Elbilmek retrofitted seat heaters in 2013 Nissan Leaf

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This video was brought to you by Marcus Be elmech a planner Stone Camp power and B Componente yo what's up we are now at El Again and volar you see how well dressed He is compared to me always oh thank you Thank you uh and but okay so today is About Frankenstein you know always Interesting to look at Frankenstein so In previous episode you saw that I Brought the center console this one here I brought the center console to vmar and This is you know this kind of work is Like snack for you you like it yeah I Do so anyway where do we start we going Do a quick one so uh you have some Diagrams here you pull out from Somewhere uh yeah I I used the diagram 2012 uh Leaf uh some of them is 2013 but Um yeah yeah it's very simple 15 amps to Supply the power then the relay uh then The cimma ECU is actually giving a Signal to start heating seats or not uh And then uh yeah to the power switch low Or or high and this is yeah two option Heater but does it mean that HB needs to Be on if you want to have heated seats On originally yes but now uh it's not Like this we uh we had to skip this Function it was too many cables missing So we done the shortcut here that's Actually good because uh in a leaf there Will be situations where you want to uh Like like now climate is

Off yeah you want to have climate off But you want to have seat heater when You go to full ninja mode so we actually Made the ret toit better than the Original yeah and okay so and you see Here that here's the button if you Switch it we have low High uh on both Sides we still keep the original uh uh Usba a here and here we have actually a 3.5 mm audio jack input uh for your uh Uh mini disc player or Walkman you can Plug in here and here you see so this is With the word um we have this center Console here that uh uh Maus B uh came Uh to me with but it was black there and Black there so this is the the original One without the switches Mhm so the USB connection was slightly Different from the newer version small Thing but it was like okay why they done It yeah uh and then um so actually Vol I Chose to uh uh you see this is the Fabric one and then this is the Grayish the the this one was black but So this this is why we call it Frankenstein because uh volma chose this Leather part here uh and then the black Part there obviously we need it uh but Not this one because it would look weird It would be grayish and then black here But this one actually looks good yeah You have good taste I like it you like It so you see uh now that we put it on

Uh yeah okay volmer can we bring the Thermal camera and check how it is so Normally I would use my Fleer but this Is more professional camera from who hi Mikro hick mikro okay what is it the It's working oh yeah look at That okay and then so if we point it Point it oh look at that oh wow nice Actually you can find the no no you Cannot I thought we can find out where If there is a broken cable but it's not So it wouldn't show you anything Actually and then wait what is it it's Difficult to focus sometime okay but um But we also we also have heat in the Back right yes yes can I can I hold this Please and see if I can if you go a Little bit further back H but where that It doesn't show up uh and on that one we Oh you can see that one I I fired also On that one as you can see yeah we have To catch some some strange corner to see The it seems like it's hottest on this Side okay the car is a bit cold but it's Working now we we have we have uh now Seat heater in Frankenstein you know Frankenstein is getting better and Better when we purchased him he didn't Have heater he didn't have well he had Some shitty battery capacity it's Slightly better now so um yeah but uh This was just a short intro to show you And then Vol actually shot lots of nice Videos uh did you do that yourself or

Did you have uh yeah myself wa wa like You he can make a YouTube video YouTube Channel so then uh I think that's it you Can watch the rest and then have fun Don't forget to like And subscribe and Comments yeah We like that Yeah good morning I report valemar is Speaking uh I have uh Frankenstein Inside let me so my uh main how to Say uh reason why I disembl the car that I have to connect the heating seats for Uh to heit up BJ's uh butt when he's Outo driving in Freezing so I wanted to do everything uh Originally I thought that maybe uh Nissan was very like I say not saving Too much and they would leave the cables For the uh heat uh seed Heating and and The rest of the system and just I need To connect uh uh fuse and uh relays but It seems that Not uh so you see here is that um Originally with the cars which has Heating seats they have a relays over Here here is missing Empty uh and of course even there is no There is space for fuse but it's like uh One contact I cannot even connect Another fuse There and uh what's interesting is that Uh I was surprised that the seed heating Is controlled by the ECU of uh climate Control so actually this unit is sending

Uh like the uh or allowing to heat up Driver and passenger seat or Not so it seems that uh Originally or I'm not able to to do Everything originally so I have just to Do some shortcuts and uh make the system Work work by the way um here in Al we Are Very uh care about environmental and uh Where possible we try to reuse the parts So uh Frankenstein is going to get like A used cables for um seed Heater uh this is the leftover from um I Don't know maybe 2012 or 13 U Nissan Leaf battery so I see that maybe I can Use uh some of the connectors if not at Least I can use um uh the cables because Uh they looks to be the right Size uh and by the way this is the Heating plate for the uh 2012 or 13 uh Leaf Battery so my idea is maybe to keep it And um and maybe when they install into The Frankenstein and and make it like U Some kind of manual switch so the bjn Could Uh uh the could uh preheat the battery Whatever he wants or Needs so we got uh power supply 10 amps I think I have to check that uh Originally From uh fuse box in the car then we will Have the cables going to The uh mid console and then we will have

Uh some good space for uh relays and Other connections so we're back at the Leave doing test let me show You it was a little bit mess here still Um I'm running test and it seems that It's uh working you see The the back of the seat is heating up And the same is here um It's difficult to catch The uh good uh view but it seems that It's 33 here and uh 33 here I just don't Know why it's different in uh in color Oh now it's red so at least one seat is Uh done um y's wife can enjoy the warm Seat for now uh tomorrow I will continue On driver's seat Uh I think it went quite Well Um my main how to say point was not to Do very nice And and uh beautiful installation I Didn't have the correct connector so I Used uh what I had I used some uh cables That we uh been using on other Repairs uh the most important was to to To have it like um uh safety safe uh Installation so it has uh dedicated 10 Amp Fuse and uh all the cables are isolated Or is going to be isolated when I Finish uh funny fact I used the relay From uh think City it's also uh Secondhand Part yes so far so

Good we'll continue tomorrow to finish The driver's seat and um we see how it Goes working on Frankenstein on other Side finished with the cables I put the Cable through here by the original uh Wiring which came up there and it comes Out Here so it seems that not much left but Um I have to take a Coffee break so the installation almost Done before I close everything I just Wanted to show you that to be sure that I connected Correct uh so if I use on high it's Pulling 2.5 2.4 amp and if I'm Connecting to low then it's 1.9 Something then me switched off and just To be sure that relay is correct working And the system is off so it's nothing Pulling out uh the power out of the Battery good so the USB connection seems To be a little bit Different for uh audio we have the same On the old and new one and for uh USB They have slightly different connection So it seems that have to move uh USB Port two So I think I'm done with the Frankenstein let me show You uh so I made mistake yesterday it Was actually a 15 amps fuse so I marked For a future generation said repair that It's like extra fuses installed so Somebody who's going to fix the car

After us will know since it's Frankenstein so we leave a black here Gray here and we You put a black Armrest so when you start the Car take some time then the Heats Hitting seat start to Work everything is Okay uh I don't know if I forgot Something else Or I'll say it was reporter valdemar for Tesla B news thank you for watching and Talk to you later

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