Tesla Model Y RWD with BYD Blade battery Geilo test

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This video was brought to you by Marcus Be elmech a planner Stone B Camp power And B component yo what's up we're now In the garage in the new house and here Is the Tesla m y Riv drive from Giga Berlin what is special about this one is That it has the byd blade battery it's Lfp and well it's from byd but Tesla They just took the the battery from byd And they put the Tesla Tech in it and it Charges like a bow but okay so today I Want to no can we go from well this is Yesam by the way can we go from yesam to Yo in a single charge well we'll find Out so we have prepared the car uh wow It's actually 11.6 de C in the garage Okay so um the car has been charged up And now it's actually topping up back to 100% we now in service mode you see that We at 99.0% right now and if we go here and if We go like um if you go to charging you See that the battery I preheated it Before we started here so it's at 25 to 33° roughly so it's nice and warm not Not like super hot but okay look at Night now you see it's 140 at night we Actually have very nice and high voltage Ooh this is three-phase Power sometimes it shows 12 Kow wow okay We have good voltage at home least so Let me see um if I go back to this one It says 99. Okay um yeah we should be at 100% soon uh I think I will start at:

145 we just time it also I want to Double check that we can make it there In uh 3 hours or 2 hours and 55 minutes It might be 3 hours because the weather Might not be the best you see the car Now claims that we can make it to Yo With 12% really okay okay you see we Have a different starting position now Instead of you know before we would Drive before we would drive roughly from Here AR this route this new route here Is actually a little bit longer than This route it's around 10 km longer but It's actually 10 5 minutes faster so say Go over there go y that's the Plan um does it say how long well it Claims 3 hours and 50 minutes okay so We're going to wait a little bit wait sh How do we get back to the charging now We have to go To so service mode yeah we have to go Back here and then we get this menu and Then okay okay it it had decimal until 99% now it doesn't show decimal and then If you go back here you can see yeah Okay so the Vol the temperature stays There okay but um let's wait a couple of Minutes in 3 minutes we will start Towards [Music] Jow [Music] We are now on the new road around yav And uh man

Tesla autopilot is super uh convenient Super comfy uh it doesn't slow down uh In the curves like a Toyota driver Unlike some uh uh Chinese brand that Starts with an X and ends with a pen but Um anyway um yeah you see and we also Don't slow poke it's 90 we cruise at 100 It's 97 GPS speed so um yeah now the car Estimates be able to arrive at 19% s wow To see okay I drive with empty car but At least I hammer it is yeah hammer it Any Germans here so we will see then can This car make it to Yo and also I heard That there's going to be a storm Over here there's lots of snow here Tonight so this is the proper yellow Test will The Radars be blocked uh There's no radar here will the Tes Vision be blocked we'll find out and Then it would be nice to have winter Tires on right oh [Music] We are getting close to SNA and man this Is the forecasted snow we talk about and O uh it's uh 1° cels outside um you know This is what they call nul fura in Norwegian null means zero and furda is Uh kind of like driving condition right This is the most dangerous driving Condition you can encounter we have poor Visibility we have snow on the surface Uh around 0° and traction is quite poor Breaking distance is also far uh I'm

Going show W you're driving it's quite Slow um okay let me do a little braking Test here Yeah that was ABS working on it okay let Me accelerate full acceleration oh oh oh Oh oh you see this is a different rwh Drive uh you have limited acceleration And also since I notice it in the Curves in the curve if you accelerate Bit okay like the tail wants to vle a Little bit until the the TC senses that Oh no you're not allowed to do that and Then corrects for me but this is the the Disadvantage of uh rail whe Drive but we'll see uh how it goes but And also if I use highbeam it just Becomes way too bright oh I want to Take it easier so yeah when I did the Reference test with the xang G9 it was Nice condition no no snow no rain Anything and it went fast uh now we Might arrive a little bit slower than The reference I want to see also how it Goes but I could have waited until Tomorrow night because then there will Be no Snow but I want to do it tonight because This is the real deal people want to Know can you make it to yo uh what about Consumption yeah the the the increase Rolling or consumption now has increased Because of this surface rolling Resistance or whatever you call it um So this is a real test if the if this

