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[Music] Yo what's up we are now sitting in the Hyundai Corner this is a new 2024 model And we're heading towards Oslo and uh in this video I'm going to Talk about C rating and batteries yeah No run this time just uh educational Video because you know I read the Comments I was charting at gouls just Now and I read the comments I was so Disappointed that many people didn't Know but C rating was I recently Compared the the model y RAR whe drive From Giga berin with byd blade battery Uh charging session against an ionic 6 And I was like L you know I was making Fun that a Tesla 400 volt system beat 800 volt hyped up system and the people Like oh but it's a bigger battery of Course I mean ionic charges faster ionic Charge more kilowatt yeah first of all Kilowatt is power kilowatt hour is Energy remember this is an educational Video so uh um um yeah you you guys keep Mixing up kilowatt and kilowatt hour Sometimes it's a bit confusing most of The time it's just uh like me you know Just look like a lot is not the word you Know and and the difference between Stocks and Stalks uh but okay anyway I need to Hammer this guy oh yeah the power oh oh Look at that oh 216 Horsepower yeah no 218 horsepower

Or um 160 KW hour per Hour uh no but um yeah so the whole uh The background is that okay uh the BD Battery byd blade battery had nice and Flat 170 kwatt curve charging curve Until 48% until it started throttling And uh it actually beat uh ionic 6 which Is 800 volt based system to 90% even to 100% well actually yeah barely beat it To 100% but it went to 90% quite quite Quickly and then it went to 100% but you Know um ionic or the Korean cars Actually most Legacy automakers they Actually have a top buffer but Tesla They don't have a top buffer same with Leaf they also don't have a top buffer Uh wait he want okay H yeah okay Um and um so actually when when those Cars are charting to so-call 100% you Can see in car scanner it's actually Around 96% only so that that already is About cheating you know it's about that Tesla already won yeah I'm just kidding But I like to taunt you guys like every Time every time I pra Tesla people you Tesla fun point because T because El Must give you some free cars yeah Tesla They're paying you yeah I'm like dude if Tesla is paying me why do I have problem Paying the bills with a new house yeah Come on I need son to be uh uh my Sponsor now I need money okay I I have To go to the devil the Red Devil the Sun Get some money as I can pay my

Bills yeah no no but um okay Jokes Aside um it's all about C rating so what The heck is this C rating thing I mean If you guys are battery expert which you Guys tend to be appear to be I'm not Saying that I'm I'm an expert but I'm Just saying that I know what c rating is Wait did they chop down on over here Yeah they did yeah they did okay um but The thing is that c c rating is a Measure of a unit or what a measurement Of how fast a battery is charging uh When you also take in account the the Battery size so if you have if you're Charging at 1 C okay no put it this way To keep it simple okay if you have 100 Kilowatt Battery wait what did I say 100 Kow Battery oh oh I meant a 100 Kow hour Battery you see I'm just trolling with You guys it's not 100 Kow battery very Common people say oh B you should Upgrade to the 40 Kow Leaf battery uh uh Okay no okay but if you have a 100 KW Hour battery um and you're charging at 100 Kow then that is 1 C if you if you have uh 200 uh if you Have 100 kilowatt hour and you're Charging at 200 KW that's 2 C and then The other way around if you're charging At 50 KW on 100 KW battery that's 05c You know anyone who has uh played with Uh RC uh stuff like a helicopter or cars Or stuff they they know about C rating

But it seems like in the car world even Though they also use batteries uh many People don't know what the he C rating Is so by the end of the day uh the the Byd blade battery at in the Tesla had Higher average C rating than the the Hyped up 800 volt ionic 6 uh battery That's how it could win you know and you Can say okay but you can know it would Be funny if I slap down if I if I made a Video and I said that I compare plaid Versus ionic 6 and yeah even though the Ionic 6 will probably go to 90% first Right I think uh yeah uh but then the Plaid has a bigger battery and then I Say no no no no Tesla won because the Plaid uh uh added more kilowatt hour Into the battery than the ionic 6 so so You know 400 volt system is superior and The 800 volt over the 800 volt right see If if I say something that people like Wait wait no no you can't you can't you Can't take a bigger Tesla battery in Compared to a smaller ionic six battery It's not fair well what about this case Then uh with a smaller byd battery in The Tesla versus ionic 6 battery right So it's all about C Rating so um you remember that by the End of the day uh the reason why many People call it battery is because it's a It's an array of cells you know like a What is this again when you have a Battery you have actually okay whatever

