Nio ET7 100 kWh range test

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This video was brought to you by Steinberg a better world planner Mr Green Camp power and Marcus Beale Yo what's up we are now at ayomtidal That's behind there but today we're Gonna test Neo Et7 range test finally so yes uh it's a Nice day today uh kind of cold a little Bit windy but let me show you guys the Et7 it's a relatively large car it's Actually a roughly 10 centimeters longer Than Tesla Model S And it's well uh made in China but Designed by Germans so um yeah I'm gonna Show you guys what did we have in the Truck Who is that Okay in the trunk We have not foldable seats but okay There's a charging cable there all right And then look here In the back Well okay I thought we can just press The Door handle okay maybe not do this Relatively large back seat here glass Roof everything huh And then in here Wow nice interior but okay anyway just a Quick quick intro but yeah so the plan Today now it's uh actually before noon Even we're going to drive to I think Bola Any danger and back again we're going to

Do the 120 test and then we do the 90 Test and then we measure the consumption But I'm going to show that there's Something weird here Normally there'll be a trip meter here Or something I haven't figured out how To change the set up here or if I can Change it at all maybe it's fixed like This just like a Tesla Palladium Nowadays but so what I can do is Actually I can look here at how many Kilowatt hour we consume but this one Actually resets every time we start the Car this one also resets every time you Start a car this one here we in order to Reset it you have to be Sandia you have To have sadia's face yeah whatever so But okay whatever so we'll figure out a Way to measure the consumption and then We can also we also need to measure the The total battery capacity I already uh Prior to getting here I counted how many Kilowatt are we spent so far so you will See if we can get 88 kilowatt hour from This battery and not because it should Be the same battery pack as the new es8 But it might have some degradation Because this is in the in the pool of Battery swap you know bus whatever but Okay we'll come back to that so let's go All right we're on the move right now I'm hugging the left lane so I don't Have to change lane but why so I have to Cruise at 123 kilometers per hour on the

Speedo to much 120 what jumps a little Bit Jump Around Jump Around jump up jump Up get down okay there you go 120 all Right so yeah now we just count this one Uh we don't know how many watt hour per Kilometer but we'll figure out Everything so Um and actually hmm yeah okay I'll Figure out something so I also have to Figure out the the distance error thing So actually right now it's one degree Celsius outside yeah the road is dry so Driving conditions should be fairly good Actually wet Road tends to ruin the Consumption but uh yeah so dry Road nice Weather this is a good day for getting Some uh nice and low consumption numbers Right because yeah I forgot to tell you That this Neo et7 has drag coefficient Of 0.208 it's actually better than Tesla Tesla 0.23 or 0.24 roughly so yeah this Should be good in the 120 test yeah And I set the driving mode to comfort And this car is super comfortable the Suspension also is set to comfort so you Know it rides and feels very similar to A German car like an eqs even or a BMV You know or an Audi it's really Impressive how this car rides but it Doesn't surprise me because this car was Designed in Munchen by Germans so it has A nice comfortable bounce without Triple Bouncing like many Chinese cars tend to

Do this one Feels like a German car and I don't know If you notice but it is also very very Quiet in here I mentioned yesterday that The et7 is the quietest car ever tested By me even quieter than eqs better than Fat e-tron it's unbelievable how quiet This car is the only problem is that Highlight is on Highlight is on Please control the steering So yeah um Man there was a freaking kid telling me What to do here Troll the steering Others know me I don't know why they Gave it a kid's voice man but yeah Fortunately you can't turn off know me So but even if you turn off know me well It's called know me pilot but it's the Yeah you will still get the ding dongs And also some other yeah you might want To hold the steering wheel And then it becomes better but when you Change lane Still get yeah Uh and that one I think you cannot Disable D or other things that Ding Dongs at you But yeah it's still better than having No me yelling at me all the time like Yeah okay now we only get this yeah if You don't hold the same with a minute But there's another thing that bothers

