Should I buy this 2013 Nissan Leaf 24 kWh with 40 % battery degradation?

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This video was brought to you by Steinberg a better world planner Mr Green Camp power and Marcus Beale Yo what's up we are now at El bilmark at The Lee is this near where is it Is for local people around Oslo so um Today I'm going to look at A leaf a potential uh future leaf that I Might own I'm not sure you see I even Have the matching Stone bike shortened Yeah so this is a 24 kilowatt hour Leaf From moscows by the way yeah I can sure I heard we have Marcus and Voldemort I Will show you guys I will show them in Another video but Marcus when is this Leaf from yeah If I remember correct it's from 2013 or 14. Okay 13 sounds more possible and it Tells us you have it here Let me say okay maybe I'm not sure I've Showed all this but okay it was Registered in in June 2013. okay so it's You know old school leaf and let me show You guys the condition of this one so Okay uh first I have to explain that I Just want to use it for I call it um uh Press car shuttle I will drive it from My home to Merle or Butler stand or you Know the places where I borrow press Cars and it would just be camping there For a week and then I come back and pick It up so hopefully 12 volt doesn't go Low while I'm gone for one week and I

Don't need too much range and I can even DC fast charge as long as we have Chadamu available in Norway And okay I will only DC faster once per Week maybe so it replicated is not the Problem so what I want to see is how is The condition on the car so first we can Do a visual inspection you see here oh There's a little bit but you know what I Know so many companies now who wants to Promote their stuff for example here I Can go to a detailer maybe pizza Bill Player Maybe mantos rap he'll be like oh Yeah we can fix it we can fix this you Know no problem there's some paint that Transfer from the other car uh I see Also there's some damage here Here you see uh they can fix this right Okay but I mean it doesn't matter really For me since you know what I'm going to Use it for maybe Yokohama tires I'm not Sure I prefer Nokia R5 so maybe we can Get some better tires also uh let me see Under the hood okay not too much stuff There so I mean it looks okay it looks Okay and then voila Look at the the this is the gray stain Uh oh what the heck is this what Are those stains man look at those seats It smells weird I'm pretty sure I will Never ever be able to get wifey in here She she has uh what is it is it blood is it blood Yeah wifey has a nose like a dog here we

See detail will be like you know like I Mentioned details oh yeah we can fix it We can we can do Extreme Makeover yeah Why not why not let me maybe we can just Check oh wow this is what cable you see We have some drinks here in case you Need There's a tooth uh would you call it uh Okay what what are those what is that Mold chicken wow do we have mold here Foreign Schmutz okay but I don't care as long as I don't get any Poisoning from him driving it let me Check in the back What the heck is this Leaf football okay that sticker has to Go all right look check it oh look at This oh they like football I see you see The old Leaf they have this beam here But then from at one age I don't Remember from 20 14 15. then they they clear Us in space In the trunk but I don't care about the Space in the trim because I will never Transport anything it would just be Transporting myself to and from the Wow looks nasty in here yeah I I don't Want it to be and identifiable I mean You kind of see it's already identified By the this one and then we have much Good spirit but okay what is important Is that before I even consider buying This car wait is this one kaput also

Wow they're supposed to be on the tunnel Here wait is this one oh we have solar Panels oh we have solar panels wait is That solar panel Voluma is this solar panel it is yeah it Means that I don't have to worry about The low 12 volt battery it's going to be Charged all the time but okay before I Even consider buying this car what I Need to do is check the battery health Oh that's the antenna oh okay so it you Just have to screw it on right okay all Right thank you but um We need to hook onto the ubd wait this One is kaput damn this is well done car Yeah I'm gonna get it cheap by the way Really cheap that's why I consider I was Like okay but we have to hook on the ubd It's it's down here somewhere I don't Remember exactly where it is they're Going to find out but the car has been Charged 100 let's hook up everybody and See how it's going now All right if fire up the leaf so let me See here I'm going to show you what this Means this is battery temperature okay So it's warm ish here we have a charge Level so it's fully charged and then we Can see here this is an occasion what You can expect so Um let me zoom in so you can count Better one two three four five six seven So we have eight out of 12 bars 8 out of 12 bars it has on not that much

