Borrowing 24 kWh VW e-Golf from Elbilmek

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This video was brought to you by AED Ro Planner cow Marcus B stormberg and B Componente yo what's up we are now in Yes him in the new garage new home uh I Haven't painted it yet uh still Establishing here you know we just moved Here so lots of stuff to do but uh today I'm going to go to elmech and you know We are located in yes we're going to go Over 70 km to Le skan and I could take The id4 GTX for much cuz be no problem But I want to make a challenge I want to See how it is the struggle the agony With owning an all electric car like the Leaf so I have done the preparations I Know now roughly what to expect so you Know I have a heated and insulated Garage so I can control the temperature Here quite nicely so I set it um I Boosted up the temperature normally I Don't have it that warm in here I will Have it around 5 to 7° C but you see 17° C not only that but I've been Running a 2 Kow heater blasting some Heat beneath the car cuz I want to heat To the battery this Leaf Battery probably doesn't replicate at All during winter but it might Callgate so um oh you've been sitting Here for a little bit um I saw the Highest uh was it 13.7 Kil dropping a Little bit now uh we should leave and You see here we have uh 26 de C okay 19 So this is really good starting position

We want to have it nice and warm so we Have lower internal resistance and also Less rapid G sorry less coal Gates once We start charging um I'm not sure if it Can go all the way there you see we have To drive no wait H 58 no no no no It's wait no no I Think oh know this is probably just the Air distance this is really weird when I When I look on Google it's supposed to Be 7 2 km okay whatever so see the car Claimed 63 km of range HW is even off Now we didn't have to preheat we preheat The whole Garage so yeah let's uh get going and This time I did not bring ecoflow Because on purpose I want to see once I Have to go a couple of trips with this Car downtown and this is even Beyond Downtown um how is going to be and I Don't want to have the safety of uh uh Ecoflow and now that I have warm battery I feel also safe so we just have to stop In time uh try to drive with like more Normal people and then see how it Goes all right off we Go Wait sh can't even get up the SL what uhoh Uhoh uhoh would be nice to have winter Tires on right Now okay let me see me see I have to go All the way to the garage and then Get the

Momentum okay we just go for it oh how Do we do this go go come go go go go go Go oh barely made it up here Man the Agony we are now at sunva and we are Down to 3.3 KW hour left and so the Battery is yeah it seems like it it hit Equilibrium around 20 something degrees Well actually ooh what matters is that The lowest temperature it was 18 so it Seems like The seems like the temperature has Equalized a little bit so that's good It's a it's a low temp here that Dictates the maximum speed right now and Then when the batter is rapid getting Then it's the max temp oh that is Uh limiting the the power so yeah there A display now says 10 km range left is Blinking you can see here also the this Uh lease pie you can set it to different Uh consumption very nice you see here as You change the consumption it will Change so if we try to match this one Roughly 180 well it depends what kind of Threshold you're looking but 182 W hour Per kilometer okay we had tailwind and Downhill but wet Roads so uh let me see I think I want to Go to Ikea and plug it in there but I See that I need to charge before I reach Vmar because from here w w w There's going to be some uphills uh Which will kill the range of electric

Cars oh yeah winter and stereo and seat Heaters uh and using USB kills the range Of electric Cars man look at this chem power all Over the place here at Ikea the only Problem is that that's CCS that's CCS Only let see Wait the struggle is Real wa where where are the Chal I I can't use CCS there is no CCS CH Adap wait do don't they have ch over Here wa I need CH I need CH what What what what the heck no no here here CH here oh okay okay let's plug it In Here oh yeah we're charting now let's See with 21.7 de oh 42 KW 45 oh yeah so the preheating in the Garage did help big time look at this I Just need this jolt of juice now well Actually I also need to get back uh But uh I can at least charge at Voli uh during that hour or so while I'm Filming over there but yeah this oh man Is it uh but okay if you're not Fortunate to have a garage heat an Insulated garage where you can heat up Your Leaf battery during winter then You're [Laughter] okay since I have some time to Kill I went for Ikea what is this is This F not sure but we have meat hot

