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This video was brought to you by Marcus Be elmech a planner Stone B Camp power And B component yo what's up we're now At elmac you guys have seen some videos From elmac lately and um today I'm Actually going to introduce a new Sponsor to my channel so yeah uh sorry For the noise uh the guys over there the Lithuanian guys they need to keep Working we can't rest uh know um but Anyway so yeah um the reason why I chose Elbm as my sponsor is because um I've Seen I've seen how skilled you guys Are like Vol okay just we have to show This Vol can you show the tattoo yeah It's going a little bit closer you know That's how hardcore Vol is he he Freaking T you a battery icon On but um sise but but um uh so I've Seen that uh you guys have lots of lots Of experience and knowledge about the Electric cars not only you also um uh What again life uh R rard also uh uh and Also all these other guys and uh the the Place here is nice and tidy and we have Good parking locations here and yeah and Also you know yeah maybe I I could have Been sponsored by anyone who wants to Give me money let's say the Sun but I try to handpick my sponsors I also Want to promote I believe in them just Like in Kim power and muskus and all the Other guys and also um also Mr Green is

Just that uh they just went out of the Deal but you know that's just how it is But uh I wanted I want to promote Something uh that so that my Followers you guys if you guys just Happen especially if you live in Norway Oso area and you need to repair a car You you went to this to the uh what do You call it they call it mate you went To the workshop or the the uh Dealership or or Tesla and uh maybe you Didn't get the best experience maybe it Was a wait time maybe the the price was Quite High uh but over here well maybe You can tell a little bit more about That Vol uh can you get the same level Of service or whatever Here of course first of all it's a very Big honor for us to to become your Sponsor thank you for Possibility and uh yeah here in Elm we Try to keep the high level of quality And we try to be even better than some Other even um uh om dealers not always We have tools and possibilities but uh We try to do our best to to have a as High level as possible and uh yeah we Try to to fight with the prices and and Deliver good prices to the customer Where the quality is not say going uh Down uh we try to have also not too long Uh waiting Time uh we are located in lean so it's Little bit outside

Norway so we have 25 km from Oslo Center About but uh if you like book a time in A good time before we can arrange with The free rental car of course it's Electric um we have a golf E3 uh eup uh And Lan Leaf um there is a buses uh just 100 m From the from the workshop uh which goes Every half an hour to the Oslo or to Drummond there's also uh sorry to Interrupt there's also a grocery store NE by kiwi I've been in kiwi many times To grab some food and drinks there when I go so you know possibilities you can Is it also like a waiting lounge here or Yeah we have a sitting area uh just in The our office um of course uh three Coffee and uh and and drinks and Wi-Fi But you see you see okay that those Amenities are are good nice to have but I think what is important is that if one Of my followers watches this or other Videos and they come to elmech I want Them to get good experience you know uh It's not like you give me special Treatment because I'm some celebrity and Then and then you treat the customers Like you know uh but from what I've Seen people are super happy with the Service here and I want my followers to Come here get good explanation good Price good uh smooth uh pickup delivery Uh yeah you also have a you have that Box you can pick up the car from the key

Box right the high tech uh China stuff Yeah but that that's the most important Thing for me is that you actually get The work done and uh for for a good Price but also the the whole experience Service level uh is topnotch yeah good This is our like um um this is our Uh the point to to if you recommend us So we have to keep the even higher Service level and not to let down your Followers yeah exactly Because I can say I don't care I just Take the money I don't care what happens To my followers who come here but if I If I for example you know just I'm not I'm not going to scare or something but I know not that's never going to happen But if for example lots of my followers Say no I had bad experience bad then I Just have to you know then I cannot Recommend it anymore that's yeah you Know we talked just a few seconds before That we need maybe agreement but this is Like a video agreement so if there will Be customers which are not happy so so Please contact me directly I'm Responsible for quality and in in this Shop and if it's be like uh to big Problems then the contract will be over Yeah uh okay so we're not going to stand In and talk too much I want to take you Guys a little tour around the the Workshop yeah we have a lot of Teslas Look at at us today I think it's like

More Tesla Workshop than uh yeah other Band work 1 2 3 4 5 six yeah I so see There is some stuff going on here uh Yeah 12vt stuff Charging uh yeah some diagonals uh here Uh in the back oh wow huh okay actually This car we bought uh this week so we Picked up from Tesla and Dr oh it's your Car yeah now it's ours okay and then we Have some model X here with some stuff Uh I think that that Richard no no it's Not Richard that's s uh oh this one has That panel oh it's the white so um There's some uh so you guys have wheel Uh wheel balancing equipment yeah we Have tools to change the tires balance Wheels this is the like EU control line Uh where we test the brakes uh lights uh Suspension and at the same time they do Four wheels alignment over There uh and yeah here is uh ordinary Mechanic uh Part uhhuh Nice and then also let me show you uh Here in this Area uh maybe you can go first and you Can lead the Way so here we have the the reception Area yeah here we have David us our best Uh customer service specialist he is the One who picks up the phone and takes the Uh I would say orders from you and Asking answering the questions we have The work stuff here going on yeah yeah

