Elbilmek repairing broken Toyota Rav4

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This video was brought to you by AED Ro Planner cow Marcus be stormberg and B Componente yo what's up we are now at Elbm and here we have vmar again hello And today we're going to look at a Unicorn it's a Tesla no I'm just Kidding but it's a Toyota EV yeah look Here it actually says Toyota EV license plate okay oh okay it must Have been pre-registered yeah it should Have been low E 10 something yeah yeah Yeah yeah so this is old school stuff uh How old is it I think it's 2013 or 14 I'm not sure about exactly year model so About 10 years old and uh wellar you Tend to buy broken cars this one is also Kaput right uh as much as I know it's Kaput I got a message from David us that Um the car is not drivable and we bought It so so now it's my problem to find out Well since we have lovely weather today It's raining so maybe we can just Prepare it and then push it inside the Garage and then start looking at it That's very good Idea okay we hook on 12 now so also 12 Is dead yeah these boosters come really In Handy okay and then we just have to put The car neutral and push it In good now you just push the car inside Four Guys pushing It it's a relative large car wait how do You get it uh okay

Okay raw Four it's just a modified raw Four you're going to look uh take a Closer look once you are Inside okay so we're going to take a Look on the hood first so see uh it has Has Tesla components here for example This one uh DC this converter is the Same like on Tesla Model S first Generation that the one was installed uh In the behind the uh mod uh what's Called cover in the on the right hand The front of the wheel okay yeah so I Heard that it's around it's supposed to Be 200 amp 2.4 KW it's quite powerful One yeah it can be if found the fact the Heater it's like uh the same as on the First generation Leaf PTC heater PTC Heater yeah but it's called like um uh Liquid cooled 6 KW there's some stuff There okay oh 6 K I can see it there Okay interesting so that's the this is Front wheel drive maybe we can take a Look uh what does it look like Inside o it's quite spacious H why did The Toyota stop making this I mean it's Just a ra four but it's just electrified One and then the back here yeah we Follow the back seat look look look look At but we have this uh side door thing Here uh look at all this space first Thing I was like oh we have to put Banana boxes in here this can take a lot Of banana boxes wow so volma you

Prepared some stuff here I recognize This you use the same one that I use Yeah OB link Alx that's the one I use oh Interesting thing with the ra 4 is that Uh uh this power supply for the OBD is Not on the same contacts as on ordinary Cars oh so you have to power it from so We need to have external oh power supply To to OBD also OBD is back here it's just Tesla there yeah what is that One [Music] Um I don't know okay huh and then you Can hook up and find out what's uh What's up with the car and since it's uh Using uh or having Tesla U many Tesla Components and Tesla battery so we can Read the out the battery with scan my Tesla well we up and running good scan My Tesla this is so weird you can see Stuff in scan my Tesla on the ra 4 so this 16 modules okay Totally do you see anything uh weird or Also the minimum is 6 3. 665 369 average So the difference is 0.0 so it's quite small but what's Interesting that it's changing you see 0.2 time to time is Changing temperatures looks to be Correct Yeah hm H Interesting okay now you H up

Laptop that is what's interesting that I Cannot see isolation resistance sna Kil Normally it's rewriting or it's like 3,500 3,600 or or lower but I cannot see That energy remaining 27 KW hour but how Big is this battery 40 1.8 if I remember Correctly was a 10year old car and it Has two modes like extended mode and um Standard mode like you know to save the Battery if you're using it for short Drips so we can charge it to standard Every Day Um strange I can see any F CES interesting why it's not starting up Is this state of charge is dropping now It was 80 it it's 80% earlier yeah and Look it's started to again 12 amps it Was 2 Amp just a few seconds ago so it's It's very strange when I got but the Contact estate it claims to be closed Now which means um when the contact is Closed it means that the the main Battery is power Yes well can you drive the car is it you Want to try oh you can you can do I'm Filming but see it supposed to be Dead this is uh Huh it's working It's wait how much did they buy this car For uh 25,000 that you got a cheap deal Then you you got even better deal than Muskus Yes well it's apparently well uh it's