Model y can make it to Yo in a single Chart without uh ending up in a the Ditch or running out of juice then it Gets my seal of approval but uh we are Not even halfway Yet oh I noticed some disadvantages with The ra Drive okay you see when we just Going straight if I accelerate it tends To pull a little bit to the Left Um and also in a curve when you Regen Oh it regen on a rare wheel it doesn't Regen on all four wheels because they Cannot do that it's allhe Drive I it's R Whe Drive so it gives you this weird okay it Will tend to over steer which is what Many people want maybe I mean some People want but uh normal people They Don't want to oversteer left and right So you see here slight curve a regen oh The the rear I might want to go for you Want to be gentle on the on the throttle Now so you don't region too hard or you Can put it on low Region uh But there's no winter mode so or snow Mode if I accelerate okay it tends to Pull a little bit towards the left for Some reason I'm not sure Why and the weather condition is going To be worse than this I heard that uh Around uh haos which is right

Before yo there is a 4 cm of snow oh sh oh am I going to get stuck over There I need to be rescued by the [Music] Sun [Music] [Music] We are just 10 km away from Yo now and Oh man it's been snowing a lot Fortunately over here it's 5° C so even Though we have lots of snow uh when it's Cold and the tires they have better Friction the the snow is fluffier so Actually it might look dramatic but this Is way better driving conditions than When it we had around 0° C at sna so let Me see how is the railway Drive handling It though um you know when I when I just Give it the beans a little bit trottle Bit yeah yeah you see the back End Wiggles in the direction you're Steering against so this is a nice Reminder that is slippery outside Because eventually all the Breake yeah so you know rail whe Drive Uh is a more realistic uh car in these Conditions uh or how they put it uh it Gives you a better realistic picture of The driving conditions that's what I Meant uh with overdrive you will have Awesome grip and acceleration and then Sometimes you forget that it's quite Slippery outside um so this is probably Good enough even for Norwegians you can

Use raiv Drive depends where you live I Mean where you live and where you have Your cabin but uh as long as you don't Go crazy off-roading then Railway Drive Is good enough and also especially for The rest of Europe then no problem for Belgians no problem they don't have Winters like This um headlights are also very good oh And also I like the feel on the on the Throttle the throttle response in Tesla It's always been like this that it's Nice and smooth so you can Gently apply power or region and you use The right foot to control region and Know many people say oh but Tesla they Have so much power it's dangerous no you See here I have full control over the Throttle I mean over the torque uh so You just gently lift off the pedal and You will then control the region so you Don't slight if what it I'm going to Provoke I'm going to provoke some uh uh Uh wiggling okay here here okay going to Let off a full region in the Curve well like even then is fine yeah I Forgot it's – 5° outside then it's Fine and here okay see here if I on Purpose accelerate a little bit hard Then the back end comes but then the Traction control uh immediately feels That there's something and then it Corrects for me so no problem really RAR Wheel drive in Winter no problem for for

EVS that's no problem because this this Is a well balanced car it's slightly Tail heavy I think it was uh 48 front uh 52 rear if I remember Correctly um and it gives good um uh Driving capabilities in conditions like This which is uh well I wouldn't say Dangerous or the worst case but yeah It's pretty bad right or is it it's fine It's fine most Norwegian especially Norland be like oh that was a bit okay Nor be this is just a nice the weather Time to take out the the Schwarz yeah okay but let's see okay oh I have to watch out for Moose we have right at yo with 3% Left the sun has left the chat here's The consumption 223 wat hour per Kilometer it needed 3 hours and four it Was 3 hours and two uh 3 minutes when we Pulled it in was it four okay whatever And we charging now getting 80 KW hour Per hour okay no more it's ramping up But this is only 150 KW Charger so I wanted this one this spot Because of the thumbnail so let's see oh Look at this oh oh proper winter this Time yeah look at that shitment Under okay okay maybe this one is good So yeah Man it's proper winter here let me let Me get on the roof so yeah you see over Here lots of snow fluffy snow So that's it reach checkpoint it's

