Formula 1 Tire Tesla Motor on E-scooter 0-100kmh 1.7 sec! #shorts #short #escooter #tesla

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This is out of this world SPECS:
– 50kw yuma motor,
– Tiger 842000 x2 controller,
– Discharge current 10 000 amp instantaneous, 6000 amp continuous

My favorite products I use and recommend:

#escooter #electric #scooter

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Electric City Vehicles Cars Power

Electric Vehicles Cars Power

Electric Vehicles Cars Power

The EV market is expanding. With manufacturers offering more models, and with a range of incentives and subsidies (including free parking in many cities and reduced or waived sales tax and vehicle registration fees) making the vehicles more affordable, the number of electric cars sold is increasing rapidly.

As more drivers switch to EVs, they’re also stressing the nation’s electricity systems. On average, an EV requires 30 kilowatt-hours to travel 100 miles. That’s about the same amount of energy an average household uses each day to run its computers, appliances and lighting. At around 6:00 pm on a weeknight, the demand is highest as people arrive home and start using the air conditioning, cooking dinner, running washing machines and lighting up the house. If many of those homes are plugged in at that time, it could overload the grid and drive up electricity prices.

Dedicated EVs, which are built from the ground up with electric driving in mind, can use a lot less energy. And without the bulk of an engine and transmission, they can offer more passenger and cargo space than comparable ICE vehicles in their class. The electric motors also deliver instant-on torque, resulting in quicker performance and acceleration when you hit the gas pedal.

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Best Black Friday HYPERScooter Deal Nanrobot LS7 plus Magness! #shorts #short #electric #scooter

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