Audi Debuts Grandsphere Electric Self-Driving Concept Car

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Alfred Peru
Audi debuts Grandsphere an electric selfdriving concept car

The Grandsphere concept car is a departure for Audi from its typical models. The car features Active suspension, lounge-like seating, and 466 miles of range on a single charge. It may not be capable of self-driving, but it does represent an important change in the automaker’s electrification strategy.

Grandsphere concept car

Audi’s latest concept car, the Grandsphere, looks like a luxurious executive cruiser with a futuristic look and advanced technology. The center console between the two front seats folds out electrically, and it includes a cold water dispenser and an aroma diffuser. Inside, it features wool upholstery and hornbeam wood trim. There’s even a potted plant between the front seats.

While it’s unclear if the Grandsphere will be built and sold in the United States, it will be capable of self-driving capabilities. The car is technically capable of Level 4 autonomy, but issues of liability and legislation in various countries are holding back deployment.

Active suspension

The interior of the Audi Grandsphere is designed for super-premium passenger comfort. It can seat up to four passengers in a two-plus-two configuration. Its uncluttered cabin combines futuristic styling with high-tech features. The vehicle’s active suspension system allows it to adjust each wheel individually, helping it maintain its balance and avoid skidding or rolling.

The Audi Grandsphere concept car is powered by two electric motors on the front and rear axles, delivering a combined 720 horsepower and 960Nm of torque. It can accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in four seconds and recharges with a DC fast charger in just over an hour. With an impressive range of over 466 miles, the Audi Grandsphere is a great choice for electric vehicle drivers.

Lounge-like seating

The interior of the Audi Grandsphere is designed to evoke the comfort of a lounge-like environment. The Grandsphere features two front seats that are upholstered, and an armrest around each side. Its interior also includes a cold water dispenser and aroma diffuser system. The seats are ergonomically controlled in an upright position and can be tilted back to provide back support. When reclining, passengers can use the infotainment system with gestures and eye tracking. They can also use VR glasses to immerse themselves in entertainment.

The grandsphere concept car is one of the latest visionary concepts from the German automaker. It reflects the company’s future design direction and previews the company’s move toward electrification. The Grandsphere combines the muscular GT with sleek coach doors and lounge-like seating to offer an entirely new experience to drivers and passengers.

466 miles of range per charge

The new electric self-driving concept car from Audi is an executive cruiser. It features a center console between the front seats with a cold water dispenser, an aroma diffuser system, wool upholstery and hornbeam wood trim. Its interior also includes a potted plant between the front seats.

The Grandsphere incorporates Level 4 autonomous capability that will allow it to steer itself without the driver’s intervention. The car is also equipped with a steering wheel and pedals that can be retracted from the dashboard for fully autonomous driving.

Retractable steering wheel

Audi has taken the next step towards self-driving cars with the Grandsphere concept car. Based on the PPE platform, the concept car has dual motors with 700bhp and 700lb-ft of torque. It has a range of over four hundred miles on a single charge and can accelerate from 0-60mph in less than four seconds.

Despite being a concept car, the Grandsphere doesn’t look much like a production car. The rear crease is taut, while the tail lamps are elongated. Its grille is made of a single-frame mesh design and is more physical than the Skysphere grille. The wheels, meanwhile, are a tribute to the 1991 Audi Avus quattro concept car.


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