New 1000W Compact Electric Scooter Ausom Leopard

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New Compact well designed electric scooter.
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Today we are looking at the new electric Scooter this is awesome leopard single Rear hub motor electric scooter that Looks quite interesting let's unbox it And take a closer Look perfectly packed I like the Protective tape all around the Box dual Box nice branding and scooter Graphics Looks very promising so far and here's The Inside too much tar phone but uh well Covered this is pretty good we have here The Manual wow this is very nice uh seat Adapter or seat post or how you call it This is really cool little pump tool Believe this should be the charger here So we'll open the second and see the Voltage the scooter feels very light for Its size deliberate fully assembled and Only needs to connect the handlebars and This sto needs to be cleaned out and You're pretty much all set and ready to Go This electric scooter weighs 69 lb Maximum low capacity 265 lb waterprof Level IP 54 from far away you would say It's a Road Runner replica but once you Get closer you'll see that this Frame is Constructed completely different with Its own character and weight different Details the front swing arm has a Different design it looks like a steel I Like this cutouts and how compact it's

Constructed keeping in strong but light Housing the front shock slim body frame With this two metal plates connecting From the stem block to the frame and This cool rear foot extension I like how It has a different design and this Cutouts with about 3 mil rber that Improve the grip and looks really cool Rear swing arm has the same Vibe as the Front construction slim light frame the Rubber top very grippy and the design is So cool looks great and feels high Quality robber looks different than Other scooters I tested so far specs we Have 1,000 W rear hub motor a 48 volt System a 20 8 m hour battery capacity Adverti 52 m in range and maximum speed Of 34 mph which will put to the test and See how this scooter performs top speed Acceleration Punchy on a full battery But once you reach 18 mph the Acceleration slows down and smoothly Progresses to 24 M hour and from there Very slowly crawls higher to the maximum Speed of 28 mph if you're riding on a Flat the scooter will be much faster and Reach maximum 28 mph top speed spe much Quicker in my case on incline with my Weight of 230 lb it will slow down Considerably and reach maximum 24 mph on A slight decline I was able to reach 32 Mph top speed to get the best and close To advertised performance the rider Should be between 100 to 175 lb which is

The size and weight of an average rider In the US range test I weigh 230 lbs the Test was done at maximum speed it was Colder about 60° on Fahrenheit a lot of Breaking at the lights in the city but I Was able to squeeze 21.3 m in range from This 20.8 m power battery it feels like This system was set up for range the 1,000 watt motor should give you much Faster acceleration and way less range But here it set up mildly so you get a Smooth ride and extended range keeping The scooter relatively light and compact For riders in the 175 lbs limit this Model will offer much punch acceleration Easier and fast so to get to the top Speed and way longer range ride very Clean handlebars and I like that they Have the same as the previous scooter Tested has one piece all the you know The buttons on the console have the Lights here on off we have turning Signals which is cool and this price Range and the loud now the grips Are comfortable but they're moving a Little bit so having that Hardware here To secure it will be really helpful Regular standard mechanical disc brake Levers we have this upgraded screen very Nicely done here easy to read this Button right here on the bottom you Press one time goes to second speed and Third time third speed and uh here we Have the throttle right hand side

Stander regular throttle that you see You know on other scooters The Handlebar Is pretty organized and clean you have This uh yellow H hook and I like this uh Two-tone black and yellow you have the Stem you have the transition here to the Body of the frame to the deck which I'll Show you in a second it's pretty cool And you have the suspension now Suspension it's really comfortable Doesn't make noise it doesn't have that Knob to adjust it but you can get the Wrench and twist this ring and compress It more or release it stock the way it Is it's pretty comfortable with my Weight I actually like it doesn't make Any noise it's really really cool and I Like this light here in the back I'll Show you in a second so when you press The brake it's pretty bright and I like How it's integrated and here this foot Rest it looks like steel but it has this You can see here closer I will try to Show you has this rubber gasket type of Thing over very nicely done very Comfortable I wish we had this on other Scooters on the LS7 I just tested I wish We have this uh type of rubber on top It's really really comfortable I like The design how they did this all the Cutouts also in the arms also in the Front and here look at this uh frame Here so it's a big aluminum block here And everything Bol in very nicely done

