Elbilmek finding issues on BMW i3 120 Ah

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This video was brought to you by AED Ro Planner cow Marcus be stormberg and B Componente yo what's up we are now back At elmech and Vemar and I also have muskus in the Background there but uh yes so you see Maus has bought this BMV I3 this is the 120 amp hour uh volar do you prefer amp Hour or kilowatt hour kilowatt hour yes Yes you see he's the boss but yeah it's The 100 no it's the it's the 44 KW I3 And uh I probably M has probably got a Good price on it and uh you're going to It was the cheapest uh in Norway with The big battery wow yeah so it I mean When I saw the ad he sent me the I Thought it was the 22 kwatt hour when it Turns out it a 44 KW hour so but it Needs a little bit of servicing and That's why we are here and also Supposedly the inside looks freaking Nasty so we going to see that that one Also but okay uh yeah what do we do now First um I think that we will take a Look around um suspension and and see if Marcus done a good job um Buy all right so the to start the Weakest point on the hway is Al always Um um like a motor bracket or motor Fest Well engine support on this side looks Uh looks fine what I mentioned that uh Here is uh I think that uh uh shock Absorber uh protection or it's broken or It's not in the it's supposed to be

Further up right yeah so schutz can Enter there yes Uhoh no it's supposed to be like this is No I think it should go all the way up But uh is this a common I3 Problem yeah not uh Not not on every car yes okay uh m told Me that there was a woman who owned this Car uh since it was new and she probably Didn't uh well I'm not I'm not going to Discriminate anyone but uh you know car Stuff tends to be guys doing stuff women They tend to on based on statistics they Tend to just buy the car and drive it And don't care about maintenance so yeah I hope I don't get too much hate and Comment Now but if you notice that in the in the Workshop there's only Working here well actually actually There's one lady also yeah forgot but She's not in the workshop no uh so uh oh That side also that side also um the Discs um I don't know or they are just Wet or they this one at least wants to Be Um asking for service Actually get a good shot of it it's Always hard for that if you don't shine It there maybe yeah now we see the Natural light seems to be better CU There seems to be some surface rust on The uh Disc you know this is R Drive what were

You looking for what you feeling for now I'm just trying to feel if there is some Uh lose in the suspension nothing loose Right not for now no you you are Touching German quality now German Engineering I feel that I smell It Can you twist it here I'm going to show You how narrow these bicycle tires Are where's that again what was the WID Again uh 155 I've seen some of the Porsche rims They are three or five they're almost Twice as wide yeah the tires are Um uh it's still like uh not under the Uh limits but uh okay so it's barely Legal barely legal but I would recommend To to to change them at least two in the Front in the rear looks better okay nuk H R3 yeah so it's R5 now nowadays that People go For so the the shock absorber protection Here is also oh that one also Broken damn it's not critical but it Could be nice to have them Fixed What you call it in English uh fan M Slagger oh I have no idea marus uh is it Some top mount uh bearing or yeah it Looks like top mount bearing okay some Some yeah so the b i has uh problems With those guys on the top um on this Car looks to be fine I don't feel any um Damage there's something here here right

Or is this a fender bender yeah how do You pop it Back uh we need maybe Tas with the come With the nails okay there are a few Cur Brushes but that's uh Yeah let me See on this side uh oh oh that's what it Supposed to look like yeah should should Be supposed to look like that but but is This under Warranty uh 123 I don't believe so but but uh maybe The lady should have had some guarantee Otls you know like a like a test before The warranty will run out just to get Stuff done on the warranty I think that The all producers have different rules So I'm not sure if it's covered by Warranty oh okay Tesla would cover it I Think the only thing that they don't Cover is uh brake discs are you are you Saying that Tesla Service is better than BMV Maybe okay I don't feel any play here either no Slack there no slack there nice and Tight nice and tight so seems like uh Marus was lucky with this car then Getting a good uh good price and also Good condition it's not uh as bad as mid The Falcon yeah I'm not on a platform Now so I cannot do the very good uh Check on the suspension so I cannot Check the stabilizator but there looks

Uh quite in good shape so I think it's Not so bad we can take the car down and Look on the service uh history okay I Need to show you guys the the Interior so we are in service uh history It looks like the car was service first Time in 2019 where after 7 km after but I think maybe it was deliver delivery Service okay and the next time is in 2021 at 60 7,000 kilm almost right That's Okay so brake fluid should be changed in 2015 wow no 25 20 Wow first oh 25 wow Okay well it seems like uh service wi This is good yeah there also 25 look look at the tiny screen I mean When I borrow press cars they usually Have the big screen it's beefed up this One is quite stri down that's also one Of the reason why it's uh cheap but look Look how small the screen is compar do You have a big phone how look at that It's like a what what phone is this Samsung Galaxy [Applause] 23 yeah okay whatever so wait no it's Not touching I forgot they don't have That kind of alien technology uh you Have the IE drive here oh yeah look at Whole oh yeah what the heck is this Nasty what huh what is that don't Put your finger there but is that some Some kind of food nuts um okay um the Seats looks like it was never washed