I think the name battery comes from an Array of cells individual Cells uh to create the Battery and by the end of the day you Could make an 800 volt battery or a 400 Volt battery based on the arrangement of The cells uh so then it boils down to uh How fast are you charging each cell Again the C rating on each Cell uh and then what about cooling Because the way you arrange the battery And then range you have uh cooling with Cooling plates or even the battery Chemistry will probably dictate how fast You can charge the battery and if you Charge it too fast it will overheat it Will explode right or like that so You can't just charge it too fast but if You if you design the battery pack well The sells you know uh then you might be Able to charge it faster so okay what I'm saying is that let's say if uh there Was a competition between Tesla and byd For example right and uh Hundai and each Of the teams got the same battery cells Let say 100 battery cells and they had To figure out they have the exact same Spec and then but then each team needed To to build the battery pack out of Those cells and they have to also build The cooling around It so you can say okay every every each Car manufacturer they have their own uh HVAC system Tesla has the the the octav

Valve and like that you know um Then we we could see right which car Manufacturer will be the the best at uh Making good thermal management I know Nissan would just slap them together and Then have no thermal management I never Rapid Gate oh but but then the limitation is Within the cells but you can of course Um if you have good cooling or and also If you have uh uh good design on the Battery so that um the battery cells Keep the same temperature so that you Don't have big Delta between the cooler Cells and the hotter cells because that Becomes prob IC uh typically if you have Two cool cells they cannot charge too Fast because it's not healthy for the Battery and also if you have two hot Cells they can also not charge too fast So it's like um I don't know how to put It it's like a it's like a bicycle team Right the B if let's say that the team Needs to stick together then the team is Dictated by the slowest uh Rider uh or Well and the fastest Rider can't go too Fast or some like you know so Basically that's the problem is that the Cooler cell will dictate how slow you Can charge if the batter is coold but Then the hotter cell will dictate how Possibly how fast you can possibly Charge so you want to have the Delta as Small as possible or you know if you use

The the the the analy to the bicycle Team uh instead of having let's say you Know uh actually that's a very good Example with a bicycle team if you have A team with a with a few really strong Drivers you can hammer it you can go Schell um that is a little bit pointless As long as you are dictated by the Dictated by the slowest Drive Rider so It's pointless how no matter how many Fast Riders you have even though the the Outage speed of those combined yeah Might be high then it would be better to Have pick a team with more even Riders Where all of them can go at higher speed Right then the whole team goes faster That's basically what the the battery is It's like a team yeah trying to use some Kind of analogy here where you guys Understand what all this stuff Means um so and that's what I've seen in Tesla by the way is that um when I look Into um got my Tesla I see that the Difference between the the hotter cells And the cooler cells are usually when The battery is coldish or not like a Normal temperature even in working Temperatures let's say between when it's 10° or even at 30° C there's only 1° CSUS difference between the and Max but Then even in the Korean cars you know The 800 volt type system uh I've seen as High as 12° C between Min and Max and That is n good you know that's not good

Uh I don't think I need to explain Further why it will either cold gate or Rapid gate or cold gate and Rapid gate On the same Session Um uh what else is it yeah so so okay a Little bit back and forth hand sorry I'm Not too structured uh I just want to Tell you guys about the whole thing but Okay by the end day yeah so the C rating Oh okay another thing I should mention Is that yeah uh you can of course punish The battery and charge it faster then is Healthy for the battery and then oh yeah One team won because it was charging the Fastest but then uh uh let's say if the Competition was okay uh you're going to Charge and discharge this over a course Of uh uh 10 years and then you see and Then you get punishment points if you Have too much degradation or some Like that right um because we have seen It already that Mercedes Eqs you get it Peaks at over 200 KW uh But there is an Eco charge option where You limit it to Um uh yeah you limited 100 kilow only And then you limited the the charge Limit to 80% so yeah uh high C rating Kills the battery and in general high C Rating also introduces more heat to the Battery and also another problem is that In when it comes to degradation Um it's it's a product of time you spend

