Tesla Model S Plaid road trip to Folldal in -26°C part 2

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This video was brought to you by Steinberg a better world planner Mr Green Camp power and Marcus Beale Good morning so I've been camping here For almost five hours I think that's good enough uh actually In the 87 I come from three hours so uh Yeah uh it's slightly different time Schedule these These Times normally I Will come here earlier and then stay Longer but I guess this is long enough I'm going to show you guys a stat soon But yeah so how was the sleep oh it was Brilliant uh I can lay down flat And the HVAC is not too noisy it was Doing that up and down spinning on the Beginning but now it's it's just Constant So yeah and what else Nice and warm in here so I can camp here Longer if I wanted to but Just have to get back to Oslo All right it's time we started at 5 40 And now it's 10 40 so we come to five Hours but now it's minus 12 degrees but At expected because it's uh bright Outside yeah so the sun has been up for Many many hours but look here all right So what we're looking for is uh the Kilowatt hour used 10.2 kilowatt hour Over five hours is an average of roughly Two kilowatt that is very impressive now It's pulling only one something kilowatt But look here cell temp mid has dropped

To 2.75 degrees so it's been Scavenging The heat I sucked all the heat out of The battery until there's almost nothing Else but still even if we are in this Kind of baseline or the bottom temp that Yeah it probably doesn't go colder it Still pulls only one something kilowatt Now yeah because it's my Wow really really impressive so in Comparison the et7 consumed three Kilowatts I don't remember how much it Was with the other cars how to bring up The numbers from the old video and put It on the screen here but yeah this is Very good I don't show you something Else interesting so if you look here This is the energy graph you see you Have the drive stuff here like okay how Was it when the huh what Oh I wonder if this was the previous From from Um yeah 42 yeah this was from olivedale To here I consume 11.1 percent uh we can also Calculate how much that was uh do I have The the treatment yeah maybe I still Have it let me see I have to go here Trip yeah yeah this was from olivedale To here 242 okay that's kind of high we Went a little bit uphill but if you look Here park so this is interesting the car Claims 12.4 percent consumed Um and if you do the math here it will Actually be more than 10.2 kilowatt hour

But I'm going to show you something Interesting here so The car's display shows 54 but the Real Steel charge is 55.6 and the reason for This is because the battery is cold and That's why uh we we have the car will Display slightly less percent but if we Heat up the battery if we yeah if let's Say if we just roll the car shut down The car roll it into a garage and heated It up we will actually get back to 56 on The display that's how it works but then This one actually displayed oh Sorry This one actually displays us if we Consume that much so it's actually I Would say it's uh it's an error it Should be 11 roughly consumed not 12.4 So I guess if Tesla is watching they Should consider uh fixing this because It's kind of wrong we haven't consumed That much it's just that the battery Cool down yeah so anyway Um now we're gonna go to uh the Supercharger in order again wait wait It's right down here and then we'll see It's gonna yeah we're gonna preheat Cool Allah What there pre-conditioning battery for Fast charging Loop battery power 11 kilowatt Factory Inlet okay

Let's go Let's see I think we should have okay Grip Now the car reports have really 471 kilowatt At 3.5 degrees In the battery okay let me see Well I've been camping in uh sport yeah Very chill mode I'm going to go back to Platinum Okay let me see Let me find a good place to get some Grip Let's see here how many Kill oops See here come and kill what we have What the heck whoa that did you guys Hear that It's like a little uh shaft half shaft Rattling oh you know I I heard this Before The drivetrain makes them Humming noise When it's cold I think maybe it has Something to do with the the the the Gear Motor I mean oil or something like that But okay Um yeah right let's uh just Cruise them Foreign At the supercharger plenty of stalls Here over here and also oh I see there's A Volvo charging there on the super this One is open for all the other brands and Actually you can see that the Volvo has

A charport on the left side with the Right side not the right side with the Wrong side But okay you see here huh there's a Fossil car blocking one of the stock There's even a sign there saying Tesla Supercharger but I guess the fossil cars They can't read All right but I'm going to show you Something um oh it's minus 16 degrees Celsius away proper call maybe I haven't Explained this uh enough so people don't Know what's going on but you see if I Okay look here now we're pulling one Kilowatt for heating up the cabin and Well actually we could just turn off HVAC even Well it's gonna be cold maybe okay but Whatever just to illustrate now okay 500 Watts that's for running the screen and Uh pumps and everything right okay if I Navigate to the supercharger now Like this you will see that suddenly Okay over here You can hear the pumps start speeding up You see suddenly we pull 11 kilowatt Extra I've seen even more on this but Okay for now 11 kilowatt what's Happening now is that you see here front State or temperature goes up it puts the The motors actually we only see the Front there are two other Motors in the Back also but they don't report the Correct values but you see what's going