Working now it might not work uh Tomorrow no but uh but it's very strange When when when we got the car I the car Was dead and I I powered up with the Booster and I couldn't start it so we Had to push it in the right parking Place and Uh I don't like it okay because it could Stop anytime just like that Tesla you Bought you know the the P85 there was Obviously something wrong with it yes But with this one I I'm I'm very Surprised I don't know what to say but Uh this is not first time when people Complain about different problems and Suddenly problems disappeared when we Start to look at the car well but it Could suddenly stop again on the middle Of the highway yeah you want to try [Laughter] It okay okay just there's a power button There and then okay let me try let me Try that okay so first time I try round Four okay so you see there's Other hbag is on everything we turn it Off now So now it's off you can hear the t t Means the the the contactors or the Power Switch 151 km of range oh it's beeping Because the door is probably open yeah It's freaking a Japanese Car but huh wow this is um this is the Beginning of Electric Mobility yeah I

Think some uh okay cool Look at this Man wait is this touch screen Yes wow wow hey look at this it has Sport Mode sport mode look it's changing to The Red oh so is it was it okay 12 Outlet oh a A regular Handbrake wow you're looking at a piece Of Electric Mobility history here 10 Years old this is as old as Mill in Falcon roughly huh and then the charge Port is hey hey what Was okay so that's the chart port and Then oh look here the chart Port is on The left side which is the right side Not the right side with the wrong side On the correct side right yeah and it's Type one Only but um this is metal damn this is Old school stuff nowaday chart Port Would be in plastic but this is probably Where the fuel cap used to be yeah but But so you can only charge it on AC how Is that yes originally you can charge Just on AC but uh there is a company in United States uh it's called it's called J demo which has made the uh fast Charging solution for ra force and Mercedes Bclass it's charal right J G right but It's a

CH okay well it's slightly better than But you know the onboard charger how Powerful is it 9.6 KW or three 9.6 three Phase three face should be a it's the First generation Tesla charger so from 2011 where is it located in the front oh They put it in the front because Tesla Put the the onboard charger under the Seat so it's down there I see the label With uh okay so they put one of those Here M Falcon has two of those has dual Charger yeah just one on this one wow You have you have 9.6 Kow AC charging Here this thing is a beast from the Past and seems like you know you Couldn't kill the Toyota it's still Alive Yeah just like you know top GE we watch Uh Clarkson try to kill that Uh that Toyota pickup truck it just Simply Wouldn't Die you see Toyota they used to to build Awesome cars Before I read that it was built 2,500 uh pieces in uh it's actually Built in Canada all all the factory was In Canada but they made uh they start to Design in uh together with Tesla in 2010 Then they made some I think Proto 30 Prototype vehicles with different Batteries and uh I think that they Started to produce this one in 2012 W and well check check on the License PL so it was registered first

Time in 13 2013 uh octo 15th October 2013 so it just had its 10y year Birthday Wow okay so now we taking off the wheel And we took going to investigate it's It's front and the motor is located in The front so we going to check for some Moist somewhere Here What uh one you have to go under the Seat on the seat we have uh um the main Uh fuse for the high voltage battery so We have to disconnect it before we can Touch the engine W it's it's located There yeah well so uh you know in Tesla It's very conveniently located in the Front because of fire safety but if this Car would be in a crush then what about Firefighters what do they do then I Don't know but then Tesla in the front They have just like a um like a switch Like not to contact not to or to break The um high voltage contactors but the Fuse for the uh main fuse for the batter Is located uh on the old models on the Top of the battery so even you have to Down take down the battery to take off The fuse okay on the newers you have From under the car but so this one here Which is it a switch or a fuse or what Is it it's a fuse oh okay you're taking Out the fuse busman 350 amps I have Actually heard the story from my friend Who also working with the ra 4 that uh

At least one of of was situation that The car was full of luggages and it was Five people in the car and they've been Hammering on the highway and the fuse Has uh blown wow so they used more than 350 amps for yeah some time probably oh Okay that's not good that's not often You happening yeah so you see now that Now that the fuse is out from the Battery uh then it's safe me to uh use My bare hands to touch them the battery Right and the [Laughter] Car so very known problem on those cars Is that um on those cars and on the First generation um Teslas which came Very early in 2012 I think and 13 and 12 They started in USA I think yes so that Uh there is a seal in the in the in the Middle here which starts to leak the Coolant inside the uh the motor so we're Going to take down the speed sensor and Just take a visual I would say Inspection and to see if we can uh find Some moisture on the self sensor and Maybe we can see something more inside The Engine oh okay what is That this is a speed Sensor so I cannot say that it's very Like uh dirt and wet there is some drops Of uh some um and some schuts okay oil So it can be the condensator condens Condense uh from the from the engine but