Me a bit which is that when we use Auto Stair now it's not as smooth as it could Be especially when you go on curves let Me show you here okay man Okay see here we come to a slight curve And then the steering wheel kind of Zigzag a little bit it kind of Oscillates between left and right and it Doesn't turn smoothly you can't I don't Know how to explain you can almost see It in the on the camera maybe it kind of Turns hard-ish and then gentle and then And also it tends to be a little bit Unsure when it comes to the the curves I Mean the mergings but here we see Another curve typically like this very Common many places and it just whoa what The heck Take over now what the heck was that I Don't want to interfere too much with The steering wheel so that's why I don't Want to touch it too much so it will Just do its thing and and you can see What's good but Um I noticed this immediately when I Started driving I don't know if you see That what the heck is that no dude drive For me man What's up with the neopilot there are so Many sensors so many cameras there's a Freaking radar on top of the roof here And still the car just drives like a Insecure teenager well like that voice I Guess yeah look a little bit when your

Locks on it it doesn't run that smooth To be honest you can see what I see So Yeah Maybe I'm just nitpicking but nah I Don't think I'm nitpicking because I'm Using Auto stair system on every car I Test and normally I don't have Complaints with them even you know even The Toyota be set I tested recently that One was super smooth and then very Similar to Tesla actually so then you Guys didn't hear any complaints from me But with the Neo here Yeah I think one positive thing though Is that it doesn't slow down in the Course like a Toyota driver at least Yeah We're back at the starting point so you See we consume 19.1 kilowatt hour this Time and then the distance was at least Reported to be 76.9 kilometers so I measured that this Car under report I think it was over Reporting by 0.5 only so it's so low but I'll double check all everything here But okay at least we have the numbers Now and we can calculate the average Consumption this one is like an instant Oil like an average consumption based on The last 100 kilometers so we can't Trust this one since the trip is not 100 Kilometer All right we're on the run again so 93

Kilometers per hour this time yeah it's Like you know these Chinese cars they Tend to do things the same way you see We have it's kind of tiny but you see RPM and I've remain available battery Power and then volts and amp this is Very common across Chinese Brands to do It like this and then also we have a Kilowatt power meter output or region Thing here and yeah I should point out One thing I don't even notice it but let Me see sorry if you look closer to this One here you will see that it also Oscillates it goes High 14 kilowatt and Then it slows down seven and then 14 and You can I don't have to show you guys at The road it's smooth and fairly flat but This kind of oscillation thing here is Also very common across other Chinese Brands expand is doing it byd is doing It it seems to be I don't know it seems Like the Chinese people they also copy Each other yeah but this is kind of Annoying the way it handled it right Because I feel it that the car is like Accelerating slowing down accelerating Slowing down in driving just like a Typical Asian driver why do you have to Do it like that in in a car's electronic System I have no idea man but once you Notice it it becomes annoying yeah you Want to have a smooth ride since this is A very nice and Sleek car and quiet car

But then the software is ruining it okay But here if you want to see a percentage They will not stay a charge you have to Look here on this screen you can't see It over here and also this distance or This range left here is a fixed rate gum Based I mean it's not gone base it's Fixed rate every time you charge 100 it Will show 505 kilometers so I guess you Can look at this one and kind of Calculate the percentage based on it or You can also locate yeah and then here Is the consumption again you can also See how many percent every component Uses so most of it goes into driving Okay and then climate takes three Percent So and this is the instant it's going to Drop now as we drive so all right I Guess we just have to enjoy the ride and Uh kaput she or needs calibration I Guess And then how is me also today we have a Little bit of headwind Okay there's some wind not completely Still over here But at least nice better than dry road So I like that and then over here is -1 Degrees Celsius Okay let's test the sound system here And I use uncompressed WAV file in a USB Stick so there's no losses there Clear Nice and crisp