On it heats up it puts the motor in some Kind of special inefficient mode uh Where it doesn't create motion but it Creates heat and then it takes that heat Via the powertrain there you say Powertrain flow goes up uh powertrade Inlet goes up It uses that heat to then heat up the Battery but uh now it's not doing it but It can also use the heat pump to add Additional heating power so I've seen That it can pull 15 kilowatts and that Means that since the heat power since The heat pump has a higher copy lower Than the cop number than one we're Talking about maybe 16 17 kilowatt of Battery heating power And that is quite outstanding uh most Cars they have only around Six kilowatt battery heater the BMV IX And something I for I think they have Nine kilowatt battery heater Model S classic ones they have six Kilowatt but it's a resistive heater and Most cars I know they don't use heat Pump to heat up the battery so it's kind Of inefficient in that way Neo by the Way pulls only two kilowatts for heating But what is the advantage of using the Motors to heat up the battery well the Motors are already there so we actually Save uh weight we don't have to have a Dedicated battery heater and we have a Freaking beefy battery heater I also we

Saved cost by not having it and also we Save or we reduce one point of failure Because we just use the motors and I Guess the motors they can last a very Long time And also because at least Tesla ever Since actually ever since Midland Falcon Tesla Model S 2013 has the cooling loops And the valves and everything for Scavenging heat from the motor into the Battery but at least the old Teslas Could not have this special mode and the Old Tesla like melon Falcon has that six Kilowatt battery heater but you see Tesla did something brilliant in Engineering They removed their Components save weight save cost save Another component that you break and They already had the car already had the Loops and everything for Scavenging heat So yeah I don't know if this made any Sense but it is it is brilliant like you See that ioniq 5 you see that valve over There those cars as far as I know they Don't have this type of alien technology That even the ionic 5 has a dedicated Battery heater a correct me if I'm wrong But as far as I know Tesla is the only Car manufacturer that does this kind of Smart engineering and re use like the Well the hardware can have several Functions to gain lots of benefits like I mentioned right anyway uh let's plug It in

All right we started charting at 11 38 Uh let's see now how fast are we Jordan 182 well actually we can that's Including the heating power but at least If you look here what goes into the Battery Wow 190 kilowatt even at 38 it could Take Can we see 300 200 200 because Almost 200 kilowatt okay wow oh I Thought that Peak okay all right let's Um let's go have some food maybe I Oh yeah here's the sexy beast Man so yeah it's it's minus 16 degrees Outside but I can actually survive I Guess because we have a little bit of Heat from the Sun and it's not too windy Here so yeah I'm not here that often Anymore but we just have to uh look at The look at the view adore the view this Is Tron Mountain 1666 meters over sea level Yeah nice day yeah normally it's a nice Day after the night that is really cold Because it's clear like I explained There earlier so wow right I already Ordered some food And now we just wait Oh look at this I actually by the way I Should point out that I did not put on The wheel caps I got them for much Because with the wheel caps the car will

Be slightly more efficient I guess Especially when it's really cold outside But on the other hand this car has some Weird dimension on them on the rims I Believe that the original ones they are Slightly wider so this is not from Tesla It's a third party wheel shop that much Because uses it's for much good build uh Needless to explain Oh man it's been a long time since I had The offs oh you know it's Friday so I Have to go for it again oh yeah let's Dig in it's unhealthy but you know It's Friday yeah Let's try the kebab Um Rice is juicy Bread Mm-hmm How many you guys remember the good old Days with Millennial Falcon where I went To yoffs at dumb boss that was before The supercharger Network in Osteria was Even established Oh those were the days man the days are Numbering An office job We have reached 90 now and taking Yeah it's 38 kilowatt it goes kind of Slow now so um yeah you see now the car Estimates that if we start We can go straight home and arrive with Um 13 percent

But you know let's try something here From here we have downhill And also it's kind of slow it's uh like 80 to 60 kilometers per hour mostly 80 Kilometers per hour here and also the Battery is hot 50 what you see There 55 degrees Celsius that's also Advantage for Tesla And then we have slight Tailwind So yeah let's see now if we drive at Least to aluminum Like how efficient can we make this car Where they it's like the best of Everything now the best conditions and Also this is actually a pro tip for uh Tesla owners who owns a Model S or model 3 or Y with a heat pump If you've if you want to improve your Range in Winter you can fast charge and Heat up the battery and then you will Get some additional range I don't know Exactly how much the heat in the battery Will count but it could actually be Several kilowatt hours We are getting close to alviron this is A swingan and we have 164 watt hour Kilometers from Very nice and then if you look here the Energy meter and the up here shows that We have spent 29 percent so we started With the 93 from old or now we're down to 64. wow And this is highly advanced stuff man