Dogs yeah I tried the vegan hot dog is Weird man and then some iced tea yeah This see this is I think this is aian Thing we have ketchup or senip Papa yeah We have mustard and ketchup yeah I I Wonder if Norway is the only only Country maybe Sweden yeah maybe Norway And Sweden we are the only ones who add This to the hot dog and then uh Frankenstein is now taking 20 Kow H okay I need to to top a little Bit it's good hot Dog we back in the car we have 61% and we're taking 12 Kilow the struggle this real wait wait 61 here and then wait can you see it 66 67 huh how is that one reported 67 Versus 61 Oh okay uh we have enough now all right Let's Go we are here at VMA yeah elmech yeah That's vma's model X okay I need to ABC Um do they have uh they have plenty of Charing spots here me's see oh also What's up with this the windows are Fogging they've been fogging since I Started Driving okay I need a spot I need a slot Wait is that the I3 musu was talking About I'm going to meet mhus here also Where we have oh something here is T Okay whatever T I have the adapter I Hope it's water resistant oh look look

At This oh think yeah I think W is a think Fanboy Oh sh okay let me squeeze in between the Things oh holy macarona is raining a lot here But okay so we are charging now getting 3.3 KW yeah 3.4 ooh you know A wise man Once said any juice is good juice as Long as you're not waiting for it while The onboard charger in the leaf is only At 3.3 Kow but okay so we'll stay here for a Little bit and now we'll just juice up While the battery is Cooling down oh okay we shot a couple of videos now With um withar and Marcus did some plaid Video also an I3 video yeah we'll see That soon but uh okay volar uh I got a PR for you look here okay let's go outside uh In the the leaf okay uh I've been Charging now for a bit Um so in the trunk Here Voila Wow to complete the the full makeup Right yeah yeah yeah see we have we have The seat heater thing wow wow wow and if You compare that to uh uh this one here The original center console does not Have this seat heater button and it has That white or gray one yeah it will look Completely different after after the

Last great after last piece yeah oh it's Raining a lot but um so um yeah let's go Ins let me close this one now yeah Okay let's go inside again so uh man It's just raining a lot nowadays get rid Of uh all the snow but also with all the Rain means usually uh nice and low Electricity prices yes because fun fact In Norway 96% of the electricity Production is from hydr Power that's Cool yeah and then 2% from wind and then The last 2% is from hamster Power but okay so volar and are you up For putting the center console in the Leaf oh Yes and then how are you going to hook Up the the 12vt we have to look on the on the Connection diagram and and and see What's the differences between uh a leaf With the heating seats and without Heating seats maybe everything is just Uh ready so so so the the new the black Seat now that we put it the retrofit or Whatever you call it it it must have a Plug there right yes it okay so you plug That one into the center console and Then you have to somehow do a a cowboy Hook up to the 12 battery well I have Another idea maybe the viewers some of The viewers already have done this Upgrade and can supply us for good ideas But but you have to hook it on the right Place because uh you have to hook

Where where the ignition is on so that I Don't accidentally drain the 12 battery Oh Yes but by the way uh um you know the The leaf has a 12vt uh no no Sor it has It has a little tiny solar panel there Is it actually working uh it should work But I never tried you can if we find The sun sunny day we can test this if Actually working and what it's for so so It's supposed to maintain the 12vt Battery right when you're standing there You should hm okay man is still pouring Down so we finished lunch and uh yeah Here you see some of the uh rent well Not rent call some of the loners at the Lbm yeah uh I think volar he doesn't Dare to to lend out the things to the Customers because they would just be Confused but least this one but also I'll show you they also have an eolf and This is the first generation eolf and I Actually get to borrow it this Weekend I'm going to drive to Yo with it It's the 24 KW hour eolf so okay okay Anyway um I have to move some stuff out Of uh Frankenstein I'm going to leave Frankenstein here and then vemar will When he has free time he will then Upgrade the the center console you see Vmar he has some uh uh some people Working for him they do the Dirty Work Change brakes and do the boring stuff And then Vol I guess to do the fun stuff