At high state of charge so if you stay At 100% uh but it's cold outside then no Big deal but if you stay at 100% And It's hot or sorry not it's in the Battery if it's hot in the battery and The state of charge is high and you stay There long then that's bad but if you if It's hot in the battery but you only Stay there for a little bit and then you Cool it down again or you discharge it Then no big deal so you can see that um By keeping the battery hot when you're Charging it up past 80% to let's say 90% Or almost 100% uh that hurts the battery More so those are the reasons why um Mercedes limits it to 80% and also Limits the C rating when it comes to Porsche tyan I yet another 800 volt Hyped up car hyp up no no not hyp up car Hyped up Battery Technology uh yeah it Can Peak at 265 uh kilow but they also Have an Eco charge option where you Charge slower around 140 KW uh there I don't remember if it has a Limit on charging uh on Percentage but uh yeah uh what is common With the these two cars I mentioned now The two German cars is that uh I think It says somewhere in the screen or maybe In the manual that yeah these options Are to preserve the battery or to yeah To to Ensure the battery longevity or some

like that wait so uh okay so if you Uh if you have these options it means That the default option when you go Fastest is actually hurting the battery More then right if you if we would ask Porsche or Mercedes about this they will Have to say yes yeah yeah Correct right so yeah so then but then What about uh what about uh the 800 volt Uh batteries then uh like like the ionic 6 Ionic yeah ionic 6 Ionic 5 batteries You know they can take over two c rating At 70% I don't know was more more they Take 20 uh 220 230 kilowatt yeah at Around 80% or 70% so we're talking about Uh roughly 3 C at that high state of Charge yeah okay another thing I should Mention by the way is that okay in General lithium batteries you can Char At high C rating uh when the state of Charge is low and then when the state of Charge is high then uh charging at high C rating is not healthy for the battery But when you when you have your Hobbies RC helicopters uh you do some Competition some like that you Don't care too much about the battery Longevity those batteries are cheap uh You just want to charge quickly right And then yeah but in a car that becomes A different Story so so uh what what saying is that Um C rating um what was I Point again Yeah again I just need to highlight that

The whole hype about 800 volt system is That um C rating is typically the Limitation on today's batteries um okay You can make a car you can make a Battery charge really fast you know you Can make a battery take 350 KW Flat until uh 80% if you like I think That actually already exist but it's a Truck battery I think Volvo yeah the Volvo trucks they have oh I don't Remember exactly I think it was around 600 wait that's Highland that's Highland registration Number e um Echo Hotel 41083 Echo hotel 41083 that's a Highland you can you can Rent yeah you can borrow Highland now From Tesla but I don't want to um uh Disappoint uh m is my sponsor because he Ordered a Highline for me so it would Would be kind of kind of stabbing him in The back if I borrow one from Tesla then W do all the test and get all the views And then when his Highland who where Order for me arrives and I be like okay I I don't need it anymore you know or or I take it and I drive around with it and Uh videos Get Low View with the Marcus Bill sticker on the side yeah you you Get the point but anyway so yeah when it Comes to the whole C rating what was I Point again There um yeah uh sorry I kind of zoomed Out a bit there's always stuff going on

When we are driving like this but um uh Yeah my point was that um the truck Battery can charge fast because when you Have okay let's make it simple if you Have let's say 700 KW hour batter Battery in a truck and you take 350 KW That's only 0.5c you know then no Problem to take that kind of speed uh so Oh wait wait but if if uh battery size Or C rating is a limitation here uh when It comes to 800 volt cars you know many People claim that but 800 volt cars they Charge faster but why do they charge Faster because the manufacturer uh wants Them to charge faster like Porsche right But then they have an option to charge Slower so you don't kill the battery Well okay so if so does it mean that the Porsche 800 volt wonderful system uh Should charge at around 150 KW Instead if it doesn't want to kill the Battery well then what was the point of The 800 volt system then Right um and then another okay well There is one limitation I mean I'm not Against 800 volt I know that 800 volt is Going to be the future what I am against Is the hype around it and that car Manufacturers They I don't know if I would say they They're misle they consumers like even My consumers I mean my my subscribers Doesn't know what c rating is right uh How do you expect regular people who buy

