Tesla Model Y RWD with BYD Blade battery 1000 km challenge

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This video was brought to you by Marcus B elmech a planner Stone bike C power And B component yo what's up we're now In the new garage and we're getting Ready for 1,000 km challenge so yeah I'm Just containing the garage for now so This is model y River Drive with byd Blade batteries from Giga Berlin and it Charges like a B has way flatter Charging curve than before so we getting Ready um I'm charging it up to 100% now And the plan is to start at 10 which is Right around now okay in Just 2 minutes So we will just drive the Norway route Down here back again you guys know the Drill charging complete oh yeah let's Get ready all right okay let's go all Right and we are off so you see that uh We drove 4 km and we are 4 minutes in so Yeah in the beginning at the first uh Minute or two we were driving in the Slow roads around my home so this is Going to be the new starting position Just for my home uh it takes well Roughly one to two minutes just to get On a Motorway and it's actually slightly More realistic than starting at a gas Station right by the motorway I mean how Who who lives that close to the motorway Right so yeah um the first checkpoint Now is going to be schwine soon over There uh I will also check for distance Error so this time I don't have uh scan My

Tesla uh the OBD in the back here Doesn't I mean it's not there I found OBD over there but it didn't give me any Signal so yeah uh but we will still Figure out one way to do the 99 but uh Yeah so uh yeah it's going to be a Little bit cold uh it's uh in the mid Well in the beginning of November now And uh there's also some wet roads so This is considered a winter run actually These conditions would be the ones we Will get uh in Sweden anyway oh yeah and This this is the Press car I actually Have Ann Al pilot oh well except for That I touched the thing a little bit Too hard but yeah I have Al Lane change Ooh yeah okay now let's enjoy the ride [Music] [Music] Then We are now charging at um uh vest B we Came here with 16% not ideal but this is The power of the blade battery oh look At that look at that it's Already it's already cooling I think That means so I don't have uh scan my Tesla input here so I don't know what's Going on but when I see that one it Usually means that initially it was Heating and now it's cooling so now we Can probably fire up this one but I'm Going to check now so um when I did the Charting test from 10% uh it started throttling at 30%

Exactly now that we start later it Should shift the charting curve a little Bit so we get flatter out there so I Have to already fly my next stop um not Sure where I'm supposed to go if I do This oh man oh this us interface and This what is this alien technology oh Wait whereit there stop man um I have to Stop at the V3 Le top and might not be The op that's too that's too close Fox I have to go to Fox and that's okay Here FX Go no I don't want to take that Route over there I'll figure out Something but okay look at look look at The speed oh look at the speed hoing Macaroni and then wow I have to Hurry this thing charges like a boss you Know the the regular one from catl uh The regular ra whe drive that comes from Shanghai um you get 170 KW for like 30 Seconds uh from 10 to 12% or 10 to 11 You get it for just a few percent look At This game over it's charging faster than Fat Rron holy macaroni oh I have To Hur it I have to Hur it okay okay Let's get over there I going to show you Guys normally I don't stop here this is Just a V3 supercharger and then I have To run over there to 7-Eleven to grab Some food and go to to the Restroom oh man I have some food I

Bought at the gas station I went to the Restroom we've been charging for about 10 minutes And we are good to go uh well pretty Much now but I just want to have a Little margin but look how nice and flat This is if this was the other uh LF Battery um at 65% we'll be getting Around 80 Kow I don't remember roughly There so this charg is way flatter than Before it's just amazing how fast it Charges so yeah we will drive of course Around here we have to drive the around Loop on Oslo and we go to Foxy and I Calculated that I need around yeah I Need to spend 60% so because it's so Nice and flat then no big deal we can Just build up a little margin we Probably leave at 75% or by the way also Most Teslas um for 1,000 km challenge It's fastest if you charge it only to Around 50% then you go to the next one Right with this one it's fastest if you Charge it somewhere between 40 and 75% okay anyway yeah let's get ready and Then we Leave man that was a 15minute charging Stop charging from 16% to 75% I just have time to go to the Restroom and then I grabbed some food And now I'm going to eat the Food Wow it goes so fast oh Man and the car is very nice and

Quiet Tesla man they're getting better And better when it comes to Comfort We at Foxy road we came here with 177% And we're taking 170 1 Kow again so wa Wait I want to cool I want to turn off This one for Now where I think it wants to heat up The battery and then cool it down but Whatever but um it's 1° over here so It's proper winter so yeah um now I have To plan my next stop um I I'm not sure If I can well I have to go to the turn Around Point and then go back there Wait so oh okay so I haven't figured out Where I should stop next yet I might Want to go for this one Le to but there A weird detour from the highway let me See that's 84 that's 120 it's a little Bit too early so I might want to go for Something in the city but okay you know What for now I will navigate to cleage Even though that's probably too far away That's over 200 km if I count the detour Also yeah okay there but as usual I have To hurry it chared so fast and I have to Go I have to walk like show you now here Yeah I have to deduct 1 minute because This one is still bad I got only 37 KW From it I had to move over to this one Where you get 170 KW but the downside Over here is that um the gas station Which is the only thing open right now Is way over there okay let's see how

