New Upgraded Insanely FAST Nanrobot LS7 Plus 72V #SHORT #SHORTS #escooter #electrictransportation

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This is the new upgraded LS7 72 volt Version 11in Wheels wide body and this Thing he's a Beast

What You Need to Know About Electric City Vehicles

About Electric City Vehicles

If navigating hectic city traffic in a car that doesn’t emit any emissions might appeal, an EV is a good choice. Nippy acceleration and pin-sharp handling make tackling busy streets less of a chore, while the lack of gears means that switching between driving modes is simpler.

There are many different EVs on the market, ranging from small electric cars to larger SUVs. And while EVs are typically more expensive than comparable gasoline vehicles, there are models to suit all budgets. The Honda e, for example, is a great option for urban drivers, with its retro inspired ‘cutesy’ looks and loads of technology geared for the city.

EVs are also great for longer journeys, with some models capable of covering up to 200 miles on one charge. And, because they use fewer moving parts than traditional cars, they’re also much more reliable and require less maintenance.

Many people choose to install a home charger for their EV so they can recharge at home, although public charging stations are becoming more common too. In fact, in the UK there are already more public EV charging points than petrol stations.

For utilities, EVs offer another opportunity to use surplus renewable energy. Known as vehicle-to-grid technology, it allows cars to take on excess power during off-peak times and return it to the grid when demand is high. The result is a more sustainable electricity system. And, of course, fewer cars on the road means lower carbon dioxide emissions too.

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