2014 VW e-Golf 24 kWh Geilo test

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This video was brought to you by AED Ro Planner cow Marcus B storb and B Componente yo what's up we're now on the New house garage and behind me here you See Volkswagen Eagle this is when 2014 It has done over 120,000 km and we're Going to do a trip to yo so a couple of Weeks ago I did the yo test with a Pretty degraded Leaf so that was 10 year Old car this is only 9y old and it Should be a lot better so we're going to See now how it goes so yeah first of all I can tell you that inside the garage it Has been around 12° C the battery should Be the same uh we have Nan Haka palita Nine studed tires you might need that For tonight we have some lead bar there And a big shout out to elmech for Lending me this Car yeah man Eolf H look at this oh look at this interior huh nice way Better than ID3 okay but let's see now we have car Scanner here we have some variables so When we charge to full uh yeah 170 km Range here's the anom by the way um it Displaces as 96% and then once the Batter is down to around 5% this one Will show 13% or 16% when it's really 5% So okay but anyway here so we start with Okay temperature in the battery 12.5 we Shouldn't cold get at all uh this one uh Is just uh it's not energy remaining so

It's just it will stay the same I'll Show you once we start driving so um let Me show now nav let's go to Nav uh zoom out zoom out oh this is how What the with this instead okay okay Okay who okay so since we are now Starting from what the heck is it Supposed to be that slow H since we Starting now from yes him we will not to Drive the regular route to yo uh we will Actually Drive via the airport almost And then N and then we go via R Yam and then we get over to the regular Route here yeah sna and so on Flo is a n Be And then Yow is there so normally from Oslo arabu we will travel this route Here Via but I measure that uh um the oso Route takes 3 hours and then the yesim Route takes 2 hours and 55 minutes so we Will just we will see the the offset Based on the reference test we did with Xang G9 how much slower is this one so Uh yeah we'll we'll see we'll see the The lead needed um 4 hours and 40 Minutes or 1 hour and 40 minutes slower Than the reference test we'll see with This one how much faster it is than the Leaf I supect it to be a lot faster Because it Chargers faster it's more Efficient uh and it has more energy left In the battery and also oh

Okay Here we also have this one here ecoflow Not that we need it and then some extra Heat because the car becomes a bit Stingy once the battery is almost out And then Also we have microwave Owen with us and Uh also the safety equipment so yeah This is the microwave oven from uhu or The old house uh we brought it with us But we don't need it because we have an Integrated one so then it will become my Trip uh over but okay I took out the the Glass plate I will show you that here Here I left this one here because I Don't wanted to oh is freaking Nasty I need to clean this okay we Just leave that here yeah and now we Need to unplug uh wait I think we need To stop the car okay let's get going I Have to see now we will start roughly 10 Yeah okay in a couple of minutes we'll [Music] Start We are getting close to SNA and we have 12 km of range left there was a message Here saying uh Comfort reduced now low Battery uh towards the end it actually Shuts down the heater but it doesn't Matter I already shut down the heat a Long time ago because I have ecoflow in The back there blasting heat okay but Okay we are 4 km away from sna we're Going to go for sna holy look at look at

This look at this we're done 95 kilm This car has 100 km of rain during Winter what and I'm even not slow poking You see I'm driving at barely legal Speeds Here this car is simply amazing huh Okay Nissan uh sorry ma but uh your Leaf Your 10 or Leaf is nowhere near as good As this eolf oh Man we are now juing up but you see here 100 amp multiply by this one we get 32 Kow now the battery should be warm Enough uh the other day I also plugged In with 16° C I got 125 I'm 40 Kow so I'm not sure what's going on here um Also the car is so ancient that it Doesn't show you charging Speed yeah Um do do I need oh do I need to Move to another Charger I can see what the charger Reports yeah you see 32 KW that's a bit weird maybe I should try Another charger I know these old Chargers could sometimes they are a Little bit Buggy Um or I could try one of those instead But uh yeah it's not like I need the Speed Okay let's try to move see if that Improves the Situation okay let's see I move Charger let's see if that

Helps what okay okay it ramps up slowly Now come on come on come on come on come On it's C at 125 Amps okay ramps up a little bit slow can We at least get more than 99 amps come On come on come on come on come on 95 8 Oh oh oh yeah Oh Leaf power no no sorry eulf power Look at that look at that look at that Oh yeah if you do the math here this Will be around 42 kwatt hour per hour Okay so we need to deduct 2 minutes Because this is a Time attack then every Minute counts so deduct 2 minutes here Yeah so we can try to find the next Charger now you now this is pretty Awesome man you have this Navigation um we're going to go on know The new route okay okay uh I wonder if I Can reach oh it would be great to reach Ghoul I want to go To okay I can always bail up before GH We have plenty of stops but I want to go Here Shell no no no head okay let me See wait where is it there this one this One this one you see here shell oh yeah We don't need to preheat before fast Charging I think this this freaking Ancient stuff guidance already active Start just go for that wow wow look at This advanced stuff man you can multiple For 88 oh yeah I could reach it okay We'll

