Tesla Model Y RWD with BYD Blade battery charging test

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This video was brought to you by Marcus Be elmech a planner Stone b c power and B component yo what's up in this video I'm going to show you guys how Blistering fast the Tesla Mod y r drive From gabin is charging it has the byd Blade battery and unlike the C8 TL Battery this one charges a lot faster Well it has a flatter curve okay so and Also include out three because it also Byd has a blade battery and then ionic 6 Which is 800 volt you know the so- Called Superior technology and then well The m y with a catl battery hit 170 KW For just a split second before it Started throttling but then you see that The B blade battery can maintain 170 KW A lot longer now unfortunately I Couldn't find the OBD Port when I was When I bought that car but then I found Out afterwards the sexy button guys they Told me that it is in the front uh Center console uh to the left of it and Yeah that's why I had to film the um the Ion Screen so it's slightly misleading Because the kilowatt you see there Versus uh car scam Tesla scam Tesla Shows you what goes into the battery Whereas the the screen shows you what is Pulled from the charger but you see that We can actually maintain 170 KW all the Way to around 100 to around 48% before It start throttling this is insanely Nice and flat um compared to the other 3

Which is also based on the blade battery It charges a lot slower than Tesla so For some reason they can actually go That high I'm not sure why but um okay So we are still in some kind of battle Here ionic 6 is actually leading but Just see how how much faster the model Y Is charging now versus before right but Okay so the the new one with a B blade Battery is um around 2 KW hours smaller Even though they are rated at 60 KW hour Both them but the net capacity is a Little bit lower on the blade battery But uh actually right now ionic 6 is Lagging a little bit behind hey what the Heck why is model why going so far okay It has a smaller battery that's true but We looking at the percent anyway like we Always do and then the other three is Charging so much slower than all other Ones even though they also had the the Blade battery well wait a minute which Car is about to lead now and somehow it Looks like the the Tesla is trying to Get the lead oh yeah yeah wait there's Going to be um uh the the Korean Siesta The Corin Siesta just occurred it Happens around 80 something per and the Ionic is down it's down and then mwai is Taking a nice lead right now he's going Ahead of the ionic oh no what the heck Is going on there come on when the how Long is the Siesta going to last again I Don't remember it feels like it last

Forever but because of that Siesta then The m is taking a nice lead and he's About to go for 90% there the ionic is Back on the track but still that's not Enough because the m is already at 88% what happened to the 800 volt Architecture the superior system there Model y hit 90% model y won Tesla won Tesla is the king okay bonus let's go For 100% then there's no way Tesla going To win to 100% uh wow look at that actually by the Time okay model one the the catl battery Is about to hit 80% AO 3 is so far Behind all the other ones wait wait what The heck man look how fast the mo the Blade battery is stting it's already at 94% 95% ionic 6 is only at 92% this is Insanely fast man even past night look At that we almost at 100% now it's still Taking insane speeds compared to before Well actually yeah yeah look at that Before was quite slow like before the The catl battery has still not hit 90% Yet and then um the blade batter is About to hit 100% already it's way far Ahead of ionic Z there's at this point There's no way the ionic is going to Catch up unless Tesla goes dog slow Towards tend to do that uh well actually Oh come on come on come on come on Tesla You only have 1% left I only is catching Up now he's at 96% Almost why why does it feel like it

Last forever now towards the end here The the blade battery come on come on You you've been camping at 99 for Forever now oh no it's not throttling The Tesla is not throttling oh I Only see this coming Tesla is at 8 KW 7 Kow what the heck man it's going to die Out this is typical Tesla it goes dog Slow towards the end and then is going About to catch Tesla come on Tesla You're almost there you're almost there I only is 9 % already come on You're losing your lead what the heck Man is taking 2 kilow towards Z is I Only going to win over Tesla come on no No no you going not going to let that Happen come on I only get 99% come On TLA what the heck are you doing are You doing some balancing or some Over here man and even the the catl Batter is starting to catch up here Towards the end uh oh seems like That lead that Tesla has is going to be Lost now man he's doing the one Kilowatt Dance Now Tesla come on come on II is already at 99.5% I is going to Take the win over Tesla wa come on Come on what about Auto three even AO 3 Is coming now the the blade battery Takes forever to go to 100 the blade Battery won right in front of the ionic Six that's a dual win for Tesla yeah oh Yeah and then right in front of the M You can say yeah okay Tesla went to 99%

First wave me yeah the blade battery Went first before the ones and then just Going to show you guys that um the other 3 um charger is way slower still not Done yet yeah actually the C but he Doing also some we now uh also Towards the end it goes a little bit Slower uh I think actually did we hit 100 yeah we hit 101% um this is just Something displayed on uh uh not was Going um scam Tesla is always like this But then I gave up I stopped the model y Catl battery and then now we just Waiting for um Auto three to finish but You see that also yeah the Auto 3 is Also going fast towards the end it has Nice and flat curve and also I think it Has a little buffer at the top that's Why it actually finishes to 100% Relatively fast and it doesn't do that 1 Kilow dance unlike the byd from Tesla uh But uh just to show in comparison that The Auto 3 which is also based on the Same or I mean maybe not the exact same Uh batteries sell whatever but it's also Blade battery but it charges a lot Slower than Tesla so somehow Tesla is Able to push the limits and go way Faster than uh than Bo themselves with Their own batteries uh do we wait for The and okay whatever and now I also did A cold GATE test or you know which is That I will then let the car cool down To see how slow we charge because this

