Elbilmek bought a flooded Tesla Model 3

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This video was brought to you by Marcus Be elmech a planner Stone B Camp power And be componente yo what's up we are Actually now at arabu uh you know I used To live just a couple hundred meters Over here it's not too relevant but we Are in Oslo and uh today I'm here with Vmar again and Richard is over there uh And um valmar just bought yet another Tesla with a broken Battery so the reason why you buy them Yeah what why do you buy this uh C uh we Got very interesting offer from uh uh Some from leing company um and it Sounded uh actually very uh attractive Uh because um we have experience working With the model trees with suspension and Small repairs but uh we didn't had a Good chance to I say take it apart and Feel the things of model 3 so we thought It's a good uh learning m material for Us so we can do whatever we want with it So the the battery is damaged it was Wait wait this was floated right yeah Well I got a report that uh uh that the Car was floated I don't know how much uh The another EV Services took a uh Diagnostic of it and I I read that uh The main batter is uh is broken kaput Kaput uh isolation fault wow so I don't Know what CSUS is broken here uh I have Seen I I see the car first time so it's Going to be very interesting but but um Is it a long

Range yeah I see it has the Chrome but How much did they pay for it I paid the We paid the 85 Norwegian thousand noran That's like8 8,000 well hopefully you you can uh make It work and you don't lose too much Money on it maybe you even make a little Bit of money on it but you're doing this Mainly For educational purposes Uh first educational uh and then we will See how big damage on the car is if it's Uh uh just a battery and we see that There's not a big uh damage on the uh Wires and connectors so we maybe will Sell the car to somebody else but if It's going to be like too big damage so Probably we'll keep the car for for us Maybe it's going to be like rental car Or something oh yeah customers can Borrow this car maybe oh okay but so the First thing and the Richard was already Halfway done here we connected to the 12vt in the front Here okay so behind this cover yeah you You put 12 volt on it you can open the Front ah you open and Connect can we open the car now or how Do that work oh look it's open no is it Are we in I think it's supposed to be a Little bit down here yeah wait H it's Not I f it down here Roughly it's connected

Now maybe you need connect to the 12vt Because that was only for opening the Front he needs to connect I think so Yeah it's Um the lower one is just to open the Front and then the top one here now is To yeah try now there there oh oh the Conductor's closed what what handy the Contactor yeah does that mean that the Contactor is closed now so is it Possible that it's driveable maybe let Me get on let see if I can enter this Side I don't know look you who's been Driving this car could be an Asian so but Lithuanian guys you guys Are usually tall it's not possible to Fit how tall are you 191 191 I'm 173 Only I heard some noises that is a Contactor closing oh or maybe it's open Now because it look like Strange strange Noise okay so let's see oh but the the Screen is dead the lights are on the Screen is dead so uh V just connected The 12vt uh okay oh it's coming it's Coming oh look we have a card oh okay uh You can get some juice for free so this Is the you can see that the center Controlle here this is a classic one Just like MC Hammer it could be from 2019 or 20 oh we we already in service mode nice Lots of Errors I like it look 23 errors Okay uh can we switch over to okay we

Can just keep it in Norwegian yeah oh It's it's English right oh this is this Is interesting because uh normal you see That normal UI language is in in Norwegian but the service menu is always In English yeah okay I see odometer 80,000 Okay under voltage under voltage fold BMS oh it looks very similar to The Fold Codes cannot charge it says There okay the the the the the vehicle Can may not start Again wait until the high voltage system Starts okay so you canot put it in oh 10% the gas sctor is not acted Okay yeah I believe is not drivable what Can you find that isolation fault I Think okay it's probably right what they What they said that the battery may be I Got Some water inside or uh yeah this this Is interesting you see that some of the Texes in Norwegian use Tex is Norwegian But all the other stuff is in English Okay yeah Cool Window window bu isolation degradation What the Heck yeah that's m the m means missing In action right yeah components that Doesn't Respond stack voltage me So I think that's some serious problems With the battery but I hear the

Conductor close and probably open H After huh they remove the back seat uh CU EV service that they did something Here maybe they've been doing like Diagnostic and had to measure something And they left left it half Open okay let's See oh oh they might oh I see they Hooked up on something here there's some Kind of every time you see orange uh Plugs cables that's high voltage Yeah so that means that uh they already Don't have to work you just poke in here Right I think it's for seat um like a Sensor oh that one yeah yeah but that's Good but the what am I does it mean that Now that I'm wearing gloves I can touch Some of the high voltage stuff no Don't but wait so this car was Fled Look line oh oh he went up there That was much Uhoh I wonder if this is It's Mark as Salvage in Tesla because if if it's Salvage then You cannot supercharge it Right looking for Moisture I just look if there's some Marks of waters Inside so that's going to be fun huh mhm Rich yeah he's going to fix it so well Vol is going to fix it well one of those Guys yeah I probably we have to split we One one is doing we'll do one thing

