17 States Consider Adopting California’s Electric Car Mandate

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17 states weigh adopting Californias electric car mandate

Californias electric car mandate has drawn strong criticism from the auto industry, which has a hard time meeting such ambitious goals. But advocates argue that the switch from gas-powered vehicles to electric cars would cut emissions dramatically. The oil industry will be hit hard by the change, as California is the seventh-largest oil-producing state in the U.S.

Washington state

A new bill being considered in Washington state could become the strongest state measure to date in favor of electric cars. If passed into law, the new legislation could transform the auto industry in Washington state. The new legislation sets a 2030 target for all new vehicles to be electric. It also requires an inter-agency council led by the state’s departments of transportation and commerce to create a scoping plan that will determine what is needed to reach this goal.

The state of Washington has adopted a new electric car mandate. Beginning in 2030, all new cars registered in the state must be electric. The legislation is designed to promote greener transportation and reduce emissions. The goal is to transition all vehicles on the roads to electric power, and the new law is a step toward that goal.

Automotive Industry Planning

California has just adopted a new electric car mandate, and the auto industry has weighed the implications of the proposal. GM, one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world, is reviewing the new rule. The company has a goal of selling only electric cars by 2035, and is already planning to invest $50 billion in the new technology. Meanwhile, Ford plans to introduce 25 new electric models by 2030, and Stellantis, which owns Fiat, Dodge, and Chrysler, has said it will do so by 2026.

General Motors is among the automakers considering adopting Californias new electric car mandate. The automaker has a goal of selling only electric cars by 2035. Ford has also said it would invest $50 billion in electric vehicles by 2026. Chrysler, Fiat, and Dodge owner Stellantis also has plans to introduce 25 new electric models by 2030.

Illinois and New York

The state of California is about to ban gas-powered cars by 2035, a decision that many believe will spur the electric vehicle revolution. Other states like Illinois and New York, led by Democrats, are likely to follow suit, as they have with past mandates on car safety and emissions. California’s determination reflects the state’s history of influencing the automotive market as well as the dire threat of climate change.


The Pennsylvania legislature is considering adopting California’s electric car mandate, but the process has been fraught with problems. A number of states have already adopted the mandate, but none have fully implemented it. The federal government is also weighing the possibility of imposing an electric car mandate on states. Pennsylvania may be one of them.


Republican-led states have taken a different approach to the electric car transition than Democratic-led states have, with some states adopting California’s rules in full or partially. Maryland’s Republican-led government, for example, has long supported the transition and has invested in charging stations and electric school buses. The Maryland legislature is now considering a new incentive plan to speed up the electrification of its fleet of state vehicles. Maryland Del. David Fraser-Hidalgo has been a longtime advocate for the electric vehicle movement, and the Hogan administration is looking to accelerate this transition.

Minnesota’s electric car mandate

As 17 states consider adopting California’s electric car mandate, one group is pushing back. In Minnesota, an association of auto dealers is trying to make the new rule an issue in the upcoming election. The Legislature and governor are up for reelection in 2023, and the association is hoping to persuade voters to reverse the rules.

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