Almost 5 at night yeah we need a little Bit over 3 hours only to get here in a Single charge huh so yeah I know I could Have used those charges and well that One that one is supposed to be 300 KW But uh this wasn't is good enough we are Just staying here for a little bit let Me check by the way So I don't want to do most of the Charging here where oh yeah by the way Uh on the trip here I had no block radar Because there is no radar now we are in Ninja mode they're not not going to know Who the heck is driving by the speed Camera and yeah I also put the wiper in Service position I want to try to melt Some of this Stuff okay and then on this side also Yeah like a true Wiking we do all this stuff here while We are parked yeah I can feel like we Have some uh Some uh ice buildt up here so going to Get rid of that try to maybe use a Defroster to melt this so while we are Parked here we might as well get some of That stuff done but let's see I want to Get to ghoul West yeah Yeah you know women if you want to marry That guy do this before you enter the Car and then suddenly he will Propose oh we already at 8% are we Getting 89 kwatt oh is it cold gating

I'm not sure what's going on there um um But okay let's see look here here Supercharger I forgot we have this Supercharger all 250 KW uh wait what the Heck is this oh it's a ah I could I Could visit that one wait do we have Enough now we will arrive there with 3% Let's [Music] Go [Music] Well we are now at the supercharger with 7% left o hopefully it preheated now the Wipers they were stuck earlier let me See if they work now oh uhoh uhoh Okay uh I want to set them into wiper Into service position but I can't do it Yet uh I have defroster on trying to Melt uh stuff here but let's plug it in Let me show you how easy it is to use Tesla Supercharger you just grab this One open the charge board and then just Look how fast handshake goes but I Was going to demonstrate oh Okay and then it should be green there It's green it's charging that that's it No no digging around with apps no RFID now we are charging let me see if We can get 170 Kilowatt uh it's tiny over here okay Come on come on come on come on I think We are cating at yo getting only 90 Kow Oh look at oh yeah oh yeah oh Yeah oh there 100 oh yeah the sun go

[Laughter] Home and as a viking you have to do this In Winter you go to service and then Wipe a service mode Z okay let it stay Like that while we're charging oops iust There go and night food for today is Pasta from home wow this is quite heavy St yeah homemade pasta so I have the Storm bag food container and the storm Bag Spork which is Fork and Spoon and uh A little knife even yeah let's Try M good Stuff we've been charging for about half An hour actually I think in less than That and we are almost at 90% even at 88% we taking 53 Kow Now 51 now oh man This battery charger like a boss and you Know every time uh people see something Charging fast they be like ah but how is It going to degrade well this is l l p Lfp is quite robust it can take a Beating it can take the heat the high C Rating without degrading too much so I Don't worry too much about degradation Because it's the Press car but anyway Let's get going um the car estimates we Will arrive at yes with 9% H okay um Actually I don't want to charge too much Because uh once I get home I'm going to Let the car soak outside or in the Garage it doesn't matter but I'm going To let the battery cool down and then I Will do a cold GATE test at the

Supercharger nearby so I don't want to Arrive with too much juice I need to Actually arrive with around 11% and then I use 1% to get over to the Supercharger So this should be enough and then we can Always top up if we need a little bit More towards some like you know how many Superchargers do we have on the rout Look look at this look at this all these Red those are Superchargers oh man it's game over [Music] [Music] [Music] Than [Music] Oh We are back home now with 12% that's Perfect hey huh chill uhuh we un service More than it goes to chill mode by Default okay so uh yeah the trip was 42 The car over reports a little bit it's Supposed to be 4 70 something I think But yeah and then consumption was wait I Can you can kind of see 209 wat hour per Kilometer yeah nice but then okay here So I see that the battery temperature is 26 to 34 4° yeah by the way why I'm not Why am I not using um scam Tesla well Because uh uh the Char I mean the the Port in the back here it's gone G and Then there's a um something over there Ubd Port there but I didn't get any Signal uh or even power on that one was

A different connector it's the like the Plaid connector so that's why I have no Scammer Tesla but you can see some stuff Here so hopefully this will cool down in Around 12 uh hours when I do the co Battery test but that will be covered in The charging video so that's it oh let Me take a look at the car um it went I Was about to say to hell and back but um Oh okay you see fortunately it was uh oh Okay there's some stuff here okay that Would just melt uh no Problem uh it's still yeah 9° in here That's nice and then what about the rest Of the car let me check here on this Side yeah fine so now I just have to Keep it like this not plugged in and the Trip is over to yo so it did is just Fine you know this is the poor man's Tesla the cheapest uh model y you can Get the second cheapest Tesla and it can Still perform that well and it charges Like a Boss so yeah I think um the sun is gone Now so that's going to be it for now I Hope you guys enjoy this video as always Thank you for watching and talk to you Later

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