Iconic Cars Are Going Electric For The Future

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Alfred Peru
Iconic cars are going electric for the future

Several iconic cars are making the transition to electric drive. Ford’s electric Mustang, Rivian’s electric minivan, and Cadillac’s electric future are just a few. Here’s what you need to know about them. Read on to find out why these cars are taking the next big step in the transition to electric drive.

Rivian’s R1T beat established manufacturers to market

Rivian Motors will soon become a public company, trading under the symbol RIVN on the Nasdaq stock exchange. The company has raised US$1.3 billion in capital from T Rowe Price, Ford, Pario Ventures, and BlackRock-managed funds. The IPO is scheduled to take place in the second half of this year.

Rivian has said it will launch three models by the end of the year, including an electric pickup truck. It will also introduce an electric midsize SUV in December and a fully electric delivery truck for Amazon by 2025. The company is also expanding its Illinois factory and scouting potential locations to build more Rivian vehicles.

The company had previously operated in relative obscurity for years until it unveiled prototypes of electric pickup trucks at the LA Auto Show in late 2018. Since then, it has raised $10 billion, expanded its normal Illinois factory, hired thousands of workers, and filed for a confidential IPO. It also has offices in the U.K. and Palo Alto, California. When it first introduced its prototypes, the company had 600 employees.

Rivian’s R1T beat out established manufacturers in a race to produce the first consumer-ready electric pickup truck. The first R1T came off the assembly line in an ex-Mitsubishi plant in Normal, Illinois. It received clearance from the California Air Resources Board and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Although the vehicle is available for purchase online, it is only now being tested by a limited number of people.

Ford’s electric Mustang

The electric Mustang is Ford’s entry into the electric vehicle market. Ford has always been a pioneer and innovator, and the company’s move into electrification is a significant one for the Blue Oval company. The car company is confident it can deliver on its electrification promise, and if it does, the result will be a game-changer for the industry.

The electric Mustang will be available in 2022. This car will offer a hybrid battery system as well as a fully electric car drivetrain. It will offer a range of 210 to 300 miles. The electric Mustang will go from zero to sixty mph in mid-three seconds. It will deliver power comparable to a Porsche 911 GTS and Porsche Macan Turbo. The car will also offer torque vectoring, which will allow the car to respond to its surroundings quickly and maneuver around them.

Ford has stated that it will be developing 40 new electric vehicles by 2022. The electric Mustang will be a step in that direction, and the company plans to sell as many as 40 electric cars. It will also compete against vehicles such as the Lincoln Aviator and Ford Explorer. However, the electric Mustang may be delayed by a year. This could mean that the electric Mustang isn’t available by 2023.

The electric Mustang will be a sporty SUV that is a car aimed at the electric age. Although it isn’t a convertible, the Mustang 2021 Mach-E will still be fast and sporty and will be on par with many other EVs in price. Although the electric car market is still relatively small, Ford is banking on its name and the performance of the electric vehicle.

Cadillac’s future is electric

Rory Harvey, the Cadillac brand chief, revealed on Wednesday that every new Cadillac model coming out in the future will be electric. He said this during an online presentation of the brand’s new electric crossover, the Lyriq, scheduled for launch in 2023. The new electric Cadillac will replace the brand’s current internal combustion-engine vehicles. Harvey estimates that the entire lineup will be battery-electric by 2030.

The EVs will be based on a familiar platform and mechanical components. However, their design is unique, and the car will have some changes in the production model. For example, the car’s roof will be a glass dome that changes color to suit the mood of the cabin. The front seats will also have free-form displays, similar to those found on Cadillac’s luxury sedans.

The company has also revealed a $300,000 all-electric sedan, the Celestiq. It shares many characteristics with the Lyriq. The sedan has dynamic proportions and a bustled rear end. The interior features bright red leather upholstery and a 55-inch digital dashboard. The cabin is also filled with Eames-inspired bucket seats.

While the Celestiq could be on the market by 2023, the company plans to build fewer than 500 cars per year. This will allow the car to show off the latest technology and build buzz for the company. Other features that will be available in the Celestiq include the latest version of GM’s hands-free assisted-driving system. The car is expected to cost about $300,000 depending on the options and features. It’s estimated that production will start in late 2023.


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