Many perent I have by the time I get Back just have to put the camera inside The car and then well it's already doing It you see the condensation this means This is usually when it goes from Heating the battery to cooling the Battery and that means I can then have Keep keep climate on because it will Then scavenge the heat from the battery And put it into the um car so I can do This I can do this and I can do keep Climb it on and it's not going to slow Down the charging yeah we're still Taking oh man look at this holy crap Okay 28% roughly when Believe uh okay we've been charging for Almost yeah for roughly 10 minutes now No no more more um close to 20 minutes Yeah but uh this is going to be a pretty Long one because I had to drive to the Turnaround Point first and back again That's a little bit over 50 km plus this One so it's over 200 km and we also have Headwind on the way Back so uh at least my according to my Calculation if we go for 85% we can make It but that's Madness for a Tesla to Charge that high except for that I I Have calculated that by going 85% we Will lose roughly 2 minutes Uh but we gain by going a longer stretch And going all the way to cleage Otherwise I have to stop somewhere else Here where know it's that distant okay

But yeah so let's wait a little bit we Shouldn't take too long to reach 85% and Then we go for it but see even at 80% we Taking 72 Kow and look how efficient This car is so far we average this one Well actually I found out we have 1.6% Over reporting so that we count to 1,6 Km and then this consumption is more is More like 200 15 no something like that right 23 or something but it's still pretty Good for one de CSUS outside temperature And outside here I'm not going to even Go outside I can show you that there's a Fossil car here park here and it's cold So yeah I'll stay inside here it's nice And warm inside the car all right on the Move again so wow that was the longest Charting stop ever we were charging at Around 50 KW at 87% with me unpluged but Okay so I I figured maybe that's the Best deal but um oh it's minus one Over here see the car estimates now we Will arrive at cleage with 9% left I've Now navigated via one Waypoint here we Right with 74 and then yeah this is Pretty cool okay so uh according to my Calculation we should arrive with Somewhere between 2 and 5% at Cleavage all right let's enjoy the Ride uh we just hit the worst Road works Whatever they tend to do it at night Maintenance road work Whatever uh and we have to go on these

Slow ass 50 40 even 30 zones yeah long Ass detour I kept track of when we left The highway so the method is that we Look at the distance we have when we Left the highway and also the time and Then we can calculate the average speed And we know that normally the average Speed on the uh Motorway is roughly 120 Km per hour so we just correct for that So yeah yeah we've done this many many Times before so we know how to do this So now just have to figure out where the Heck we're supposed to go now uh I think We're supposed to join the main main Road Soon oh here okay oh focus it up we back Here okay okay okay then we can go back To the main road yeah and also I also Turned around a little bit early before Longang in so yeah um because of all This slow stuff Then uh we might be able to skip cleage Then we'll [Music] [Music] See [Music] [Applause] [Music] We are now at ion o this is the first Time we are at the non Tesla charger This is only the third charging session Wow and we already at 602 kilm huh okay 168 K is it a little bit slower than

Before Oh but it's close close enough 170 oh maybe the voltage check Che let's Check outside maybe the voltage is a Little bit too Low me check here um 170 KW now okay 450 Oh nice yeah I you know for me it's Either Tesla Supercharger or ion because They offer the best charging power uh They have water cooled cables um so K Yeah okay this one just happened to be 50 Kow but some uh Al patronic they Have 500 amp maybe but it's not water Cooled so I'm not sure if I need water Cool cable because uh it's a bit cold Outside but just better safe than sorry Oh I have to hurry again this is This is madness man I arried with 5% we Already at 133% after 2 minutes the sun Go Home well we CH for 17 minutes I just Had time to go to the restroom grab some Food come back and we are good to go we Can go another 150 km now 18 minute Charting stop we still oh look at this Let's go let's [Applause] Go [Music] We're our D took down I've been charging For about 15 Minutes um it's now 16 minutes past Midnight yeah well no wait 6 minutes Plus 6 and I'm kind of tired um I charge Enough now we can go but I'm going to