And it's different uh than other Scooters I like this the charging port Spring loaded nicely cover very well Water approved so this is different but The body the rest look at this lines Really cool the lights are different but Very similar to RS5 Cable Management Really nicely down and uh this kickstand That spring loaded And I like the sides you have this uh Fence cooling fence here in the front Look how nicely connects here to the Frame this rubber is so cool uh I wish We had this on L 7 and other scooters Really grippy I like the design and the Yellow you know touches really go well With this theme the same folding Mechanism you see on the scooters Nothing new here the cables nicely Wrapped going inside and here we have Adjustability Three positions so you can lower down And uh I think this is the highest level Here cable management is not really bad It's pretty okay I would just put that Wrapping thing around like Here and just put it all around here and Nicely cover it so it looks nice and Again this cables with this connectors Be nice to just have one on the bottom And just feed the wires and make it nice Organized uh lights on turning signals You have notification There both

Sides and when you press brake you have Brake there and you also have Brake in the Back we have aluminum front rim 10x 3.15 In off-road pneumatic tire I like the Frame so much details here well chosen Colors and beautiful rubber deck cover Very grippy well balanced and Comfortable scooter I did over 70 mi in One week and nothing came loose Performance as good for my weight easy To move around just a good looking Scooter Lights very bright lights look at this White spill long throw very Powerful and the Back also very bright we have rear brake Light very Visible and also look at the side Lights also 30 signals and not just on The side you also have in the Front and the side lights are so bright You can see almost 180° around the Scooter on each side and also you have Notification on the screen which is very Helpful very good lights on this Model here climbing on Flats it picks up Speed really nicely but once you reach The base of the heel the speed gradually Slows down and the scooter gives up Acceleration and the speed tumbles down From 22 M an hour to 16 mph I am too Heavy and it is expected to get this Results but still the scooter manages to

Reach the top of the heel and gradually Picks up speed from there deck size 7 1/2 in WID length 22 in foot rest about 6 in from the deck to the stem it is 39 In to the handlebars it is 41 in Handlebar weave 23 in overall I like the Design so many details well executed Good quality parts and it is a very Nicely down scooter now for my weight I'll need more power and that power is Available but once you unlock it I will Not get much range here on this model There's a good balance set up between The range and the power delivery that I Would ride but I think this model will Be perfect for Riders between 100 to 175 Lb the link will be down below in the Description box there'll be a discount Code check it out as always thank you so Much for watching watching and I'll see You next time

Electric City Vehicles Cars Power

Electric City Vehicles Cars Power

About Electric City Vehicles Cars Power

Whether you’re an urban dweller who wants to be more than just a part of the crowd, or you’re all about the latest technology that can help make driving easier and safer, a compact electric vehicle is a great choice. But choosing the right model isn’t easy because there are so many options on the market.

Some buyers are put off by EVs’ price tag, which can be up to $7,500 more than the cost of a comparable gasoline-powered vehicle. However, the operating costs are significantly lower, particularly if owners charge their cars at home rather than in public, and they can save money every single year on road tax – if they qualify for it.

The demand for EVs has also been helped by government subsidies and policies, including exemption from fuel and carbon taxes and tolls. These savings, coupled with low operating costs and more responsive acceleration compared to internal combustion vehicles, are helping them achieve an ever-increasing share of new car sales worldwide.

In Europe, the Volkswagen ID series and models from Chinese start-ups have contributed to a rise in EV sales. And in the US, Ford is investing in its Blue Oval City in Stanton, Tennessee, which will have a plant to assemble its Lightning pickup, as well as one to produce batteries, starting in 2025. Together, the two plants could produce enough cells to enable 1.3 million battery-only vehicles each year.

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