Is a disadvantage with lfp battery it's Sensitive for heat and we've seen this Before with the Tesla and catl Battery That when the batter is cold it charges Dog slow until it heats up and then it's Okay so um unfortunately I let the car Sit in the garage and then it didn't Cool down enough obviously so when I got Over to ion I had 15 to 20° roughly I Was thinking okay um I have limited time With the battery because uh I mean with With a car because it was a Tesla press Cars I had to return it after Just 4 Days so I just have to go for it and I Filmed the I the screen and um to my big Surprise um it was charging A Lot F Master I was like wait wait it actually Hit 170 KW even with Co I would call it Coish battery uh and also when you see The kilowatt difference is because um This is what it's pulled from the Charger so there must be some cooling Going on here that pulls extra power but You see that with a hot battery it would Throttle at around 35% um but uh you Actually saw the call session when I did The comparison with the other cars Because it was charging a lot faster so Um yeah when I did the first test with a Hot uh battery this is what I assume Would be the case for most Teslas I test Right I would heat up the battery to Around 30° C or something maybe even Higher Tesla prefers actually around 40

45° to get the best speed but it seems Like actually the byd battery overheat This is also what we seen in um well in Auto 3 and also other BDS I tested and P It that they actually overheat even Though the cooling is running at fairly High speed and that could actually be a Case for Tesla also but it seems like at Least Tesla is trying to cool as Aggressive as they can but um yeah you See that the cold session is faster now Towards the end you will see that host Session is starting to catch up a little Bit on the cold session but um it's Quite clear that the cold session is a Lot faster see we already hit 90% at 27 Minutes but then yeah so the hot battery Was around 1 minute slower to 90% And But towards the end here towards 100% You will see that there'll be a slight Shift in power you see that now suddenly The hot session which was charging Slower in the beginning is starting to Has a little flat curve towards the end So actually the hot battery is starting To catch up on the coal battery uh not That important uh I mean if you have to Choose you probably want to have coold Battery anyway so but in 1,000 K Challenge I was hammering it and also I Noticed that it did not preheat the Battery before any fast charging so that Was a bit weird but probably because the BMS knew that it didn't want to be that

Hot but actually I was when every time I Entered uh the fast charger at 1,000 K Challenge the battery was probably hot I Was guessing around 30° C and it was I Was actually getting the left session Not the right session and you see that Um I also checked again uh that the Battery was quite hot during the session Hit almost 60° C and then that was Probably uh I'm guessing that's what Happened during 1,000 km challenge I Would arrive with let's say 30° at the Low end and then maybe maybe it was uh Over 50° in the highend I'm not sure or But yeah and then it throttle at around 30 35% uh simply because the max temp Was too high I never seen so big Delta Between me and Max before in the Tesla Battery they are usually kept quite uh Narrow uh usually only one to as high as 4° C but this is the highest I've ever Seen so it's probably because it's blade Battery has some limitations but still So um now you guys are seeing that that Um when it comes to uh uh blade battery Here in Tesla you actually want to Arrive coold rather than hot and here You see that uh yeah um the the hot Session has a nice peak in the beginning And then it just plummets and yeah you Can see that it probably reduced the Speed because of uh throttling or I mean Overheating of the battery and then it Was able to recover almost the same

Level as the other one you see so it Kind of follows there but then compared To the the other one here the the old One you see that the the the one with Blade battery it charges a lot faster so It's just really impressive and every Time people see nice flat charging curve They be like H yeah how much is that Going to degrade the battery well you Know lfp batteries they have the Property that they can resist lots of Heat is it's quite robust the lfp versus Other types of batteries other chemistry So even if you are punishing the battery Like this uh it shouldn't mean that you Will degrade the battery that much you Know people known it for a long time That lfp batteries they have way higher Cycle rating and all that but of course The disadvantage lfp is that it has low Energy density uh okay it has dis but Also yeah so it would be interesting to Test one for a while and let's see well Actually well I can't test that but at Least I can try maybe a degradation T Test of uh the blade battery eventually After a couple of years to see how much It degrades because we already seen in The past the Tesla batteries at least The one with the nmc or yeah the one With the Cobalt types they tend to Degrade a little bit fast and also we Seeing this with other brands also that They tend to degrade fast I think it was

Volkswagen so yeah but yeah it's really Impressive to see man blade battery and How the heck can you get it U well you Can hope that you get the wind XP seven No but uh from what we heard now U model Y rway drive from Giga bin they get the Blade battery but then uh long range uh They simply don't get them because they Need higher energy density so then you Have to go for the Cobalt types and then What about the one from Shanghai well we Don't know but uh yeah if you can get One from Berlin go for it it kicks us For a lord okay I think that's going to Be it for now I hope you guys enjoy this Video as always thank you for watching Watching and talk to you Later

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