See okay not much to do here at night we Have plenty of chargers yeah the the Good thing about this route to yo is That we have so many charging locations Like even the freaking Leaf could charge Every 10 km you know so yeah yeah but uh That's it we will just wait here a Little bit and then we go All right we reached 82% it took 19 Minutes and now we're going slow so yeah Let's go well that was around 22 minute Dring stop and also yeah this one when We unplugged we had around 85% so Getting 20 Kow then it's time to leave But look here we started around 16° and We have gained only 7° C during the Charging session that is simply amazing Way better than Leaf you know Leaf has Also 24 Kow our battery but Leaf heats Up a lot and also uh Leaf if you arrive At 16° C will cold it like a mofo here We had nice and flat Charing curve until Around 70% until it start throttling so Man like you know leaf and Eagle they They don't have active cooling uh they Lack thermal management but the Eagles Seem to have way better battery than Leaf so so you get way better Performance even though they are similar Age and well this one is more expensive But uh it is also way better oh me golf Is way better than Leaf but we have to See and it's still in the beginning of The trip we have to see by the end of

The trip how well it can handle It We are now charging at NP getting oh Yeah 123 amp yes okay but the battery is Huh to my big surprise the battery did Not cool down at all a little bit only Half de C but I was failing big time on Handshake 9 km um we have to Du 9 Minutes because Um that charger there was just bad it's A Delta charger we're now at Avenue and I move over to this one work right away Okay anyway I'm going to get some food Now so I will get this one ready uh I Know we have roughly 20 minutes here so The car charges pretty fast but okay Okay let's get some food dinner for Tonight is this fuel on CH oh Co damn let me see always read the Instructions okay 800 WTS 4 minutes okay This is 900 watt wait we have to pull Off the okay okay I get this one ready We just have to rip off this uh foil so It doesn't explode oh wait wait I Need just need to I need this little bit There there like this okay there that's Good put it in here no no no no no no no No come on come on I need two hands okay There there put it in No Okay and Then I think 3 minutes should be Enough Go no no 30 seconds oh okay

Whatever it is as if I never used this Before but normally I use it at home Look at this this is going to be my Regular stuff now uh since everything Here is closed at night this is Norway Welcome to Norway no problem we just bring our own Food here Yeah let's try this we have some Meatballs and some Potatoes m M Very Nice okay that's it we chared for a Little over 20 minutes and to my big Surprise the car can take a little bit Over 40 KW all the way To around 75% before it throttles wait there's a poor light in here there Slightly better wow nice and flat Jing Curve so okay the peak power might not Be as high as Leaf but it's just Aver Speed in the eagle is way better than Leaf okay so um I saw that I need to Take one more Charing stop before I can Reach Yo so that's why we just un disconnect Now and one more stop and then we go for Yo so there's no need to try to charge To 90% it takes too long yeah and then We might not make it to Yo anyway so Okay now let's hammer It and yeah man this is so nice I have Adaptive cruise

Control and I also have heated front Wind screen huh do you have that in Other cars from that age [Applause] No [Music] We are now at oil charging up we are 26 Km away and we have 24 km range we just Need a 5 minute Topup uh you see yeah 100 22 KW no amp Yeah uh I had another yet another Handshake problem we are at the Delta Charger so I should have ducked Another 2 minutes first I tried that Plug it was just taking forever to Connect or this one works fine just this Side plop okay so I don't know why all Car tends to bug with Delta charges was The same problem with Leaf okay so we almost done but we are Already past the 3-hour Mark um let me See I'm going do a quick math here uh 12:09 okay we are roughly at 3 hours and 40 minutes the reference uh run was 2 Hours and 55 minutes so at least if we Can do it within 4 hours that would be Great yeah and then look here oh yeah Huh nice maybe maybe I can make this one The thumbnail like this huh Huh we are almost at the yo now uh 22 km Of range left 7.6 km to go okay I think We should be fine range wise we done Most elevation but uh over here oh the Surface though o this is

Slippery would be nice to have winter Tires on right Now but uh the hakita uh nine stutter Tires they were great over here this car Is front wheeel Drive uh but it seems to be Handling the winter condition just fine Yeah partly because we have pretty good Winter tires but also have to be careful There because uh traction control is Also quite good it's this German car German cars they are the best remember Oh come on come on can we handle It Oh end of salted roads now we just Snow oh oh oh Yeah compacted snow surface With maybe a little bit of ice on the Surface I'm not Sure n it's fine it's fine no problem no Problem I've St the Tires I have some freaking awesome tires For this kind of Conditions we have reached yo and okay So we have to add 1 hour and 22 minutes Before midnight it's 2:35 which is that We are currently at 3 hours and 57 Minutes that means we can run it down to 55 if it take oh ah 58 minutes we So 58 we need to round it up to uh 4 Hours ah okay whatever um we are here And because this is a German car then We're going to round down so I will the Dictator has spoken we will set the time