Another another thing what the moisture Here no on the lower parts seems dry now Okay Huh well I don't know I don't have Equipment uh with us so probably we just Have to take it to the to the Le scan And we will check it over there but um But volum uh this is starting to look Like rich reils or before he had that What was the name going there was car Car guru he called himself in the Beginning so the big question is uh are You going to invest in a kitchen Knife you know he used a kitchen knife To pop stuff Open yeah I will think about it well Okay so you see now the plan is that I'm Going to help uh W here we brought uh The stuff here it's barely legal but Okay whatever you haven't seen that one But yeah so um uh we need to transport It over to uh Elmech uh that part I'm I don't know Have to join but um yeah let's see if we Can get it on the wait the towing hook Needs to go on the front yeah we have to Move it around then okay we'll find the Place but at least now that we have 12 w We can set the car in neutral or in in Yeah so we can free roll and then Um yeah oh oh wow you you got the type Two cable that's nice included but we Didn't got the winter Wheels that's oh yeah there is that what the heck is

This thing okay yeah you have to to you Have to hook it's weird because the um The Treads they are in opposite of what You expect so it's very confusing when You put it In yeah and that's the towing hook in Case you guys don't know what it is for The longest time I troll my audience uh You know like oh sorry if there's any Noise sound coming right now it's Because U um vemar has the other Microphone but yeah the towing hook of Course I know what it is I also made Some videos where I show you what you Need to do if you run out the Juice well they don't need help from me I was uh I was going to help them push But um you see the Teslas they built so Light that uh vmar and uh Richard they Can just do this by themselves almost Almost this would make a pretty good uh Thumbnail with a wiking in the Background there even though they are Not that they're not Involved all right oh it's Roll yeah we on this side we can clearly See the the water line it went up here You can see the the clear Mark there wow That's uh that's deep Also on the side here huh that means That the battery must have been Submerged for some extended Time see vola he doesn't need to go to The gym he has the he has exercise every

Day working with [Music] Cars hold Up are we going straight yeah no kind of Or maybe we need to correct a little Bit Yeah Well this is a very nice car trailer you Have a 12vt battery there an electric Winch integrated remote control like a b Maybe you can sit in the car in case uh Huh okay that's how you uh hook yeah get It on the [Music] Trailer So far so good [Music] Huh what do you think you huh is it Worth it uh for the educational purpose Yes if there's a loss you can probably Take the loss on the company right yeah But uh I was wondering the 12vt battery Is it charged from the the the trailer Plug no I have to charge it manually Time to time well looks Good put the handbrake [Music] On and then when Rich opens the door it Will barely clear the or can it open Yeah wow that's that's Close oh scrapes on the I think it Scrapes on the side a little Bit Yeah because Richard is heavy he's heavy

Yeah okay so if vamar go inside it will It's no Problem who oh yeah Okay Al Bal uh do you have to rescue Customers with this trailer from time to Time yeah I've been doing that oh really Really so it's not you don't have a Normally it's Viking or some company That does It yeah we do have some agreements with Others but uh sometimes and uh if we Need the like U emergency and we have to Go and help the customer sometime I do That yeah with the this car and this Trailer so that will be it just the Initial uh pickup and then you'll be Working on it Vol mhm and I'm not sure I Live Now from yes over to Le in this 1 Hour drive uh if I have some stuff to do I might have to go to elmech anyway uh To pick up the I3 so maybe we can film Some stuff there or you can also film Yeah we can prepare some good uh shoots Uh some good videos when you come or uh Or if not so we can we can make some Nice videos the phone because actually Uh vemar he doesn't shoot vertical video He shoots them Horizontal is good that is very good yes Uh as I wonder if was M CU he shoots Vertical videos so every time I want to Use his materials like oh no But okay so that's it the beginning and We'll see then how it goes with this

Salvage Tesla I want to see what was Wrong if you canair it then Yeah me too M so very interesting yeah So yeah anyway I think that's going to Be it for now I hope you guys enjoyed This video as always thank you for Watching and talk to you later

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If you’re committed to combating climate change, an EV could be the right choice. Not only do you not have to buy gas, but an EV can save money over the long term on routine maintenance. You can also get a rebate to help offset the cost of an electric car or truck.

In a dedicated electric model, the drivetrain has only 17 moving parts compared to hundreds in a typical internal combustion engine (ICE) car or truck. This allows designers to add more passenger and cargo volume to models that offer similar driving range as ICE counterparts.

As the EV market grows, manufacturers are releasing a wide range of sizes and shapes of cars to meet different consumer needs. Smaller battery electric vehicles tend to have lower range numbers than larger EVs, and many offer features like quick acceleration that make them more fun to drive.

Larger EVs are also more expensive than smaller models, which can have implications for affordability in global markets and for sustainability as the batteries require more critical minerals to produce. However, the growth of EVs in general is pushing OEMs to focus on producing more models and to bring them to a wider range of consumers in all regions.

Among the big players, Tesla and Ford are taking somewhat different approaches to selling EVs. Ford’s approach, which lets dealers “opt in” to EV sales at a later date, may be seen as more flexible by some dealers that are reluctant today, but it also gives the company more control over standards and practices from store to store than it would have had under traditional franchise agreements.

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