BMW Shows Off New Electric Racer

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BMW shows off new electric racer that may never be produced

BMW has unveiled a new concept car called the iX, which shows the company’s commitment to electric propulsion. The German automaker is investing heavily in electric cars and has its own dedicated research centre in Munich. It has been developing its own battery technology, and has already begun engineering a collection of specialized components for electric cars that will hit the market by 2025.

BMW i3 eDrive35L electric racer

The BMW i3 eDrive35L is a pure-electric version of the 3 Series sedan. It will end production in March. BMW Group has recently increased its manufacturing presence in China and opened the Plant Lydia in Shenyang. The i3 eDrive35L may be one of the last electric cars the company will build.

BMW i4 M50 four-door fastback

The BMW i4 M50 four-door electric racer is a concept car that may never be produced. It was first shown in the Vision Next 100 concept car in 2016. Its design is based on the i8 and has a similar exterior, but with more M styling. It also has improved brakes and adaptive suspension. It also has a lower center of gravity and is rear-biased.

BMW iX M60 plug-in hybrid electric vehicle

The BMW iX M60 is the first high-performance SAV designed for purely electric mobility. Its powerful electric motor provides 610 horsepower and 811 lb-ft of torque. Its dual-axle air suspension and M-enhanced traction control system ensure the vehicle is nimble and agile. Its aerodynamic design and lightweight construction help it to provide excellent cornering grip.

BMW 530e

The BMW 530e is a plug-in hybrid that can run on electric power for up to 21 miles. Its turbocharged 2.0-liter engine can power the car for another 340 miles. The car is a good choice for anyone who wants a hybrid but doesn’t want to give up the benefits of an engine. Its acceleration time is just 5.7 seconds, slightly slower than its base 530i model.

BMW 530e plug-in hybrid electric vehicle

The BMW 530e is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle with a 21-mile electric driving range. It features a 12-kwh lithium-ion battery pack and an electric motor with 181 horsepower. Although it may not be produced, this vehicle has received high marks for reliability from J.D. Power, and it is considered one of the most reliable cars in its class. Before purchasing one, you’ll need to decide if you’d like to get all-wheel drive and which optional packages and features you would like.

BMW 1602 Electric

In the summer of 1975, BMW began a project to develop a fully electric race car. The vehicle was based on a discarded BMW LS, and driving tests began in December 1976. Its electric motor replaced the DC shunt-wound motor, and its 10-volt lead-acid battery pack used Aquamatic for rapid charging. The car’s range was 30 kilometers (19 miles) in urban driving. Although the vehicle was never produced, the project did give the company some insight into the future of battery technology.

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