To 3 hours and 55 Minutes we had so many problems with Handshake okay let's plug it in I don't Need that I can use this one here yeah Yeah this one 50 KW charger okay start We average 192 wat hour per kilm to get Here wow the distance huh from Oslo from Al via Huga it was only 230 km this Route is over 10 km longer but we have Way higher average speed because the Roads are better okay let's plug it In man it's freaking winter up here look Look look there is so much snow Here Wow this is proper Winter Wonderland is that a snow Plow okay you see they they they plow The snow do they Salt they actually don't salt they don't Salt up here because maybe it makes Things worse because it gets too cold Here so they they only plow yeah wow Okay so yeah I don't need to use that One I use this one the 50 Kow charger Let me see what the what kind of speed Are we Getting now I don't have to stress too Hard 40 KW hour per Hour okay see here battery has slowly Been heating up so it's 32° C now so uh Now we have to go downhill and a leaf Battery would cool down when you go Downhill uh simply because we don't use That much power and we get the passive

Cooling so let's see what happens with The EOS Factory in comparison H we're are now at the ghoul Supercharger the classic one or old School one I Mean yeah and uh well we have plenty of Juice still but uh I'm just so sleepy Now this usually Happens yeah it's 4: at night so I just Want to take a nap and we might as well Plug it in and charge here so yeah I Need to set the clock uh don't want to Sleep too long maybe just uh Power [Music] Na [Music] We are now back at sna charging getting 124 amp oh yeah that's 40 something Kilowatt now I want to get some more Food so I brought fuel on again this is Is called guu no it's called Re yeah rice porridge with Norwegian Milk okay it's heated up in the Microwave Oven oh well I see a small problem now Because I didn't bring the table or I Mean the turn I was about to say the Turntable uh then uh the stuff is not Moving around Circulating okay hopefully that doesn't Uh mess up things maybe next time I need To bring uh the the glass Plate yeah Okay yeah still consistent speed we are

Not replicating Yet okay look here we heated up GR a Porridge and then I have brought some Cinnamon yeah we have to oh put put some Cinnamon on It wait let see okay okay okay like this Right I love love Cinnamon okay it's almost o i can you Can almost smell the cinnamon and then Oh I also brought some sugar in a bag Here then we just add the Sugar like this kind Of Okay okay Okay and done let's Taste huh Go wait is it Overexposed there you go Merry Christmas G M Just needed some melted butter here but That would be too much big mess in [Music] Here [Music] All right we are finally back home that Took some time I had to nap two times During the trip yeah mainly because I I'm so tired nowadays I had I've done Lots of work with moving out of the old House Uh yeah I didn't film it I didn't make Any Vlog but um basically uh for two Night two evenings this week I went over

To the old house in the evening around 9:00 or 10: in the evening and I stayed There until 4: or 5: at night until I Came back home again so that's why I'm a Little bit tired but once I can recover Then I should be fine uh but okay so the Eolf man it was awesome the eolf it was Way better than the leaf but as expected So there you guys have it the sun they Will be crying they're not going to tell About this how awesome a 9-year-old car Is it has very little degradation I Estimated around uh 133% degradation After 122,000 km that is pretty good for small Battery like this affordable car so yeah And I'm going to show you again I love Showing off the garage um here we have 10.7 de C yeah I took out the ecof flows they Are now charging up actually the ecof Flows they are in Wi-Fi range I can Actually control them from the house Here we have the heat dehumidifier I'm Not running it right now it's a bit Noisy so I'm trying to dry out I want I Want the the air inside the garage to be Dry so you see it start yeah some of the Moisture start dripping now but then Hopefully it will just evaporate Eventually I need to paint the floor With Something uh I have some stuff from the Old house this is the stuff I've been

Packing like a mad man here we have Anoris tea yeah cback anoris tea we need To test it eventually with Isabelle stuff from the the old house I Need to get rid of that that's the dream Case here is the Tula Box yeah also here so here's the bike Okay anyway yeah but the trip was about The eolf and wow yeah I also need to Improve the echo here but we have so Much stuff now that we actually don't Have that much Echo but it was doing Great man big thumbs up to elmech for Landing me the car and now uh we will See next one might be a 22 KW hour uh I3 That lbme also has I can borrow from Them so we will see you then yes so that This is going to be it guys I hope you Guys enjoyed the video as always thank You for watching and talk to you later

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