Where is to upgrade the center console Here but okay just going to check out Now um well then it means that I Actually didn't have to stress about the Charging up the car because it's going To sit here anyway but okay just want to See something Here but actually might want to not fire Up the Car oh you know yeah my finger is Wet plus that nowadays I have so dry Skin That uh uh the phone okay the phone Might have problems recognizing my my Fingerprint okay let me see it's always Like this and then oh wait did it it's Still look look at this look at this It's still Charging 13.6 Kow hour huh wait I never Got this much before you see it claims 93% stad of charge now huh okay we Should just charge a little bit more I Need to move the camera and I have some Equipment I just moved it over to the Eolf check it Out nice interior yeah some people claim That this interior is better than the ID3 interior and the ID3 was a Downgrade yeah we have physical buttons We have a screen in here we have start Engine stop button gear Shifter oh oh heated seats oh man the Luxury okay so yeah 106 km of range oh I Need to do a degradation test look at

That 123,000 km on this One wait how old is it um to find out There's some usually some documentation Here yeah see here V we can we can look Here first registered 20 what this car Is almost it's 9 and 1/2 years old damn It's almost as old as the Le over there Okay uh I wonder how many kilowatt hour We have so um look here car scanner so I Got some values out of here some of them Um yeah okay so we have voltage and amps But I didn't see kilowatt we can Calculate a kilowatt based on this One uh supposedly it claims 19 Kow and Maximum energy content of the traction Battery huh really I couldn't find any Wat hour counter uh wat hour left But uh yeah supposedly we at 85% wait how is this again absolute Value and okay I'm not sure what all This means but have two St charge values But okay um I'll just plug it in with an Old car you want ABC always be charging So plug it in and see what Happens wow it claims 169 km at 100% Well actually no huh this is weird Okay We have 96% but I think 96 is The maximum yeah uh we just charge until It stop charging so okay that means that We can do a little degradation test even Okay so I haven't heated up the car yet Doesn't matter I'm going to heat them Now they going to show you in a freaking Clumsy way to reset the trip meter you

Have to go here setup and then you go to Multifunction display scroll down and Find reset tin start driving data yes I'm not sure let just reset also Longterm it doesn't matter so so let me See so we reset that one wow you know This car is uh almost as old as uh Frankenstein but it just feels and rides Really nice it's almost unbelievable That this is also a 10e call but uh it Works so much better than Leaf we're Going to see about the range on the leaf No range of this one now yeah the Consumption is a bit High because we Just started driving but we'll see Oh we have 13.6% left and the power Limit is crawling down 38 KW okay the car becomes sluggish now Like a diesel oh okay okay I think It's time to bail out yeah I just Decided to go to ion and also yeah when We had low juice uh the heater also Stopped working oh Man still a struggle here but uh yeah we The leaf would at least keep the heater On until the end unlike this eolf let me See the chart Port is on the right side With the wrong side should have been Left side with the right side so I have To go over here and then plug it in okay And you see here we have 13° C in the Battery I want to see how fast do we Charge with this cold battery is going To Coalgate

H oh yeah I oh premium juice how much do We have here 350 KW okay I only need 40 Kow or maybe 42 yeah okay let's plug it In okay if we look at this one we draw 85 km wow nice with that consumption so If we take this multiply by that and Then okay we started with 96% supposedly Or I'm not sure um but now I'm not sure If we actually have 133% we're going to See the St chart w we plug in at Ion but what we can do instead is if we Take the remaining 5 km added to this One and then that becomes uh 17.7 Kow hour and that sounds more Plausible so the degradation it seems to Be okayish is right in the middle there Well okay uh yeah and you can see that He has done 123,000 km roughly so now Let's plug in and see what Happens okay let's see relatively cold Battery uh it's ramping up yeah also the Voltage is quite low on this classic uh Eols but at least are we going to charge FAS than the Leaf well 17 K okay sorry it's for Little bit oh I don't want to Accidentally press the stop button what Okay it's slowly ramping up wait wait so You see yeah yeah I didn't pay attention How many perent did have they we stopped At 5% but it was not 133% so yeah I Think my estimation uh was uh correct oh Look at that look at that speed it's Done ramping up oh I think it's a has a