Maybe a little bit Not sure over Chris no but really nice Detail I like that Can we skip the song right I'm not sure how you skip in the song Here Let's go for the next one foreign Also sounds good it's the Orchid Circle Song it always sounds good in most cars So in this one there is a base that goes A little bit up and down and I want to Listen to linearity in the bass There this one Yeah the bass sounds linear I can't hear any Peaks Yep very good Won't you let me dream That sounds pleasant Yeah sounds good Can this one the previous one there was A deeper voice like Elvis like voice but This guy here has a brighter voice Oh nice Bass Good balance between bass and the rest But foreign Maybe a slight Tad of Over Christmas in his voice Almost feels like it's slightly Unnatural not much but a little bit Okay next song now this one I want to Listen to there's like a mid bass here In the beginning and then uh it might Trigger some rattling at the doors we'll See it's a hundred Hertz or something

While I guess a meat Bass What the heck Yeah significant rattling in the doors Actually more than many other cars Okay last song is kind of weird order Here by the way I'm not sure how they Order the stuff it should be ordered by File name right or this one I would Listen to the bass again and maybe the The whole song also Nice and Punchy base But This is weird normally I don't hear Rattling in the doors from this song but Here I can hear rattling in the door and Also on other places from the from the Panels or Okay this must be the first car I Noticed it that there seems to be Rattling from other parts of of the Where the speakers are in the dashboard I was also trying to listen or try to Figure out where is the back but you Know it when you play it Loud it almost Sounds like a teenager's car where you Added some extra subwoofer and then There's a bit of rattling You know this car has it so if I would Give it points Out of 10 points I think I will only Give it seven I don't know six points Yeah money cards get seven points Nowadays I think even the Tesla got Seven points but this one has some

Minuses here and there so only six Points unfortunately Well at least we have this hey NuMe Hey turn on massage No problem Oh yeah upper back which type do you Want what dude come back here okay you See you have massage upper back you have Cat Tap what cut massage Rolling we have Dynamic we have waste And then back to upper back oh yeah and Then see seat ventilation also Really nice man and then you have a Heater here yeah okay All right we are done with the test so Yes we consume 34 kilowatt hour and then The distance is supposed to be 182 Kilometers this car actually over Reports distance so it's a 0.8 over Reporting so yeah um we can crunch the Numbers afterwards but you see that we Still have Uh 24 left so yes we need to drive it Down to almost zero and then I guess This time I will also use this battery Warm-up feature here you see if I press This one You can see here that number of amps Goes up it was one amp now with seven Amp wait can you see that there's so Much reflection there Yeah so now it's heating up the battery Also so I will turn it off uh for now

And then we will start driving Because I'm not sure if it counts when We're stationed there let me see this One yeah so we have to try to count all The kilowatt hour also Okay now we're doing the final run to Bring the battery down to almost zero so Uh now we are not too strict about how Fast or slow we drive because We we already measured the 90 and 120 Test so yeah this method here saves me a Lot of time and we still get very good But also actually a realistic Measurement because actually when we Drop at 90 kilometers per hour all the Way we will actually get slightly more Kilowatt hour out of the battery but Then uh how realistic is it right so This time at least we have a mix of some High speed and some low speed driving All right let's check the weight backup Scale Front axle Oh 1260 okay Whole car Whoa 2560 kilogram oh Ravia Don d-o-n we have one percent Battery left I could go to zero but Whatever we can estimate everything Based on what we know now so seven Kilometers this is actually a more uh Accurate uh number so it's I think it's Like 1.4 percent yeah right I'll do the

