Elon Musk Says VW Is Second Only To Tesla In Electric Vehicles

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Elon Musk Says VW Is Second Only To Tesla In Electric Vehicles

Among other things, the Volkswagen ID.3 is one of the rivals of Tesla’s Model 3. So is it really a good idea for Volkswagen to try to beat Tesla? Or will they do the same thing? Volkswagen ID.3 is expected to hit the market next year. VW has made a significant investment in its electric vehicle portfolio and the ID.3 could prove to be a good competitor.

Volkswagen ID.3

VW is an auto giant that generates about $280 billion a year, but it’s not alone. Toyota and Volkswagen are both investing heavily in EVs as well. Both are waiting for the EV revolution to take hold. Volkswagen has grown into a stable of 12 brands and employs more people than the entire city of Detroit. Volkswagen is attempting to keep up with Tesla, but VW isn’t making the same progress as Tesla.

The company aims to expand its EV footprint in Europe, where it has more than 50,000 employees. The company can convert more than 120 combustion vehicle factories into EVs, and it’s already converting a German plant to make pure electric cars. It also plans to switch its production platform at a factory in Chattanooga, Tenn. VW’s name recognition is also very high in Europe, and its namesake brands are extremely loyal to customers.

Model Y

Volkswagen is a competitor to Tesla and Musk, the CEO of the electric vehicle company. But despite their similarities, the two companies have many differences. While Tesla has the biggest market cap and has the most impressive product roadmap, Volkswagen and its VW subbrand have far lower sales. The difference lies in the pricing of the cars. VW and Tesla are not the only manufacturers of electric vehicles, as Fiat Chrysler, Ford, and Jeep also produce them.

While the German automaker doesn’t have the same level of production capacity, VW’s EV plans could lead Tesla next year, if it follows through with their aggressive EV rollout. VW plans to introduce the ID.3 hatchback this year, followed by the ID.4 SUV and ID.5 crossover. And later this year, VW plans to release the ID.6 X in China.

Tesla Semi

Volkswagen and Tesla are in a very tight race in the electric vehicle market. The former is a leader in the U.S. with a market share of 70 percent, while VW is second with 13 percent. VW’s Berlin factory provides the company with the production capacity necessary to compete in Europe. Volkswagen expects to sell 55 percent of all-electric vehicles in the U.S. by 2030.

In recent months, Diess has praised Tesla’s progress in the electric vehicle market and invited Musk to address 200 Volkswagen executives last year. This invitation follows a series of compliments from Diess and other Volkswagen executives. Volkswagen’s CEO acknowledges Tesla’s EV success and the potential of Chinese EV makers in the U.S. market. While VW is a strong competitor, he recognizes that its electric vehicle sales in China are still limited.


The CEO of Volkswagen says the company is second only to Tesla in the race to develop electric vehicles. The company recently produced 930,000 vehicles last year, but Musk says the company is aiming for 20 million by mid-2023. While Tesla is clearly a market leader, Volkswagen is a start-up as well. Elon Musk is an admirer of Diess and said he would work with the company to create a new electric vehicle that would beat Tesla’s.

Volkswagen recently announced plans to build a massive EV fleet over the next decade, which includes 75 all-electric models and 60 hybrid cars. The company also plans to sell over 6 million all-electric vehicles by 2029, with an investment of up to EUR60 billion over the next five years. Volkswagen has also pledged to make the ID.3 available in Europe this summer. Volkswagen plans to add two more factories in China, and a third in Dresden, Germany.

Ford F-150

Tesla is already second in sales of all-electric cars, but Ford has been pushing hard to become the number one automaker in EV sales. While Elon Musk recently praised the electric truck company’s new Mustang Mach-E, he also lauded Ford’s F-150 Lightning. Both companies have strong partnerships with Amazon and are slowly ramping up production.

As the electric car market becomes more competitive and more consumers demand more plug-in vehicles, the Ford Lightning electric pickup truck is poised to be a game changer. The vehicle will be manufactured by the company in California and is set to arrive in dealerships by the end of next year. Tesla CEO Elon Musk says the company will unveil more information on its Cybertruck concept at a later date.


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