Picking up Tesla Model Y RWD with BYD Blade battery from Giga Berlin

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This video was brought to you by Marcus Be elmech a planner Stone bike camp Power and B Component yo what's up we're now in Front of the new house and today we're Going to travel to Tesla at rude to pick Up a Tesla Model y from gigo Berlin I'm looking forward to that one That one has the byd blade battery Supposed to charge like a bow and okay So um now we're going to get over there So um uh the GTX is park over here this Is from M be you know you can it for 9,000 n per month it's awesome um and Then I'm going to use the eolf because I Borrow the eagle from elbac and then Yeah it's Tuesday today on Friday I have To return a Tesla and then I'm planning On going to El Ma and return the car so You see Here I charged it to 100% initially but Then I run the heater it's kind of silly Man this car you cannot run the Heat Heater while you plug into AC you know Like basic features like that so I had To disconnect and then run the heater Because I want nice and warm in here now It's charging but it doesn't indicate How many kilowatt we're taking car Scanner doesn't have all the stuff Showing but you can see that this one Volts multiply by am so we're charging Roughly at um how much is this 3 KW Roughly goes into the battery once this

One is 96% that's 100% on the car Supposedly so we don't start with full Bodyy but whatever um and you see this Is a downside of living in yes yes home Which is that it's longer distance when I want to go to whatever I need to do Businesses around Oslo so we are Actually uh 58 km away from rude and the Car claims you have 147 km range I know Real world range is more like around 80 To 100 km depending actually not 100 Best case but more like 60 to 80 km uh Depending on how hard you hammer it so Yeah once we fire on hbac now the cons Going show you here you see hbac off 147 HB on Boom 109 okay anyway Let's uh disconnect and Then off we go we are now getting close To skion and you see I have around 55% Left uh but I need to top up now when The battery is warmish because uh once I Want to drive the the golf again um it Might be too cold and yeah I might have To go to uh BME so this is the standard Procedure I have to do with these cars Same with the leaf if I would take the Leaf especially Leaf yeah you need to Top up because I don't have any AC Charging at the Tesla yeah I'm going to Borrow I forgot to mention that this is A press car the model Y is a press car From Tesla it's somewhat rare that I Borrow from them normally I would get The Tesla from M be but he couldn't get

The m y Berlin so yeah that's how it is but okay Okay so now know I'm going to try test Out um uh this Uno X charger coming up Soon they have card payment Huh we are now at tburg charging up uh Getting uh 42 KW I think let me show you Now look at this this is pretty cool it Seems like they used to have fosil pumps Here but they replace it with fast Charger we also have fast charger there So you see fat Eon is charging And this is very convenient because you See here we have card reader so I just Tapped it I didn't want to show you guys The car but you can choose credit card And then it will tell you use use this Side here tapping or yeah well actually There's no pin input here but man this Should be look look look at the price Wait wait Okay look at the price 3.5 new per Kow Hour that's Dirt Cheap all the other most other cpos they Operate with around six n per kilowatt Hour so man you see now I'm getting uh 40 wow almost 43 at 43 KW so I will get The speed until 75% so uh this car Charger pretty fast uh we can go inside Again and check it out how it Is um it seems to not cold gate much you See here it's only 14° C in the battery And it's already taking the maximum Speed this is simply amazing compared to

Leaf leaf at these temperatures this the Charger will be charging dog slow I I be Getting around 10 kilow on the leaf so Man the eolf is so much Better okay so we're going to charge a For a little bit and then we get over to Uh Tesla rude we are now at Tesla rude And here it is the model y from Giga Berlin I've been waiting for it so yes Um we now park the leaf here no the Other Leaf the eulf here yes um so uh we Have to have this uh sign here yeah Otherwise it's going to be to away so Yeah you can park it that's good but uh When it comes to charging H now we fine We fine I we still have around 65 70% Battery here so no problem but okay this One just looks just like a regular model Y except for the battery we are here for The battery wait a nuclear tires let me See what do we have here hakita R5 EV oh They are nice and Silent yes so I also Have to check TI pressure seems to be Slightly under pressure see you have to Do a lot of stuff procedure uh it's it's Supposed to be 2.9 bar but Nukan uh they recommend 10% Overinflation so I should put it at 3.1 Bar and you will see here that by 31 3.2 And um if you go to service I set up Quickly here here yeah they are 2.7 so That's a little bit low so I'll uh visit Some gas station with some free air but Other on that okay okay see here okay

