's a beang rear cup 750 W maximum power delivery 1200 W the Bike weighs 88 lb Max low capacity 350 Lb it is ual certified posted the Website but there's no stickers anywhere In the package or the frame the bike Waterproof level it's Ip65 so the bike is fully Charged hope you can see the screen here And I didn't remove this plastic fifth Level assist let's see what we can Do brakes are good Suspension in front really soft a lot of Travel now this thing shows here pretty Load on both sides I think they're fake They don't do anything I can hear a Click but not much change and the feel Very soft a lot of

Travel and this uh short handlebar Really makes it feel like a [Music] Motorcycle Picks up really fast Actually without pedaling PR pretty Good yeah very Nimble enough travel in the back also The the seat is very comfortable feels Like a choer like a one of those classic Motorcycles very short handlebar not Sure why with we have this we we have a Horn uh the thing looks so massive so Aggressive so cool and we have this Thing yeah we can pedal not really super Comfortable but it's Doable it's St feel speeding even Faster with pedaling picks up speed even Faster as always midday in New York City There's traffic all Around Let's uh get to Central Park and Uh see what we can do Offroad now every day near City traffic Is getting busier and busier it's more Cars every time it's so much harder to Ride now the city officials are looking To charge a driving fee starting at $23 A day and I'm not sure if that's only For the day or if it's only to enter and If you enter second time if there'll be A second charge I'm not sure about that But the city officials are looking to Reduce number of cars because it's Getting out of control it's so much

Chaos people everywhere cars everywhere You have traffic you can pretty much Move and you can see having a scooter Having an ebike makes a big difference Today in this case testing this ebike I Can get from 4th Street East Side to Central Park in like 7 to 10 minutes Very fast very easy and it's very Convenient also in the long run it's Really cheap you only buy the bike once And after that commuting for years to Come will be so much more savings this Bike has strong acceleration picks up Speed really fast up to 23 25 M hour and From there slowly cing to top speed very Torky shorter wheel base makes it feel Very maneuverable in tight spaces and Tight Corners feels very Nimble and so Easy to Handle Range weather is changing it rains a lot And it's getting really cold it was Around 55° in Fahrenheit during the test I weighed 330 lb and I rote the bike in A maximum speed level on frle alone the Test was done in 2 days first day I Covered around 18.8 Mi and the battery Was still showing about 80 to 85% still Surprisingly High by mistake I Accidentally you know stopped the test So I had to continue second day and uh The following day I covered 12 m in Range at this point on the second day The battery dropped much much faster

Than the first day covering 30.8 mi in Range which is outstanding for my height Weight and this cold weather also this Is not a light bike and stopping at the Lights in the city being most time in The traffing reduce range drastically if You ride outside the city you'll get so Much more range very clean design big Screen colored so you can see very Easily it's super sunny and finally warm And look how nice the screen is you can Easily you know read all the information I hav removed the plastic even and it's Still you know very easy to you know to See all of it Graphics you have five Levels of Assist and they change different color I Like when it turns to red and four and Five and we have this ring bell I wish I Had a horn because the bike looks so Aggressive so sporty it looks like a Military you know vehicle and uh this Ring BT doesn't really feed this design It requires here a very aggressive very Loud horn they should offer this in Camouflage that'll be so much cooler Nice uh console three buttons operation Here we have some stats I cover so so Far 19 mil in range and the battery it's Not even half this is really insane Standard leather you know grips and we Have this uh hardw security which is Really nice we have hydraulic disc Brakes and this levers you see them

Other models like wuke anoki good stuff Have the same uh CIS index shifter uh Which is fine uh I would like to have I Would like to see here something like Shimano Olivia or even like you know Higher end stuff that'll be so cool and We have half twist throttle and the same Leather Hardware you know grip Suspension we have this uh two preload Knobs but they're not actually doing Anything I think they're just fake just For design the suspension is actually Really good how much travel here not Much oil on this side actually pretty Clean and very soft little be more oil On the next one and we have this brakes The same design as magura very fake very Massive brakes I actually like them and We have 160 mil rotors I think uh this Is pretty enough um for anything you Going to do with this bike but if you Want to upgrade and put a 180 that's Easy to do if you want to go downhill And do something crazier 20 by4 in Knobby tires and I like this uh tan Yellowish you know desert military color On the frame and matching you know Wheels and the handlebars looks super Cool seat now I don't know how to Explain this but it is about 3 in Thickness almost 2 in and 3/4 in the Front it's super soft and it is so Comfortable I did 20 mil so far in range I think I showed you

Earlier and this is the graphics when it Powers on really cool so I cover so far 19 almost 20 m in range and um it's Extremely comfortable very soft it feels Like a custom seat and it's not and not Sure if you can fit to people here may Be smaller to two individuals but for me I can shift forth and back really Comfortable not really a pedaling bike For me because I'm 63 somebody under 6 Ft will probably be able to know to to Use this I'm just using the throttle and It's so much fun it has a shorter Wheelbase so it's very Nimble very quick Acceleration 025 really fast and really Aggressive the light looks massive with The panel wrapped around the fork looks Aggressive and the frame and fork WID Insinuates power and speed Really cool design the 750 W beang Motor It's capable of much higher speeds and Power delivery unfortunately this bike Is set up to give you the highest Possible range at lower speeds and power Delivery at the base of the hill I Started with 24 M hour and gradually We're losing speed but I'm still able to Reach the top of the hill with 20 mph Which is not bad at all but if you're Under 175 lb you should get more power Delivery and higher performance on this Model lights Wow this light is super Bright very wide and uh throws really

Really far and let's check the rear Light and we have justs notification Light we don't have a rear brake light Here which we should have at this price Level but the front light it's Excellent look at this front panel super Bright I like this light a lot very Powerful light excellent output if You're on Offroad Enthusiast and you Like downhill or extreme off-roading I Would recommend going for the advanced Option you'll get upgraded front Suspension with more travel better Rebound more adjustability and higher Handling also upgraded rear shock which Will make a big difference for regular Trails or city riding this is the most Comfortable ebike this seat is fantastic With a suspension combin makes up a Really comfortable ride has more than Enough power and it's super fun and Nimble to ride daily for roads outside The city I would require a bit more Power I hope Rond deer offers this exact Model in, 1500 or 2,000 W option then This will be a killer allaround ebike The link will be down below in the Description box thanks for watching and I'll see you next Time

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