You see 87 000 kilometers Um so eight on the top when you when if You're considering buying a leaf you Will you will look at this and you will Consider okay eight out of 12. how much Is that but this is look like an Indication what you need to do is hook Up OBD so you see the OBD Port is down There and then I have Leaves by here So how do you interpret this the car has Been charged to 100 but for some reason It displaces that's 87.9 or something I Remember the other leaf that I tried you Guys remember two years ago uh that was After Kobe or whatever leave it also did Not show 100 it was hovering around 90 So this is yeah this should be it 390 Volt but look here this is the one we're Looking for Oh 12.8 kilowatt hour that is Niche good it Should be the other Leaf I tried had 16 Kilowatt hour so here only 12.8 it Should mean that okay it should mean That we have some serious degradation Here the other car had 24 degradation I Estimated yeah I estimated by the new Car should have 21 kilowatt hour I don't Know for sure but my indications So it should have like 45 degradation Right we can look at state of health That also should give you an indication So if you swipe here okay we have a

Bunch of tabs here Um Yeah I'm not sure about this one but let Me see there's one tab Oh this one also confirms it oh no Oh no I'm assuming at the time numbers Are tiny look here instead of Health 64.5 percent oh Um this battery despite having not so High mileage is actually in somewhat bad Shape Maybe the owner charge to 100 Maybe the fast charge a lot we don't Know maybe it's been uh living in Coal What hot climate but um actually it only Takes five minutes for you to figure out This but to plug it in and you see this And it already gives you a pretty good Indication you don't have to go through A whole avilo test or drive it down to Almost zero this one should already give You an idea so in this case if if you Were the buyer or the potential buyer I Would say backup and I don't know what All these red lines mean but it doesn't Look good I have to reconsider if I want to buy This or not because Um With with roughly 12 kilowatt hour I Mean if you average 150 watt hour per Kilometers we're talking about like 60 70 kilometers of range when driving dog Slow in winter so I'm not sure what else we can do really

Um yeah what else is 16 degrees Celsius Yeah that sounds plausible all that Stuff here so All right uh I guess I can take a look At the rest of the car maybe see it's Even more Is it can we see him more wait wait but Actually this this is also I just Realized something 41 millivolt diff and Imbalance is actually quite high if a Battery pack has been charged 100 Normally at 100 you will have something Like 10 millivolts Delta not 41. Normally when you're discharging it down To zero then you have higher Delta so And what all what what the heck how many Oh yeah let me check something I sell Voltage we are at four point it charges To Um where we see it here four Point one volts roughly right I think we Can see it somewhere here it's down here It's freaking tiny here Um Four to Max is 4.1 volts it actually Charges to 4.06 on something like this I Know Oh By the way uh the car also needs some Repair some master repairs around 2 000 Euros 20 000 Nook in repair so the Seller here is going to sell it Dirt Cheap you just want to get rid of it and Get some money from it but okay so now

We're gonna check the undercarriage so Here by the way that's that's uh Vladimir I'm sorry And here we have Richard and these guys Are from Lithuania the best EV guys are From Lithuania Uh yeah okay uh what do we can look at Here okay now we will check suspension Uh what's wrong with it and we see some Small looseness if you can look closely You see how it moves it's like shaking a Little bit So need to change basically all our So they're slack there yeah this is just Um uh wear and tear right yeah yeah and You see on the same time the brake discs Are Rusty and it has has need to be Changed let me check here I'm assuming Oh okay it could seem like this car has Not done any maintenance for the past Six years yeah because it's old car and Basically everybody keeps money and Saving or not doing that but after Repairing too much so basically better To do service yeah yeah And you see that the bushing is the Rubber is splitting from the metal oh It's getting all worn out right yeah and It's not good for the wheel alignment Too because the real moves in where he Wants okay so this also needs to be Replaced yes and I can now zoom out and Show you so we have to zoom quite far in It's actually it was over there so it's

In in here this is the other side And here one more problem the fog light How the heck did that happen uh it's Winter time now and basically it would Be for the snow it touches and just pops Out the whole light but it works right Yeah it works but it shines too too low Oh okay so it's also not good but you Can fix it or you need to take out the Cover from the wheel and check it's Broken or not yeah and stabilizator in The left side Okay so that one it's it's shaking and Making very annoying sound oh okay I Think I know if I would drive it I'll Hear that yeah over bumps yeah yeah yeah So this is the problem Uh by the way this is the left front Brake this and look at that that is Rooster that's a lot of rust uh wait so Initially well it seems like it wasn't There is no contact between the disc and The brake pad yeah it doesn't touch the Brake pad and Brake just doesn't touch Itself itself in this Rusty Place whoa Is is this approved or is this no it's Hot no it doesn't last no okay need to Be changed the brake this is in the pads Also so Like and it's again not from doing the Service oh okay but uh does it mean that The the braking power is not optimal Reduced uh yeah it's good getting lower Power but in in our case it's enough but