What I want to look for is uh if you go To software here there so if it start With XP Windows you know windows xp7 That means it's from Giga Berlin Yeah Windows XP for the win so um yeah Uh let me see but the problem is that Now we are quite High I need to get it Low before we do the charging test so I Might as well also check for battery Capacity so uh there's supposed to be Some type two over there let's plug it In and see if it works or not wait what You know I just removed the lid here Wanted to connect the sky my Tesla or OBD um apparently it's not here anymore What huh where the heck do I connect Then man I have to ask Aman the expert Here uh I could try the OBD on that side If that works now but previously when I Connected to OBD over there I wouldn't Get any sensible data at all actually on Sky my Tesla um no no it was not on that side The OBD Port was here but you see just Like last time I connect this one also Connect the commander for the sexy Button uh you can actually split it but Uh when I Try uh scy my Tesla it doesn't show up As anything Useful H okay um I have to figure out something Then I have to email uh almond the guy For for the the guy who made the scam

Tesla maybe he knows where the the OBD Port Is okay this is a slight bummer I wanted To check uh via OBD uh the capacity of The battery Uh but okay uh I charge it 100% we're Going to do the oldfashioned way of Driving it down to almost zero and then We see in the trip meet how much uh has Been reported uh consumed so all right Uh wait okay yeah I email uh Almon and We'll see if I get an reply so let's Just start driving towards home now and Actually yeah I want to also pre I want To consume as much as possible but okay Not hammering it but at least uh let's Say if I navigate to cleavage will it Preheat what okay whatever I can Navigate to something closer uh uh like This whatever uh no no okay um yeah Now I need to man and trip U maybe it's Easy just to do it's so Snappy wow Everything is just so Snappy compared to Many other cars that test nowadays okay Anyway let's Go man think about this this car cost Less than 500k nuke and it has lots of Space it has has awesome charging speed Good range good efficiency it can toll like I now I understand why it's so Popular because you get such a good car For the money yeah and also now with the Latest thing going to test now is the Charging speed is just it will just be

Top Notch it will be beating fat Eon Maybe even in charging speeds here so Yeah well for you guys who don't know You know model y was the number one top Seller in Norway for uh some time Actually been beating lots of Records we have been driving for a while Now getting close to Min soon and uh Yeah we have 66% and you see we spend 19 Kow hours so this is roughly 57 KW net Okay that is on par with the other lfp Batteries uh so before we continue now We're going to check the weight we see If it's heavier or lighter than the uh Well let me see this is the byd battery So the other one is catl Then okay so the Shanghai model Y is 2,000 kg let's see now front Axle all right and the whole Car a little bit more a little bit More exactly the same well no no no 20 Kg more Or yeah maybe 10 10 kg more well maybe I Gain some Weight man you know the Press cars from Tesla they have speed limit 140 km/ hour So where where the wind we have head Wind yeah so when I try to switch off uh The speed limiter uh with the credential It doesn't work so yeah Tesla they Provide us with app access which is very Convenient but um yeah I think it's best If I get the Teslas from MK build Because for Marcus there's no speed

Limit you can go 200 km/ hour if you Want To we're now stung this is the exit Towards and I just noticed that there's A Uno X over here but how do we get There cuz it seems like there is a fast Charger here Al this area has been uh Like a dead zone for a long time let me See Wait uh maybe over here wait is it open Is it Operational Uh English what huh what seems to be a Branch Banking New Station oh look at this oh look at This there's some hyper hyper Chargers and some okay oh they're still Setting up okay okay it's not Operational yet but soon soon wa or Actually Let me see let me oh wait wait six plugs Okay okay are they are they working Though uh nope they're not power yet Okay but soon they Will awesome okay now let's um get back To the city I mean not the city uh I Have to get back to Gard One all right we're done with the test We're now at ionity dll and you see here We have 3% left okay uh it's not 100% Accurate all these numbers we are Missing some decimals but um if we take This multiply this we get we get 52.5 KW Hour and with 3% left uh that equals to