It also can be the cooling liquid so we Should um yeah we maybe we can take a Look inside and see if there is some uh Uh Coolant oh that's where the fuse is huh Interesting secret uh luggage Room you can transport some illegal Stuff here Yeah Is it still start starting and it is Still starting uh sports mode still can Be activated can you put it in drive or Will it Yeah oh okay okay so it still still Works right let's see if it takes Charging how you think it will work yeah It should work yeah I'm guessing it Should work Is it Tight nothing Happens it's supposed to click in Right oh look at the quality of the Cables oh there was some I see the If I can zoom in here um we have uh I Think it's called it it's a corrosion on Uh some of the pins oh Yeah so that's interesting it doesn't Slide that well into The and uh the car doesn't start to Charge uh H change do you have to stop something There oh there [Music] Okay okay then there oh oh this is cool

It shows some information here but do do We see this also in the Screen probably doing the handshake yeah You can hear the Click Click that's Usually that's way too many Handshakes W this a slow handshake no I Think it disconnected because the lights Here is not blinking Anymore H I think it can be because of those uh Contacts that we have to at least clean Them and uh and check Again you shouldn't be like this see When it's hand shaking it starts to Blink oh there's some lights there oh I See and now Disappeared Toyota they actually had to Do some engineering to make this Electric Car I think we have to try to clean Those contacts and try to start uh Charging again there okay how do you Clean them what kind of chemicals you Use Uh we can uh start with um electric Cleaner and see how it Works one look at look at this look at This see here uh two it's small there 240 volt 40 amp wow it's actually single Phase yeah wait but type type one Doesn't even support three Phase I think it's just in the United States that they have some time of Charging system but if you do the math

Uh 40 amp that's 9.6 KW exactly yeah so It's it's single face charging exactly Okay yeah so they have some stuff here You're going to clean it at least you're Going to try to see if it works oxid Clean and protect Pro okay so you just Spray it on the charge port nothing's Going to happen Right because it's disconnected now yeah Okay and you wearing gloves that you're Safe no it's not the high voltage [Music] Gloves that's how you clean chart Boards okay the has been removed Again and then 12 volt has been Disconnected and then R is now uh Disassembling the the charge port one uh Bolt is broken Oh there's some Roast much Roast I'm afraid that the rest is going To break it too Oh so we managed to break a three or Four BLS So yeah they're supposed to be that long And then wow three of them are Just H okay so they're stuck there somewhere The rest of the bolt Yeah but um to look at this construction I don't think that we are able to take The pins out and uh and do some good Cleaning so I'm wondering if we maybe

Have to find a secondhand uh charging Point port and just replace It because those uh at least one of the Pins inside is really in uh bad Condition and there is some stuff in That pin Too this is ground and this two Faces can can you find spare part for r Four or is this a standard Thing uh we can check it on the internet Okay Okay so um uh yeah you checked out There's possibly uh what do you call it F yeah there's a part maybe available Yeah there is one uh some guys has one Ra four for spare parts so I send them Uh mail and uh we'll see if they have a Spare charging port in stock if yes uh Then we will order and install in this Car and see if uh at least the charging Is Okay so we've been looking for a Completely different problem but um h Surprisingly we found that the car Actually not taking charge but it did Started for us I think it was to be Completely different maybe you can take It for a Drive with one of your brothers behind You in case the car stops again yeah we Have to we have to we cannot uh leave it Like this so if if if the car will still Work on Monday Tuesday we have to take It on the road test and and see how it Works and if it stops and when it stops

Yeah so that would be another episode And then I I will probably not be around Because now I live 1 hour away from Elmech but uh uh volar he he already has A pretty good uh yo what's up intro so He can do the filming but yeah so this Is the just the intro about this and I Feel like we are still not done with the Round four yeah yeah okay but I also I Want to know what's wrong with the car Because the previous owner said that the Car suddenly gave up an error about some Drive train or something and then it Went just shifted into neutral yeah then It stopped on the road yeah so there's Obviously something wrong with it yeah Okay but uh hopefully uh Vol will find Out soon what's wrong with it do our Best to do so yeah so I think that's Going to be it for now I hope you guys Enjoy this video as always thank you for Watching and talk to you later

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