A car to know what c rating and and that Stuff is but okay they hear that 800 Volt is awesome but uh okay why is it Awesome well there's a there's a current Limit uh because nowadays um you don't To push much past um 500 amp on the plug Uh it has some limit it has something About the heat loss and stuff and the Cable thickness so that's why we Introduced 800 volt cars yeah okay great But Um Um but okay Tesla actually goes a little Bit past uh 500 amp it's not like an Absolute limit uh at V3 supercharger I've seen as much as 666 amp yeah the Amp of the devil um but in general yeah 500 amp is limit okay and then most Battery packs they are usually designed To be 400 or 350 to 400 volt remember what I Said initially uh you have the cells and Then you arrange the cells some cells in Serious some cells in Parallel and that's how you build up a Battery pack and it's up to the car Manufacturer how you want to design the The pack Voltage and yeah so and also remember What I said earlier you know all this Stuff kind of sticks together Um you have you can take us usually Right for for healthy if you want to Preserve battery health uh you can

Charge the fastest at low C rating but At so low C rating you also have lower Voltage so uh typical uh most EVS they Might have 350 volt at the low end and You can do the math 350 volts multip by 500 amp that's less than 200 Kow and That's the whole I think that's the That's where the hype starts because They say h but with with um with higher Voltage you can lower the current and Then you can unlock faster Charging well but it's like a a truth Truth with some modifications because You know uh Highland iorry not highand Um plaid or Palladium rather Model S the Latest and greatest Model S Tesla um Doesn't have 350 to 400 they designed it To have around 400 to 450 volt and that Is actually a lot better and it's in a Way you know it's not like black and White it needs to be uh it needs to be 400 Volt or 800 volt it can actually be 450 400 450 volt you have done slightly Higher pack voltage slightly lower uh Losses okay it's not as good as 800 volt But you can always lower the losses by Having some thicker cable or shorter Cables if you Design the whole car well you you might Not have to pull long ass cables all Over the car be like a freaking Spaghetti like you see some cars or but Okay back to the point here um padium When charging at ionity padium is only

500 sorry 400 volt system right but it Can actually take 212 kwatt from ionity From 500 amp okay so if you can take 212 KW at low state of charge at high state Of charge it would be more like 230 KW Maybe right we haven't tested it or I Mean in theory yes but then there's but But why can't the plaid or padium charge That fast at 80% well because of Degradation longevity Tesla doesn't want To kill the battery they don't want to Fry the battery over 2C right so wait so That means that the limitation here is In the cells yeah it is it is in the Cell today's technology uh has some Limit imitation but in a way it's Getting better in the in the regard that Um batteries uh okay for example in the In the Cora I'm sitting in right now you Know the old Cora had 64 kwh net Capacity around 70 KW hour gross Capacity the one I'm sitting in now has 65 KW hour it has 1 KW more net capacity I don't know how many uh I get the Impression that the the gross capacity Is still 70 Kow hour because uh Something scary happened when I was Driving uh with low juice now seems like It might not have any buffer at the Bottom uh but okay um so so why I need To overtake some uh cars here there's Some slow truck so why aren't the car Manufacturers adding more bigger Batteries well it's all about cost main

That's the main problem cost cost cost Yeah and then second problem could be Weight but uh uh the previous generation Co now that was 6 years ago you know Stuff has happened over 6 years right so Energy density has gone up okay uh price Prices on the battery has gone down but Why didn't the Hyundai add uh an 80 Kilowatt hour 100 kilowatt hour in here Boils down to cost So uh you you can't uh you many car Manufacturers don't want to put too big Batteries it's going to cost more and Then suddenly uh uh their car will be More expensive than other cars right and Then they they not going to buy them no Matter how much good how good range they Are Okay oh 5 f a daily oh yeah nice okay Okay we have pass that guy now I mean The motor truck oh so down down long Time long long Time um but but it's getting better Because in general batteries are getting Larger and larger Uh 10 years ago it was more common to Have only 20 30 Kow hour batteries in The cars but nowadays UH 60 to 100 KW Hour is more common but of course there Still exist some cars with smaller Batteries like 60 Kow hour but they Exist because there's always a market For cheaper cars you know the poor man's EV then they go for smaller