It takes in account driving climate Battery conditioning elevation actually Stuff that it doesn't show here is also Weather temperature you know the the Trip planner is super advanced in order To estimate very accurately uh what you Will arrive with so right now it says That I will arrive with them 37.3 percent yeah all right let's go Back to also done let's see now this From here on the speed limit is higher So uh yeah the consumption should go up Thank you We are back in also now and we arrive With 31 percent and that means we spend 62 percent and also the trip meet or Actually the energy up here confirms That we spent 61.9 percent consume Actually it's less than what the the car Initially projected I'm not sure why it Projected that but maybe because I Preheated prior to that one because it Can actually take in account how fast I Drive and I turn to drive at speed limit Plus vat so it actually figures it out Some cars will not will estimate that You drive at the speed limit but look Here so one interesting thing is there That um this is it's not okay point nine Percent is not point nine percent of What we consume it's actually point nine Percent of the total battery at 100 and I know that I have 92 kilowatt hour net Capacity so we can take 92

Multiplied by 0.09 you will see that we Spend 8.3 kilowatt hour and then I know That it takes from here it takes three Hours and uh 15 minutes roughly and then You see that we spend an average of 2.5 Kilowatt roughly for the heater so yeah It was not that cold but you see we Actually spend more when we drive versus When we are stationary which makes sense Because when you drive you win the chill Effect over the windows and everything There and then you need more power to Heat up stuff and also Um this car okay actually The the climate was 6.7 better this is Kind of confusing I guess it's 6.7 out Of silver so uh how is this again uh the Car estimated we maybe need over one Percent something online right uh we are Now mixing up percent and percent points Yeah I know I made that mistake all the Time I say percent where I mean percent Points but those are actually different So um Yeah but here actually it doesn't say it Doesn't show you the difference between Percent points and then driving also was Slightly better than projected so uh Yeah this is pretty cool and I could Show that um the trip meter here from Olivedale to here 184 watt hour per Kilometer if he kept driving Uh we would drive almost 500 kilometers But of course we have downhill so but at

Least let's say 480 kilometers and this Is even in Winter freezing cold some Places and also a mix of Norwegian more Norwegian highways 80 kilometers per Hour plus some 110 zones so very Impressive range really and then here we See the total trip all the way back here And 231 is not super impressive but Remember that we preheated twice which Sucks a lot of energy so of course if we Didn't preheat it would have lower Consumption but then we would charge Slower And then the conclusion from this trip But also the the new et7 chip is that um Well let's begin with the previous one Then I realized that the 87 is actually Relatively efficient For not being a Tesla Tesla okay they Just have some alien Tech that just Beats the rest of the pack but I Realized that the et7 was actually Fairly efficient despite that it was Really really cold outside I think it's It boils down to that um the car was Very very well insulated against the Coal versus Tesla which seems to be a Bit weaker on that point but also I I Think I have indications that the et7 Has heat Scavenging from the drivetrain I'm not sure but just based on the test I've done it couldn't seem like it uh The problem with the et7 was that the Battery was a little bit too low I mean

Low in temperature and then we got some Limp mode so that was kind of scary but That can be fixed with software update Tesla actually had that with Tesla Model 3 Performance with a Panasonic pack a Couple of years ago it was doing Something similar uh limp mode at low Battery but Tesla fix it with software Updates so I believe Neo can also fix it And then when it comes to trolling speed Then the Neo was kind of poor colgating But that was as expected with most Legacy automakers what the heck The door handles popped out when it Comes to Tesla okay so what is that the Plan was really good at it charges like A boss even if it's minus 25 degrees Celsius it doesn't matter it charges Blistering fast and also it heats up the Battery really fast that is super Impressive with Tesla it's actually Class it's industry leading how they Implement the battery heating with Reusing or you know one motor is using Or it has different functions it can Drive drive the car technically it can Also charge the battery and it also it Can also heat up the battery that is Crazy man how Tesla engineered this but I still feel like The the well the soundproofing but the Heat insulation on the Tesla could be Better so that would actually improve Things and be and then uh I guess a

Tesla would be even better but what I've Shown now in the two videos here this One and the other car is that despite Being really really cold like minus 25 And unfortunately I didn't hit uh colder Temperatures EVS work great in extreme Cold weather so there is no crazy stuff Going on okay uh we almost got stranded With the Neo but okay uh we will Probably get over to the charger anyway Even though it was a little bit slow but At least if you have well engineered car Engineered cars you can actually drive Through really cold weather without any Problems so this kind of crushes money Money with that oh no EVS they are they Will not work in extreme cold weather or Whatever so well now you guys seen they Kick ass for the Lord both of them both In their own ways so that's going to be It for now I hope you guys enjoyed this Video as always thank you for watching And talk to you later

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