This is why Marcus hates classic Ioniq even before he bought it

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This video was brought to you by Marcus Be elmech a planner Stone b c power and Be Componente yes the classic Ionic Died while while wifey tried it so now We have to use the Booster oh it's the big booster Oh and then we try the battery charger We like 10 minutes First I Put just power to see if we can wake up This battery it's it's the Original genuine Hyundai original Battery maybe it's dead after all these Years but uh that's why we try to 10 Minutes just to put on Power and then we Will start Charging 40 40 a very very tiny small Cute Battery okay the M Moment of Truth what has happened [Music] Here not green yet [Music] H Okie [Music] Doie sounds Good okay okay Okay is it back in Al okay one [Music] Two Okay reverse oh maybe drive them oh yes

Yes Oho nice

Electric City Vehicles Cars Power

Getting Ready for Electric Vehicles (EVs) on the Power Grid

Tesla Ford GM Power Manufacturing

As the world’s electric vehicle market grows, it’s important for communities to be prepared for the additional demand on their power grid. This means ensuring the infrastructure is in place to make sure you have access to charging stations when you need them.

EVs use less energy than gas-powered vehicles, which reduces their overall costs per mile driven and translates to lower operating expenses for drivers. That’s a great way to help you save money while doing good for the environment and your community.

One of the first specs electric vehicle shoppers fix on is a model’s EPA-rated range, and for good reason: that number tells you if an EV will work with your driving habits and local public charging availability. But there’s more to consider than just range when shopping for an EV, including efficiency and powertrain technology.

The drivetrains in EVs are simpler than their internal combustion engine (ICE) counterparts, which can have hundreds of moving parts. This translates to fewer expensive maintenance issues over the lifetime of your EV.

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