Batteries um but but what I'm saying is That in general um since battery sizes Are getting I mean you know they're Getting more energy dense then even with The same same C rating uh you can then Charge faster than you could 5 years ago Uh without killing the battery of course So but eventually we need some kind of Quantum Leap in Battery Technology so we Can uh I don't know get the uh 10c Rating uh to 80% or some like That but what I'm I'm saying is that um Until then then the battery cell Technology is the Limitation and then the whole 800 volts Uh it's not really a limit uh you know Actually this car here is a prime Example uh for some reason Hundai they Um they chose to uh Li to cap the Current at 230 amp so at low state of Charge I will be at around 350 volt Multiply by 230 amp and that's around 90 KW the car here is advertised to have 100 Kow charging but you can actually Achieve 100 Kow because they chose to go Flat uh and you can get uh 230 amp all The way or I mean you know 90ish Kilowatt all the way to um how much was It again I don't remember some 60 I Think it was around over 60% 60 70% so It actually charges over 1 C to that Level right they could of course have Allowed higher amp uh higher Peak power And go let's say 150 kilowatt Peak but

Then throttle a little bit more yeah but What I'm saying is That uh this Kaa even though it doesn't Have that high peak power because it has That nice flat curve uh and because most Of the time you need you're not going to Charge only to uh 40% you want to charge Maybe to at least 60 70% and then you Will get there the same time as another Car with a a peak curve and then some Throttling right and then what why am I What am I why am I saying this because That's the whole the whole deal with 800 Volt versus 400 volt car is That uh you can just charge flat you Know if for example we had a a 200 KW Hour pla for example like an example Right that car could take uh 200 uh if If you use the same uh voltage techn Voltage uh range it will charge flat at 200 it start at 210 Kow roughly and then Slowly it goes up to maybe 230 KW at the Higher end like at 60 70% and then you actually get in a lot Of energy during that time and that is Still a 400 volt based system so you Know yeah Actually I realized this video has Become a little bit mixed between the C Rating but also the whole 400 volt 800 Volt uh system uh and then also I can Also mention that uh in general Um there are different uh form factors And different um uh chemistries out

There you guys heard lfp you know it's Like lithium uh iron phosphate and then We also have the nmc nickel uh uh Cobalt Uh uh uh what again manganes and then You have uh NCA many variants but um uh The okay each chemistry has their Properties advantages disadvantages lfp In general they they are quite robust And they also very Safe uh and have really really high Threshold for when they catch fire and Uh but the downside is that they have Low energy density uh but they also have Low Price so uh but also we have different Form factors we have the the power cells Uh the Prismatic cells and also the Cylindrical cells Tesla use cylindrical Cells but many other car manufacturers They use pouch cells and pouch cells They are Larger and in general also pouch cells General since you have large cells you Can actually take some nice high C Rating without uh hurting the battery Too much I think that this is what I Picked up right over the course of the Years you guys can of course correct me If I'm wrong where Tesla cells the Cylindrical cells they they just it's Not too healthy to run it at twoo high C Rating but the fat cell is going to be Hallelujah different because that one is A bigger cell and then something about