Before especially on that side we had to Look on the on the volmer side so see Here So um if we come on this side Here wow that looks Nasty oh what dog here Wait marus do you have dogs no Why do we have dog here here maybe the Lady had dogs yeah that could be it now Why is it beeping like a freaking Leaf Wait maybe the door is Open it's a it's a hamster yeah it's a Freaking hamster wait Michel did You did you buy this car because you Want me to drive it or are you going to Sell it no we're going to do some test And I think you really look forward to To drive 1,000 km or Uh you know the yo yo test with the with This city car this is uh is like nervous No actually I I want the the first Generation I I3 yeah that's the real Struggle this one is too easy yeah but We could take a race and I will take Also I3 but then I will take the Hybrid but yeah so Yeah now we done a quick inspection so Um we'll have some follow-ups and then You will pimp up uh uh the car uh there Was one thing here if you can come over Here uh like CU you you mentioned that U Uh yeah this one here was starting to Tear off yeah it's uh is that sticker

Yeah it's just like a Foler but from the factory from from Mion yeah so it's uh n good what so oh You just take it off yeah like this so Yeah but what we found it might be that The car is still in warranty maybe you Can show it to BMW but uh we hope that bway is a little Bit better than Tesla on the warranty Cases H okay well so you would just tear Off the what so if you take off this one It become black or is it all the way all The way here also wow I never noticed That why would they put some cheap Sticker on it to make the car look cool Yeah oh there's oh there a light in the In the charge port also but the charge Port is on the right side with the wrong Side and I have to ask you which side is The right side for the charge port one More time charge port should it be on The on the left side or the right side Of the car uh left side yes Yes no in front front no it's not at all Not Front Okay so uh I also heard that Muskus uh you are allergic to Chrome Yeah yeah this is the worst car where do We have Chrome here here we have The you don't touch it you're going to Get rashers Chrome Rush also you can Chrome delete It and we also have like the kidneys oh Oh this is also you what are you going

To block it out yeah we need That okay and also Dark tint tint the window this is how Muskus make makes his money he buys Cheap uh uh EVs and then he pimps them Up and sells them for a lot more but uh I'm not sure if people want to buy um Pay for this extra small things but I'm I think they look cool and I hope Someone will pay a little bit extra for The small details that I put in the work But how old is this car what the way It's uh September 2019 so it's um four Years now yeah okay okay well you know What I want to do a degradation test Yeah yeah yeah we need to do that a Degradation test see how it that's the Whole hell up yeah but it's had um Almost 155,000 km so it's A previous own driven a lot of kilometer On this what we B I was thinking this Was going to be a city car but in Norway Lots of people used it to communicate With yeah cool um but uh so yeah um I Definely need to do a degradation test Maybe if you guys have some other ideas Uh not crazy ideas I'm not going to go To North Cape with this no no no but uh Uh we can also do some test but after You have uh uh disinfected the whole car And clean it and done the touch then I Can try it yeah of course Yeah okay sounds cool and of course Mel You have other plans also other projects

Upcoming the ionic maybe some eolf yeah Yeah the the onic At I don't like theic because it don't Have the app for the winter warming and But I know you have like Uh some crush on the onic yeah I'm iic B Yeah and also my followers I have to ask You guys huh which one would you if if We had to choose one car if muskus would Buy me a Christmas present I mean I'm Not own I'm not going to own the car you Own the car uh but a car I could borrow For the let's say 6 months would it be Ionic would it be uh Eolf Soul or BMV I3 you know which one Would you want me to request yeah or oh Highland oh estimated delivery oh Damn okay yeah probably this doesn't Matter people don't show the the Reservation number you're going to hack The car okay okay that one is coming Also wait this you know the Highland has High priority because I might have some Other press cars during that time some Some Neo or some stuff so then I have to Say I have to tell Neo that sorry um Some something else came up yeah hi L okay hope they don't watch this Video but yeah so I think that's it now You guys seen the beginning of the I3 And there will be more episodes coming Up so that's going to be it for now I Hope you guys enjoy the video as always Thank you for watching and talk to you


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