Best Performance Compact Electric Scooters Navee S65C & V40!

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This electric scooters have amazing performance for it is size and amazingly high quality.

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Today we're unboxing two new scooters From Navi brand and what's super Exciting here that this is the first Scooter brand I'm testing that has UL Certified batteries this is the s65c Model that is UL certified game fully Assembled only need to be installed The Handlebar which is pretty fast and Pretty easy and this is the v40 model That is super Compact and so light also Well wrapped but the package very thin And the box came open here are the both Models Side by by side I am impressed How well these two scooters are built The v40 it's super Compact and so th Only weighs 36 lb the s65c weighs 60 lb I was not expecting to see this level of Quality the side panels look so fancy Feels high quality heavy duty dual Suspension design very similar to a d Elite Prime but more sliek more polished And only weighs 60 lb versus Elite Prime 64 lb and this this model it's Faster specs we have a rear hub motor Rated 450 Watts maximum power delivery 900 wat the battery is 36 volt 15 M Power capacity maximum Clin 22% and we Have 10in self sealing tool blast tires Very soft highquality rber dual brake System and entire scooters ipx5 Waterproof maximum load capacity 265 lb But the most important here is the UL Certification we have the same Handlebars design the same grips the

Same ring bell the same throttle on both Scooters now when it comes to frame Construction this is different starting From the top going down much thinner Much smaller much lighter package this Here I like this Frame side panels so Nicely very luxurious very beautiful This is similar to the Segue and the Yad Elite Prime but just Slightly more luxurious look at this Lines here so nicely done and this Plastic not sure how long it last Because probably scratches easily and it Just looks beautiful so glossy good Rubber you know finish good quality I Like the suspension it's a cartridge Dualtron type suspension but it's so Good fr the drum brake The H mots in the back with regen Braking and here is how the rear Suspension looks from underneath very Nicely done compact smooth transition to The body hidden so nicely underneath Here look how well and even more compact So nicely integrated is this suspension In the front the deck robber is so nice Very grippy high quality I like Transition here so when you step it's Actually meeting and it's filling this Gap looks really cool the same here very Good quality rubber very grippy look how Nicely this uh charging port is Integrated looks really really well put Together and this paint here it's like a

Protection layer looks nice that has This like you know like uh gun metal Like feel but it's uh a little bit not Too much shiny like you know really Really nicely guys on I like it you have To see it in person it's just has this Like protective layer feel but also Looks really cool so this model has drum Brake in the front rear hub motor here We have mechanical disc brake in the Back and the Hub motor in the front the V40 model has a front 300 W hob motor Maximum power delivery 600 WS the Battery is the same 36v system but half The size with 7.8 M Power capacity Folding mechanism the same on both Models you have this lever up opens up Comes down and here is spring Loaded and this uh knot goes into this Housing you lift it up spring loaded Closes by itself you only have to push L Back down and it's Locked we have one button operation just Hold the button and this is the Manu Very basic the battery level we have the Miles hour speed and this is walking Mode so you double click goes on D sport Click one time and you have the lights On that's pretty much it very basic good Grips ring bell on the side here and That's pretty much it let's see the top Speed so let's see first level walking Mode that's about 3 m hour let's go next Mode very mild

Acceleration very comfortable very Intuitive And it looks like 12 Mph Max and top Speed good torque Actually and let's see Sport one hand very stable wow this is Comfortable suspension is but so good in The maximum speed setting the scooter is Quick feels very very light very agile Has good acceleration and the most Important it stays steady at 20 Mph range the na'vi s65c tested at Maximum speed all the time my weight was 235 lb with the backpack and the gear Super smooth ride and I managed to cover 19.9 m in range I need to emphasize that For 15m hour battery and 42 volt system This is pretty efficient he climbing Base of the the hill Central Park this Is the steepest hill let's see how it [Music] Does and I have to emphasize this Scooter is the most compact most Comfortable scooter I tried so far it is Butter smoo the suspension it's not even Spring or coil suspension just like Cartridge like dualtron but it's so good Like so smooth and uh this is the hill Right here other ebikes actually do here With between 15 to 20 mph top speed so 14 and kind of stays there it doesn't Drop speed so it's very very stable look At that 14 all the way through this is a

Steeper part let's see if it gets back Up with the same speed or Lower back to 14 look at that that's Pretty [Music] Stable This is not bad at all almost made it to The top and it's 15 now back 14 so 1514 yeah this is really good for This size for this scooter I think this Is [Music] Perfect and it is limited 20 M an hour So going downhill and look it doesn't Want to pick up any more speed so I can Feel regen kicking in Probably charging now back the battery Pretty dope scooter very chill very Comfortable ride this uh front section Is pretty bad and the GoPro 10 that I Actually use right now it's picking up All the noise and it's actually Amplifying the noise so let's see how This scooter will perform there and I'm Pretty sure suspension will be really Quiet because it's so Good not sure what uh the mic picks up But this is Perfect the suspension is dead silent no Shake no rattle good travel and makes up For a very comfortable ride I'm Impressed how good this is and this Scooter retails for $900 only and this Suspension is better than scooters that

