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This video was brought to you by Marcus Be elmech a planner Stone bike camp Power and be Componente yo what's up we're now at Muscl at and the ionic is here finally Finally so you know I've been talking About this ionic for a while now and yes It's ready um I can show you Here we went for white one yeah and with Mulus be uh sticker on it so uh yeah Let's oh yeah look at this look at this Oh hey did you huh marus did you already Make some uh modification to It no I don't think we just uh it's Tinted from the previous owner this is Not original I think so you see here um Maybe it's Gold Edition ionic oh wait Wait maybe it's original I don't Remember it's been it's been a while but Um look here we have heated seats Ventilated seats steering wheel Heat the Freaking fosil oh let me close the door Oh yeah look at this I it has a little Bit low juice a low low tire pressure um Uh wow 84,500 km I have to measure the Degradation on It but this one uh it has a tech package Which includes um um let see I don't Remember all of this stuff uh But it Includes the ventilated seat stuff we Have we have a so Auto St is uh also the Leather seat and uh I think also Electric adjustable seats and stuff so

You know this is a very well equipped Car for the money um micus how much did You pay for it uh it was uh 140 Norwegian uh croners 140 140,000 Original corers about uh uh 14,000 14,000 dollars yeah yeah and we will see About winter range it should should have Maybe 180 km of range uh maybe we have To I have to check degradation and uh do We have Chrome here yet or still uh we Have little I didn't remove the Chrome Outside but uh I didn't have the time Because I want to to finish the test and Maybe we even go for another ionic later Yeah okay yeah so you guys uh this is The ionic you know oh it actually has Auxiliary input wow nowadays people Don't use that anymore yeah and then I Don't know what's up with this but we Have two 12vt Outlets yeah it's pretty cool wait does This one have the oh it actually has the Cigarette lighter you know I did this When I was a kid I pushed it in and then I it popped out and I was like oh what Is this it wasn't glowing red and I Touched it oh ah yeah okay anyway so This is ionic so yeah so I'm going to be Be using it now for a while at least uh Well maybe one and a half months yeah Left before we need to sell it again so Um but I'll be doing some test some Challenges go to Yale with it maybe um

I'm not sure about 1,000 K Challenge we Already done that before uh or we could Actually read do okay we we'll see Whatever people want to see with the Ionic yeah um oh yeah M yeah I forgot to Mention that oh some how about this okay Oh this yeah this m you know oh yeah I Had to take muscl um this is where Muskus uh puts on the wrap so we're Going to do also a little bit of Mushu Clam stuff so maybe you can go outside And take a look uh uh mus Mushu and Muskus yeah um you see that um they're Located here in arabu near the old house And they have some crazy wraps with this One for Example he what kind of truck is This uh it's a fossil is it a Toyota no It's uh isusu ISU yeah so it's like a Work working horse if you do trailer or Do some other uh that you need uh 3 3,500 kilos on the uh trailer then you Need this uh before cyber truck but it's Like um I'm I'm just Wondering What musu clam they have not been sued By malro yet because they make it look Almost like Malu yeah but yeah it just And then also they have some other stuff Here Umen you know that sounds like white Washing over oh this one is a little bit More uh discret it's a PSA too but there Just look here freaking ID

Bus yeah okay uh and then also there's a Pole that was oh the two P are different Yeah the two P are they just have a more Discrete uh wrapping on it yeah cool and Then also MOS you want to you want to go Inside and uh show some of the old uh uh Uh this is designer Tommy uh and we Think we can maybe use to show you uh we Hope that we find Your um LoveHate car from the first car You borrowed from me you remember what Car it was yeah it was a Fiat 500e but Could you ever forget the trip to homr Oh no so I think that was must have been Maybe eight years ago something but did You go to be's burger joint in hommes Round that day yeah I did Yeah but okay anyway let's go inside and Take a look cuz this is one of the Design places uh so so yeah Tommy's uh Desk here but uh he found the old one is Okay this one you guys probably don't Know but here we have it that's the Fiat 500e was it actually in that color h no But we did the the orange one we had was The first one with the white um uh Inside but this was we made like Um this was a gulf Um uh project so we took the P pictures And uh colors from the Gulf logo the Same that they did from the outside you See of this um uh ID bus and the other Outside is like a theme so you just Change little bit of the theme and you

Take that into your own design and even Uh it's from uh 2013 wow and then it was uh scoda for All the money so this is uh facelift Scoda Fabia but we also had like an even Older the oldest the Faba was then used And it was a 2001 model and silver and With some or orange in the logos that Was the first car we did here on Marama yeah so now now you guys know That U every time we get that marus be Uh sticker it's done here yeah yeah so Yeah but um anyway this was just the Intro for and behind the scenes yeah of The ionic and then I think now what we Need to do is that it had seems like it Had a little bit low pressure so we'll Just drive it over to uh the garage the Garage the man cave yeah manave and then Do some preparation and then eventually I need to move that one over to uh yes Him uh what about the id4 GTX yeah we Maybe now it's broken in because now It's has like you got it new and now it Has 3,000 kilm or something yeah but do You want it back or can I still borrow It or how is that maybe we should see if We can rent it out because we didn't Have any I was hoping maybe nor vacation The maybe it was someone wants to rent It for one month 5,000 kilom from abroad But it looks like your follower want to Borrow uh T like model 3 or and and in The January maybe we can rent out the

Highland model 3 Highland oh yeah yeah Yeah yeah and of course it's going to Cost extra when you have Tesla be sweat On the Seats but uh yeah so uh yeah now we just Have to do a little bit stuff uh not too Interesting yeah uh I think also that The winter was it winter tires the tires Need to stack it in yeah the summer Tires we have to stack in the winter is On the car yeah yeah okay yeah so that's It um in the following weeks now I have Uh actually the new Cora outside here I Was just picked up that one today and Then we have some other cars coming but In between uh as long as I have the Ionic at my disposal we can do some test And stuff I want to know the degredation For example and some other stuff about It yeah and then also maybe we want to Do some upgrades with it we see if we Find any upgrades yeah okay but I think That's going to be it for now I hope you Guys enjoy this video as always thank You for watching and talk to you later

Buying an Electric City Vehicle (EV) – A Buyer’s Guide

EVs are the most environmentally friendly cars on the road. They have fewer moving parts and require a fraction of the energy that ICE vehicles consume. They operate nearly silently, and their instant-on torque eliminates the need for complex transmissions that build revs. This makes them fun and responsive to drive, especially in the city. EV owners save money on fuel costs and can take advantage of the federal Qualified Plug-In Electric Vehicle Tax Credit and state and utility incentives.

Deciding to buy an EV can be overwhelming. There are so many questions about how and where to charge it, what the maintenance will be like, and even how much it’s going to cost to own and operate. We’ve created this guide to help you navigate the process and make an informed decision.

The EV market is rapidly expanding. EV model availability is on track to double within the next five years, as major carmakers expand their EV portfolios and new entrants bring innovative products to the market.

Choosing an EV model depends on your needs and lifestyle. There are two types: pure battery-electric EVs that can be plugged in to recharge, and hybrid-electric EVs that run primarily on electricity and switch to fuel engines when needed.

Battery-electric EVs are the most efficient option, with class-leading MPGe ratings and long driving ranges. But for those who may not have access to home charging or prefer the convenience of a gas station nearby, there are still plenty of options available.

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