In the future it will be a big problem If we don't change So let's say if you change the disk and Everything here uh can we what can we do To prevent this in the future uh Basically just break Harder by your foot Not to during the Regeneration uh-huh Okay so now we're in the back and we're Looking at the brakes And you can see it's very Rusty Very Rusty and the the brake pads in Inside it's going to finish because it's On the minimum and I can see for on the Mirror Exactly right it's a couple more 100 Kilometers and will be metal so and wow Metal versus then you will hear it very Clearly and metal is touching the metal Okay yeah so it's right this one is a Bit hard to show with the with the Mirror on the camera but at least you Guys inspected both the rare yeah brakes Because the metal cover and you cannot See but yeah so easily so next check is The brake fluid it has too low boiling Point or there's gone yes and now I'll Show you how bad it is you extracted There yeah I took some example and just Put inside the tester Now it start to to heat up and check What the temperature will be heating Boiling You can see the display there So how many degrees should it be

More than 150 okay Oh 129. oh I don't want to break Harden The minimum is 150. okay so it's trying To change the fluids Because you have you have to change the The brake fluid because of for the heat Overheating and if it's overheats you Basically lose your brakes it's Especially important when you're going Downhill and always breaking and it's For the heat it's getting hotter and Hotter and it starts to boil and you Lose your brakes and it make a big Accident All right so now we've seen what the car Needs of repairs and then when it comes To the battery by the way so uh while Marcus asked me uh because he is like a Sales person it's not his car but it's One of his customers and then I was Looking for a leaf but you know I would Probably not go for this Leaf because it Has low low capacity and then if I also Recommend you guys if you have if you're Looking for a leaf like this and you Find one with only 12 13 kilowatt hour I Would suggest to stay away from it but But Voldemort you you have some other ideas Maybe yes we can we thought that we can Take a look at the possibilities and to Repair the battery pack Because because you guys have long Experience with think batteries and you

Know you guys have you guys have the Tools yeah you're basically like EV Hub Yes yes we do ah so we have uh tools and We have a longer experience uh we're Repairing um electric cars since 2011 Actually I will make this so we have Experience with repairing battery pack On on all the Nissan Leaf and the newest And also on 60 kilowatt battery leaves So it's it's always a different problem So we have to to do the good test of the Battery and see if actually the battery Repair is is not going to be too Expensive to compare with the car value And if the battery repair is going to be Actually successful yeah yeah so right Now okay we are just testing this see How it goes but I also like the idea Because in like an environmental Perspective a battery should last a long Time I think so so if we can just fix it Maybe get it somehow get it up to 16 Kilowatt hour again at least because you Know you know this summer olympics last Summer I tested a bunch of Soul you know The 27 kilowatt hour sold battery and it Turns out that many of them had low low Capacity or somewhat High degradation But it was mainly caused by one module That got a little bit hot over time so When they if you replace that module you Will actually recover a lot of the Capacity back so hopefully we can find Out something like this with the leaf

Yeah it would be very interesting yeah So I think there will be a follow-up Video I will come back here and at the Leash Google and see when they're Working what they find out and uh yeah Um and also by the way so Elvis this is Probably the first guys the first time You guys hear about it it'll be Mac is Uh what is Mecca Newman it's a Well-known uh a brand across Norway and You guys also you only repair electric Cars yes yeah only electric cars and as I told you before we have maybe three Percent of all cars coming in this Plug-in hybrids okay but it's also we do We try to say yes just the high voltage And Battery repairs nothing else so so You know I also heard that you guys you And uh You guys are not uh competitors you are More like your buddies yes You exchange knowledge and everything Yes so I guess if you live close to a Drum and that area dude you don't have To go all the way to Orlando you can Come to school and get your EVS fixed Over here also yes yeah well cool that's Cool so I guess I'm actually excited to See can we revive this Leaf it is in so Poor condition I want to make it work With the battery and with the whole Everything the the blood stains and Everything We will do our best yeah awesome

So anyway I think that's going to be it For now I hope you guys enjoyed this Video as always thank you for watching And talk to you later

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Electric City Vehicles Cars Power

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