Limit on 125 amp no no keep swiping this One yeah there you go 125 and then based On the voltage you get 40 kilowatt Wow this ain't too bad for a 9-year-old Car very Impressive well okay but we have to do Some stress test with this um I'm not Sure if I want to do a 1,000 km Challenge or sh oops oops oops or a 500 Km challenge well maybe we can just uh Challenge accepted 1,000 Km let's see see on inside what it looks Like there if the battery if the yeah if The battery starts heating up now so Yeah let me see yeah unfortunately I Couldn't pull out any uh wait huh I Don't see arm here what oh okay this is Weird it doesn't make any sense right Now yeah all these numbers here okay um Whatever So H maybe I'll just charge up a little Bit wait oh no no these numbers are Stuck yeah yeah because the car is off You have to start engine Stop okay and then we look again yeah Yeah see yeah now we suddenly see amps Okay input uh amps here and the battery Should be heating up I'm not sure what This this one doesn't make any Sense uh but this one also I know now That um uh when we have 133% or whatever It's actually more like five % yes okay Um all good so Far W the battery barely heated up 17° C

Now I get the impression that we have Low internal resistance on this battery Versus for example Leaf battery they are Both 24 KW hour but they come from Different suppliers okay so uh let me Show now oh freaking rain Oh I think we going to leave now I have Enough juice to go home look here we at 58% been Char for 40 minutes and we Still taking 42 KW nice and flat Charing Curve until around 70 something per. We're going to see more of this once we Start doing some of the test okay let's Unplug and go now oh yeah we're back Home oh it's always nice to see the House light up like that in the evening Oh man this is oh uh we have uh wet uh snow now in Front Okay uh I need to back up into the Garage but you know eov it has the Backup camera hidden behind that cover That Volkswagen logo is brilliant cuz Now when we do This forgot no no no not that one I have To put it in where there you heard that And then we have backup camera well Except for this one is blocking there There look at that yeah yeah Yeah sorry it's a wiper back guys low oh low resolution camera for the win Oh I can probably disengage that one Is a wiper okay okay okay we now inside A nice garage oh yeah and uh well okay I

Can see now that we are charging at 3 KW You see this car is equipped with only 3.3 KW onboard charger if you go to U Was it e manager let's see setup And then um here you see that uh it's Set to you can only get maximum 16 amp But uh there's an option to get uh 6. no 7.4 k whatever around 30 something amp Or 7 kwatt onboard charger but this one Doesn't have it so uh that's why why why Am I a little bit confused because Nisson they operate with 6.6 Kow on my Charger but then some other brands they Operate with 7.2 or 7.4 KW Yeah I also call it OBC onb charger so Yeah anyway so we will just charge up Now in the Garage and oh oh ignition is on okay Let's start engine stop there you go Yeah um I can show that interestingly so Um this morning when I Left it was 17° C you know I try to not Open the gate to often I only open it I Mean not too long I just open it just to Dry out and then I close it right away So I don't lose too much heat but I'm Quite surprised that the temperature in The in the um garage here drops quite Slowly it means that these walls are Well insulated yeah you just hear the Noise here this is the Deep humidifier I Want to try to dry out uh the air inside Here so see now we have some moist some Water that will evaporate and then well

We also have some natural uh uh Ventilation we have a ventilation hole Over there we also have a ventilation Hole over here uh where is this again Yeah over here I just set it to not be Too big right now because uh at least Now in wi I don't want to lose too much Heat in summer I can have them more open And more natural ventilation so yeah I Think that will finish the day of it was A long day uh by the time we home it's Almost 6 so yeah and then in the following days I will do some test with this one we Have to do the mway run uh that which is Typically 1,000 km challenge but also The run to yo you know the leavea okay Wait wait uh normally it would take 3 Hours to drive from either Oslo or yesim To Yo 3 hours nonstop with most modern EVs and they can go there in a single Charge even the cheap ones like stantis Cars could also go there in a single Charge uh don't tell the Sun but um the Leaf Frankenstein needed 4 hours and 40 Minutes it was 1 hour and 40 minutes Slower than a regular route a regular Car and then this one I suspect is going To be a lot faster Maybe not sure about 3 and a half but Probably less than 4 hours right so We'll see we'll see how awesome this Eolf is so that's going to be it for now

I hope you guys enjoy this video as Always always thank you for watching and Talk to you Later

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