Fine calculations afterwards and then What we need to do is take the last uh Here the last chunk here and add with All the other chunks and then do some Other calculation this one is not too Interesting but actually right now seems Like the battery is still warming up you Can see it here yeah we have eight amp Pulling right now so yeah okay let me um I think I need to uh plug it in and heat Up the battery further Okay 101 kilowatt I heard that this car Can take 140 kilowatts so Um yeah this is 100 kilowatt hour Battery by the way which means that the Battery is still too cold so I guess I Need to top up a little bit and then Hammer it uh maybe yo-yo either need That we just run the battery heater Actually what I could also do is just Top up a little bit and then just run The battery heater while I'm stationary Even but uh yeah I think by driving you Can heat up the battery faster Oh interesting I charge you 17 And I unplug now and then I want to warm Up the battery but it says no need to Warm a battery But I was still getting only 110 or Actually less than 110 kilowatt so I Must not supposed to get 140 kilowatt Uh I guess I will drive until we're Almost empty and come back and see what Happens

Well we are back at the ionte charters Again plenty of them oh this is heaven Now but Unfortunately we are still getting only 105 kilowatt I mean I tried everything I Tried to hit the battery you know we Tried to hammer it uh well okay right Now we are stationary but the car says Okay we don't need to heat up the Battery anymore so but I can simply not Get that advertised 140 kilowatts so It's kind of pointless me to record this Turning session even so I guess I gave Up let's summarize the range test Instead What what the heck I I accidentally Bumped into the mirror thing here and Then the uh the Rubber seal or whatever Hair the rubber band around it kind of Loosen wait I guess I need to put it what what the Heck man Uh Wait wait why is it not glued in at Least or Okay I kinda I mended it kind of Okay well well it's good but it's a bit Uh well no no no no ah what Okay let me just fix the Press car here I Don't know why I keep getting buggy Press cars Okay okay now nothing to see Wait

Okay uh yeah Okay so according to my calculation now We have okay consumption numbers versus Equals then the et7 is better than the Eqs but okay eqs was on record but then Warmer weather so I guess they kind of Cancel out in similar conditions but eqs Has no heat pump so maybe that's why It's thirsty I haven't tried the i7 in Winter condition yet but um versus Tesla Then you see that Tesla beats the heck Out of the et7 and I also expected it Because Tesla's heat pump system with The octaval is this class leading now we Start seeing how kickers the Tesla is But okay but does it mean that the et7 Is thirsty no I don't think I think it's Still okay you know it's actually better Than the Toyota B said even if we deduct A 10 charging loss or whatever over Reporting that they have in the screen But yeah I mean it's still a decent consumption Number and then range wise also it's Okay for winter range but of course if You want the best range you have to go For Tesla but then this car has other Qualities like the ride the silent uh The ride also you know the soundproofing Everything like that but the charging Speed on the other hand is somewhat Disappointing also in this car versus Actually equest or Tesla or BMV or Pretty much most other cars one thing

That kind of buffers me a little bit Here is the whole kilowatt hour I Managed to get a 5.8 kilowatt hour and Then with the es8 which is also 100 Kilowatt but actually the same battery Pack this one could have been in an es8 Before I got it on the battery Substation Uh I mentioned 87.9 earlier and then if You take that diff then it becomes Actually 2.4 percent degradation okay so Maybe today was not the best driving Condition and maybe the consumption was A little bit higher the battery might Have been cold there also when I started The test but still uh 2.4 or we we're Talking about roughly two kilowatt hour Difference here so Maybe if we did this in better condition We would get less diff but still it Could indicate that we might have Already maybe one percent degradation so You know the battery here is just in a Pool of other batteries Shuffle around In the swap station and then on to on Another e es8 or something else El7 even right so battery is what I mean Batteries will degrade over time no Matter if you own it yourself or if it's In a battery sub system so I guess if you buy a brand new uh El Et7 and then you buy the battery I guess Then you will get 100 battery but then For this one

It's a bigger mystery really it could Seem like actually over time the Batteries will degrade and then when you Buy a new Ed7 and your battery so then suddenly You have I don't know three percent five percent Degradation and you actually don't have The the 100 kilowatt hour or the 88 Kilowatt hour net capacity you're Supposed to get Okay anyway but I think that's going to Be it for now I hope you guys enjoyed This video as always thank you for Watching and talk to you later

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