Are in $1,000 to $1,500 price range Light very bright close up here Actually very good light decent wi and Enough throw perfect for the city and You can actually you know ride this Outside the city in the trails where It's completely dark this is a very good Light in the front let's check the Back also look how bright this Is and we have even brighter active rear Brake Light very good lights now let's take a Look at the v40 model this scooter is Super light and compact but let's see How it Performs here on this model we have Different screen design different stem Going down and the rest PR are the same One button operation menu and we have Double click walking speed D and S so Let's see how much it doesn't Support wow this one is very Zippy has a Very good torque A lot of Kick very quick scooter not really good Spot to test the top speed but picks up Really fast as you can see and it's so Light so Nimble this thing is Fun let's see if we can stretch to the Maximum Speed 20 M hour it looks like a stop speed but I guess they're so Quick this thing is Super

Rad now I'm not having Suspension it's going to suck on the bad Roads now not having suspension is going To suck on the bad roads but this is you Know compact solution for those that Don't care about you Know Comfort much and want something Very compact very small very portable so This fits the bill and I'm impressed how Quick this thing Is this is probably the fastest Scooter and 30 lb uh weight limit that I Tested so far it just guesss to 20 M Hour in no Time It's so Nimble brakes are Good let's do a quick uh ta Test here on 41st Street and thirr Avenue let's see what it does Here yeah this is kind of slow let's see If it's going to manage to get all the Way to the top Come on come on come on come On yeah 10 m hour the slowest speed not Great but uh look it's small it's only 300 W Motor So it is what it Is let's see how much range we get out Of this maybe they set it up so you get More range and uh not discharge too much And also put too much pressure in the Battery we'll see but but Um so

Far on the flats is doing pretty Well look at this fck up speed really Fast and Flat and this thing is Tiny it's so Small let's trade the lights on this Model so this slide is actually Adjustable versus the previous model Which is mounted and it's fixed into the Frame into the stem here we can adjust Up and down and compared to all other Scooters that are in this size super Light super compact this light is Actually very bright you can see it you Know reaches really far and it's a very Wide spill love it guys really powerful Light and it's not that you know dark Here you have lights all around so just Look in this Back this light it's even brighter and Like previous model super bright and we Have a rear active brake Light amazing Lights range the nav v40 tested at Maximum speed all the time my weight was 235 lbs with the backpack no suspension Here but the 10in pneumatic tires helped A lot and I managed to cover 14.5 miles For this size for 7.8 amp battery Capacity this is insanely good results I Reviewed a lot of super compact scooters In the Channel and from all of them Average speed between 16 to 18 mph top Speed and acceleration is gradual on a Slow side expected from 250 Watts up to

500 WTS this v40 it's a completely Different build so turkey and so fast 0 To 20 M hour this is the fastest compact Scooter I tested so far well built and So portable this two miles from na'vi Are high quality products and Performance I was expecting slow Boarding compact and these two turn out To be well put together very Zippy Scooters perfect and fun for daily rides S65c is the first UL 2272 certified Scooter I wish the v40 was also UL Certified the suspension is amazingly Smooth on the s65c best I tried so far In the size scooter beautiful design the V40 looks like a standard scooter that You see all around in your city but it Stands out an impressively quick Acceleration and Punchy torque but still Maintaining low weight and super size The link will be down below in the Description box check it out thanks for Watching and I'll see you next time

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However, as EVs gain popularity, there’s one question we often hear: can the power grid handle the added demand? The answer is yes, but it will take careful planning by utility companies.

Most electric cars require a relatively large amount of electricity (about 30 kilowatt-hours) to travel 100 miles — about the same as an average household uses each day for lights, air conditioning and appliances. When everyone plugs in their vehicles at once, that creates a huge surge of power demand, and it can overload the system.

As a result, utilities need to make sure they have enough capacity in place to quickly ramp up production when demand is high. The good news is that they’re getting better at it, and a growing number of cities are developing plans to add new charging stations and other infrastructure for the EV boom.

For example, Seattle just opened five new charging stations, and it’s also creating a map of the area’s existing infrastructure to help drivers plan their routes. That way, drivers can find the best places to charge up, and utilities can plan ahead for how much additional capacity will be needed if EVs really catch on. It’s a win-win for everyone, but it will require a lot of patience and preparation.

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