Disconnect and then just camper and Maybe take a nap I really need to sleep A bit now oh I've been not getting Enough sleep lately because of [Music] Stuff [Music] This is it the last charging stop we are Back here again uh so the reason why I Drive a little bit back and forth here And not towards D which I tend to do is That there is some Bou here you can even See it here I want to avoid this section Here hopefully in a couple of weeks There will be done with it so I can go Back to this route yeah but anyway so we Oh he goes so fast holy um look at That speed okay I have to go to the Restroom I haven't gone to the restroom Since Dar yeah and fortunately they're Open now here oops they open at 8 so okay one more uh starting stop and Then the plan is to end up um okay we're Going to drive wow this is so Snappy man We're going to drive back here but we Will avoid that part so we will then go A little bit there and then be 99 right Before Minon and that will be 1,000 km So now I have around 10 15 minutes only Before I have to go Again is it the final run there are a Few left lane Huggers on the road it's Uh almost 10: in the morning so now we Just have to drive over there uh but

When it's look at time okay so we have To deduct uh 27 minutes to the current Time and that is the 1,000 km time so we Already at 9 hours and 20 minutes and we Have to drive 895 we have to drive about 100 a little bit over 100 more kilomet Oh you know this is strange because When I did the spreadsheet based on the Charting session and the range uh the Spreadsheet told me that it will take 10 Hours and 20 minutes but the old uh Model y RAV Drive in a Swedish route Needed only 9 hours and 55 Minutes it doesn't seem like we can do It faster than 10 hours here so is it Because of winter uh is it because of Norway route uh I'm not sure but let's Just go for it and finish this okay Let's do the countdown we at 1,5 we need 1,6 so we don't have any decimals we Just have to do the 9992 9993 9994 9995 9996 997 998 9999 there 1,000 oh spot on man oh uh okay time consumption was 220 Uncorrected time 1046 um it means 10 hours and 20 minutes Oh sh uh the other one was 955 why the Heck was this one so much

Slower well I might have an explanation For this uh let's get over to and also We ended with 19% um I calculated that We spend around 5 minutes extra or 3 to 5 minutes extra charging that so yeah I Could have shaved off 5 minutes it could Have been 10:15 you know winter run Maybe summer run it could have been 10:05 and then Norway route It was slower in the Norway route with Efficient cars that charged fast so yeah My guess is that it should have been 945 okay let's get over there to uh nebz Now but anyway if you look at the result Now so um the other one did it in 955 uh It had slightly high consumption because Uh it was this uh the summer run so yeah Uh since this is considered winter run In Norway and it was calish then okay The consum will be higher but uh we Simply couldn't drive as fast as Sweden You know over here we had uh mostly just 100 120 so and had past to also three Times but then in Sweden we have 120 Zone and also more 110 zone so of course The average speed is higher so I Actually don't know exactly the Difference in average speed between Norway and Sweden run but I did ATT test Uh a couple years ago where I tested Model 3 I've been doing model 3 run in Norway during Co time and then I did Model 3 run in Sweden I got more or less The same time so that was the conclusion

Back then that it was you know very Similar but then now it could be maybe Different because you know if you do the Math if it take 1,000 km divided by 110 Km per hour versus uh uh 1,000 km Divided by 120 km/ hour and do you know What the difference in time is you might Think it's only around 10 15 minutes It's actually whooping 45 minutes This shows that um you know you can Actually if you want to travel fast you Really want to go fast some people claim That oh but you save energy by going Slower yes true but the extra energy you Might spend might be only around 20 30 Kilow hour and that usually takes around 5 10 minutes to charge up so you see you Will be losing 45 minutes by driving Slower but you only lose 5 10 minutes by Charging it up so it does pay off to go Faster uh so by that conclusion I don't Know exactly how much faster the Swedish Route is but the Swedish route is better For cars that can go fast efficient cars Like Tesla with good aerodynamics they Are not that affected by cruising at 130 Km/ hour and also if they charge fast So um my butt feeling says that if I Would do this car in summer in Sweden Run uh I might get around 945 that's my Best guess but it should be faster you Guys saw it today it charges way faster Than before you will also see in the in The charging video if you care that it

Has a flatter higher charging curve uh But this one the blade battery has Around 2 KW hour less net capacity than The the other catl battery so but that Doesn't matter too much in the 1,000 K Challenge so um yeah I think that's it Um unfortunately I didn't get the result I wanted but uh the Swedish rout is pro The problem is that it's there's a Detour in the Swedish route uh I could Take the detour and then deduct for it That could actually be a better deal but Unfortunately I cannot uh retest it Anyway I'm running out of time with this Car it's from Tesla that's why you have The speed limit and I have to return it Already in two days and I'm planning on Doing a Yow test and a CO charging test Call battery test cold GATE test uh so Um I think that's it yeah um hopefully You guys like the video and it was still Use ful so that's going to be for now I Hope you guys enjoy the video as always Thank you for watching and talk to you Later AB C Ab ab c A We're our down I've been charging for About 15 Minutes um it's now 16 minutes past Midnight yeah well no wait 6 minutes Past 6 and I'm kind of tired um I charge Enough now we can go but I'm going to Disconnect and then just camper and

Maybe take a nap I really need to sleep A bit now oh I've been not getting Enough sleep lately because of Stuff

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