Hyundai Kona MY2024 banana box test

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This video was brought to you by Marcus Be elmech a planner Stone B Camp power And Component yo what's up welcome to my new Studio this is a new garage I tried to Tie it up a little bit before the shot Now so yes uh first of all be here see Hyundai Kona 2024 model this Kaa has Grown in size versus before so we're Going to do bonan box test today but I'll show you now the setup uh this is Was my plan to shoot video inside the Garage and yeah we have some lights here Six of them 22 watt each so they should Be powerful enough eventually we need to Paint the walls I still haven't had time To do that uh but you see that it's Fairly quick to clear the walls uh this One on the other hand is a little bit Clumsy we have the Lamela cover you know By law we need to have safety cover and They also insulate on the swimming pool But they're going to install it next Spring so it's just sitting here for now We just put not too heavy stuff on top Of it actually I think it can take the Weight it's supposed to take the weight Of human anyway um so yeah I have some Space here I'm not sure how much this is I haven't actually measured the total Size of this uh garage but it's supposed To be 48 square m so hopefully it's big Enough because the plan is to shoot Video in here interior view and bonal

Box test regardless of weather uh in the Past I had to deal with strong Sun low Sun rain wind all like that so Usually I have to wait for the right Weather before I can shoot banana boxes Or interior view now the plan is to Shoot it at any time I could do this at Night it doesn't matter um only problem Is here we have two windows I think it Just came with a package if it that Becomes a problem I could uh cover it But normally the Sun comes here in the Morning and then past noon or something Or past 10 maybe then there's not much Sun coming in so it should disturb too Much indirect light uh might be around 6,000 Kelvin these ones are set to 4,000 Kelvin so I think it's fine yeah looks Okay so uh let's start now okay with a Frank do we have a Frank in the corner Oh yeah another annoying thing you hear Is that there is some Echo here so yes Eventually um I need to fix that I need To put some sound absorbing plates on Top I don't want to look like a freaking Studio I want it to still look like a Regular uh garage because one day I Might have to sell this but we'll see But for now yes you guys sorry I have to Live with the with the echo hopefully This one uh tries to minimize some of The echo okay let's See oh wait wa wait is this a Frank you Know the oh wait wait you know the

Classic um classic Kaa people made Aftermarket oh there is a frun here even With light wow but it doesn't fit a Banana box but at least there's Something here let me show you so we Have the the regular Legacy automaker Stuff here in the front and then the Front I'm not sure how big it is in Liters at least you can put the backpack Or actually you should put your cables Here so it's easy to access it and they Could have have on is a little bit Bigger I don't know but at least you Have a Frank yeah that's good that is Big thumbs up it even says EV on the Front and look we have motorized lift Gate now and uh wait can it open Fully okay yeah that's fine we have 240 Height here and then yeah way more space In the back here and then here we have a Little lid we can take it out free up More space cuz now I try to maximize the Space here we have a little pocket here For some stuff we have light there uh Securing hooks uh they seem to be Plastic which is a joke man yeah this is Plastic subwoofers there and okay look Here so we are now in the reclimb Position but if you do this and then There then it clicks on so you see it's A slightly more upright position so we Should of course use this configuration To maximize the space in the trunk wow This is really Heaven at AR I had the

Balon boxes in a small garage and I Obviously couldn't fil them in there so I had to take the Balon boxes carry them Out in front of the house and then shoot Video and then carry it back but here Just take the B boxes right from the Wall place them in the Car and start playing TS way better it's A little things that counts you know When we're trying to get the work Done and another nice thing about this Garage is that the outside right now It's – 4° c a little bit windy inside Here it's 5° well but it's going to be 8 Or 9° CS it was cold now because I open Up everything to clear out stuff so yeah And also I hope I heard a dog bark there Was some dog outside here you hear that It's really quiet here that's one thing Uh no noise from Road or anything but Even if there would be some ambient Noise outside then you would hear it in AR you would constantly hear those Freaking Motorcycles and then also trucks and all Kind of background noise and and also Ambulance and like that uh Here really really quiet okay Anyway All right um how many did you fit in the Frunk trunk previously we managed to fit Five in the Old okay One 2

Three 4 5 W six 7 eight a big big difference from 5 to Eight it had little sloping uh roof here That that's why it couldn't fit more but Still eight is really really good yeah Okay we try to put as many boxes as Possible in here so you See on this side I feel most of it There's some empty space there but I Simply couldn't fit more so yeah in your Head maybe you can fit half more there And the trunk here is close now and on This side this side we want us to feel Slightly better yeah and we still have Okay driving position we don't have Toyota driving position here okay for The first time in the new garage let's Turn up the pitch and start Counting 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Oh 22 wow big upgrade for before before It could take only 16 which was even Beaten by the classic ionic and now 22 Is right on par with a bunch of other Cars it's only one less than fat Eon Think about that huh suddenly now we

Have a proper family car with proper Space yeah okay I think that's going to Be it for now hope you guys enjoy this Video as always thank you for watching And talk to you Later

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