And also yeah I forgot to mention this Is mechan is the mechan umbrella yes we Working on the Moman flag but we are Like independent Workshop still and you Guys are wow you guys have gotten some Some rewards here yeah it's all Don't bother and here we have the fog Video uh yeah cool so yeah and then Maybe we can go outside and check it out What wait you have you guys have so much On the walls here training Certificate controll star Okay yeah wow it's a lot of things from Stting so to to get it approved as a as A Workshop okay out Sign so we have uh I don't know maybe 35 Parking places uh it seems that it's Almost all are full now but uh yeah we We try to keep control so the bus Station is 100 m away under the bridge And this is the key road to the Oslo and This is to drumond so yeah I think it's Very easy to come here and U drop off The car whatever you want using this uh Uh Smart Box where you can just uh yeah Enter your registration number or Whatever and phone number and that then If you have access then yeah it just Unlock unlock so you can open the doors And Um leave the keys for us did did it Actually work yeah oh oh okay so put the Keys close it so it's safe nobody yeah

Of course it's possible that somebody Will take the whole box but I hope not And so in the morning David us will take Up the keys and we can start with the Car at the same time we can deliver Keys Uh back to you when uh the car is Finished you you can get a text message With the payment uh link uh when the Payment is done you can like open the Box and take out the keys yeah cool and Also I see that you guys have lots of Wall boxes here here plenty them so you Can yeah plug it in here or you can Probably request to get the car fully Charged before you pick it Up if you see that it's like a older car We always put it on charge if it's like Tesla so we don't also leave it with Empty power empty battery I try to how I Say do the best yeah okay and say yeah By the way I forgot to mention so you Have once again you mention this one This is the laner yeah I also I borrow It I already tested it's good stuff and Also there was another laner uh maybe They out uh right now yeah this one look Oh that that's also another laner yeah Uh so yeah let's go inside again it's a Little bit Cold but so now you guys are seen it if You haven't seen it before El Mac yeah Really nice uh I actually want uh Vol to Get lots of customers thank you because I feel like nowadays uh we need more and

More repairs and some of the repairs Might be somewhat complicated let's say Like Tesla battery going Kut yeah it is So okay that guy with a Tesla he sold His Tesla but some people want to keep The Tesla some people uh they they like Uh don't care too much how much it it Cost but they just want to keep the same Car so some I don't know I think it's Good thing uh you cannot just throw the Things uh out of your life and buy new And new I think it's it's time to think About uh I say Recycling and environment And so on so we try to help with that Yeah so yeah I think that's it uh there Will be a link in the description and Also as as a standard yeah every time You see the video now there will be lb Mac in the in the beginning and then Link to lb ma but this time I don't have A a a special link straight to like no Tesla be and actually we haven't figured Out any discount code either uh so I Don't have that one uh but uh what is Important is just that you come here and You get a good experience with the Repair stuff great and maybe if you uh If you know Elm from my channel if you Come over here Meet the nice Lithuanian guys you can Always just mentioned Tes bej yeah yeah Great and then also yeah last thing is That are there only Lithuanian uh people Live working here uh we have one guy

From Poland so far okay so but if you Are from Lithuania come here and say Laas and then uh Lithuanian mechanics They are the best right yes yeah the Best that's why that's why it's so so Many of them There okay well I think that's going to Be it for now I hope you guys enjoy this Video as always thank you for watching And talk to you later

Electric Vehicles Power the Electric Power Grid

EVs are powered by electricity, which is made using a combination of fossil fuels (typically natural gas) and renewable sources like wind and solar. Electricity generation produces fewer greenhouse gases than gasoline and is much more environmentally friendly to produce. The electric motor in an EV transforms electrical energy into torque to move the wheels, which converts 59-62 percent of the energy into motion. In contrast, only 17-21 percent of the energy in a traditional petrol or diesel engine is converted into motion.

Electricity is cheaper than gas, which means that driving a mile in an EV costs less. Depending on how and where you charge, you may also be able to enjoy lower utility bills. Many cities are now installing public charging stations. In addition, home EV chargers are becoming more affordable and offer convenience and flexibility versus visiting a gas station.

Many EVs are designed with space and storage needs in mind, so they can accommodate more passengers or cargo than their conventional counterparts. This translates to a bigger cabin and more versatility for everyday driving, whether you’re running errands or hitting the open road.

Currently, about 80 percent of EVs are charged at home. However, if everyone plugs their car in at the end of every night — as they would do with a regular home battery system — it could overload the power grid and put utilities on the edge of collapse. To avoid this, the industry must establish more bidirectional vehicle-to-grid capabilities.

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