Around 54 KW hours okay I've been Hammering it um yeah you can kind of see It here the average speed uh but um yeah So maybe we have something like 55 kilow hour best case uh I've seen Higher H before so maybe this battery Has slightly less kilowatt hour than the The by no wait the the catl battery okay But uh now okay let see here uh I want To go charge at uh this one V3 Supercharger okay but before I get there I need to top up and I'm just going to Top up here at ion Dar and look we have A truck charging here ooh nice Volvo Truck wait a minute um Since I don't have Sky my Tesla normally I record Sky my Tesla screen uh and then The charging scen here is freaking Tiny um okay I think I changed my mind I'm going to record the Charing session Uh at ion instead it should be good Enough anyway I mean the car can't hit 250 KW let's see now can we get uh 170 KW at this point cuz it wasn't uh Preheating for a while but I bet the Battery was uh kept warm enough You see oh yeah oh Yeah oh look at That okay let's top up to 10% and then We start Recording all right we plugged in again And what really wait I set the charge Limit to 100% And the car claims will Finish in 35 minutes okay let's see now

Will we finish at 1647 H okay wait wait wait why are we not Getting 170 KW Uh 169 okay okay there go let me see so See this is the setup I didn't bring the Tripod normally I would use a tripod Here or any spot right but um uh since I Have this suction cup uh I can use this Trash bin and then we have another spot Over there so those are two special Spots that I can use for recording it And this is how I do it so I just record The draing screen and then we see oh Okay H wait wait Wait um how is this again hey it's going Faster oh okay it might be heating up Something Here yeah yeah uh this is slightly Misleading because normally when I Record um Sky my Tesla um we don't we See what goes into the battery but this Is not what goes into the battery it's What is being pulled from the charger So uh we should might get 170 Kow into The battery right now so well but let's See then um it's supposed to be able to Maintain the speed for a while oh let's See how Long wow this is some impressive 5 Minutes from 10 to 30% oh okay now we Start throttling oh yeah okay so people Who got uh better speed they probably Started from higher St of charge they

Didn't start from 10% like I Did okay so this is going to boost up The 1,000 km challenge speed oh yeah so Of course I will also do that uh I will Probably skip um range test because uh You know the car is more or less the Same as the other ones they are super Efficient uh but at least 1,000 K Challenge needs to be done but it is Winter outside so winterish right so um Yeah that would be a slight disadvantage Versus if this was a summer Run what what the heck what when I came Here there were lots of cars charging Here at I uh suddenly there disappear now we Have only three cars left M this is not Looking good for the Sun what happened To the L style you know like the the you Have to wait 2 hours to get charged you Know the Agony I just got an email from Almon you see it on this side the well On the right side um by the passenger Well on this at least if you pop open This One that's the plug we're looking for I Think it's just one normally there will Be a pass through let me see if I can Connect and get something Here um the plug I have here is actually Too big uh that's a smaller plug what Wait uh okay I have to go home and check I have more plugs at home maybe it's the

Plaid Plug okay we just passed 80% and it took A little over 20 minutes that is quite Schnell for a 400 volt system so uh yeah Even at 82% takes 66 kilow okay we need To go to 100% before I Stop okay it's 1647 and the car has not Finished charging as it claimed but we At 99% I think that's approved and even At 99% we're taking 37 kilowatt hour per Hour wow huh this is not too bad Considering that this is the poor man's Tesla all right we're done charging okay That didn't take too long yeah we're Going to compare that against the other Cars now 100% so now we're going to head Back home and then actually tonight uh It's the best weather for 1,000 km Challenge so yeah fortunately we have Charged the car quite high so um yeah Just need to uh do some uh stuff now It's uh almost 5: in the Afternoon some uh family stuff and then Uh we see uh I might have to pop uh a Red Bull well no no I I never drink Red Bull I don't want to promote that Stuff okay we're back home in the garage And um yeah I found a I don't know we Just call it the Plaid cable you see it Fits Here Yeah but it doesn't seem to be Powered huh this is a big Mystery uh I was hoping can use some OBD

Stuff but okay whatever we just have to Do 1,000 km challenge without this so That's going to be it the m y from gabin Just a little intro of what I tend to do Uh outside of the test that you guys Usually see the the polished and refine And edited test like range and like like Um charting test but uh usually there Might be a lot of work involved around It but okay so I think that's going to Be it for now I hope you guys enjoy this Video as always thank you for watch Watching and talk to you later

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