The physics about about it you can then Run it at higher C rating it can take More Powers which like that uh and also Okay it's more energy dense because it's A bigger bigger chunk right Um and yeah so then Back to the whole C rating that yeah So Eventually uh we will uh the car Manufacturers they will move towards the Ultimate Battery Technology to make Electric cars better so that sun will The sun will get out of Business uh no but uh yeah so uh and Also but but I forgot to mention also There's another trade-off yeah Tesla They chose also the C cylindri cells Because they are cheaper to produce so The price for a Tesla battery is Actually a lot lower than the price or I'm talking about the cost price the Actual price not the the price that the Manufacturers uh set but yeah so that's The the advantage of cylindrical cells They are cheaper to produce but has some Disadvantages over the other form Factors uh so of course uh that's why You typically see that Tesla uh they Will have high peak power at the bottom But then uh at the higher end then uh it Goes low door because that's usually It's like a it's like a triang if you Look at the charting graph right it's It's that triangle thing that's usually What uh batteries should be charged at

And then if some some batteries are Charging in like a flat curve let's say Fat rron for example uh that could Typically mean that there is a Limitation it is a limitation also in The fat rron uh fat rron uh has a a Current limit um of around 3 I think it was 360 amp I don't Remember exactly the voltage of the fat Eon was nice and high it was also around 400 to 450 volt uh but you can see on The charging C fat Ron that uh the Charging speed starts at around 135 Kilowatt and the low end and then it Goes up and up and up and then hits 150 Kilow I'm talking about the classic fat Rron by the way yeah the old fat Eon not The new one the new one is Uh Embarrassing yeah the Q8 Rron um yeah so U but I would I would Actually guess that they could have Charged the fat Ron at uh at 2C at low State of charge know it could take um it Could probably take 500 amp and then Multiply by yeah it could probably take Around 200 Kow in the low End uh and then slower at the higher end Right but uh they just chose to go Flatter and also another thing I should Mention is that I've seen it many many Times now in general um when you are Charging um a lithium battery or even Discharging it's like a it has like a

Quot just like you when you're running Eventually you get exhausted right your Reserves run out but I don't know what The heck is going on with the c chemical Reaction in the in a battery cell but um In a similar way there um you have a Limit of how much uh how fast you can Charge it within a certain time so so um If you start uh charging kind of slow For some reason let's say the batter is Cold or whatever or if you have a Artificial flat curve like a fat rron Then you can usually have a flat the Curve without hurting the battery too Much I think that's how it works versus If you have a you know the the the Triangle shape on the charging curve or What I've seen also many times is that If I plug in that 5% I will get what They will curve right but then if I plug In at uh 30% I get a slightly shifted Curve but if you charge from 5% all the Way to 50 70% whatever you don't get the Same curve so yeah it means that there Must be some quot over there I don't Know how to explain this but the same Thing also goes for discharging uh but Especially with this charging that Electric cars they can usually have this Very explosive power output like this One here okay Um so you see you can you can uh you can Only charge it at one 100 kilow right Roughly um but you can discharge it at

High uh much higher power actually 160 Kow Peak but uh we don't know how long But it's probably it's probably time Limited Um but also in general you can have Sorry I think yeah someone needs to Correct me but I think in general for For lithium batteries you can have Higher discharge rating than chart Rating yeah so I yeah if that makes any Sense and also uh again when you talk About all this uh stuff um you can for Example regen in a very limited time you Know when you regen you are technically Charging the battery you can have a Region burst of uh 30 seconds maybe or 1 Minute but then you have to limit the Region because you're putting in a lot Of power for example the other it was Ev6 ev6 can Peak a 330 KW region but can It take 330 KW when it's charging no uh That would probably be too much right so They just limit it to 230 uh but same also uh just another Example um tyan Turbo S it's advertised To have uh 760 horsepower but what most People don't know is that you only get That for 2.5 seconds and then it's Reduced to around 600 something 600 I Think 650 Horsepower uh but you can only keep that One for 10 seconds and then it's reduced To something lower even so yeah uh I'm Just explain to you guys what I know

About batteries and also a little Disclaimer uh uh some of the stuff I Said might be wrong uh so please correct Me if I'm wrong but what I'm not wrong About is the 800 volt hype it is a hype It is a Hype because if we would have some kind Of supercell that can take 10 C rating Without hurting the battery then 800 Volt makes perfect sense but as it is Today when the battery packs are only Around 50 to 100 KW hour then there is No real advantage of 800 volt Architecture people keep talking about Yeah but you save copper well for some Reason that's not the argument I hear When people talk about 00 W systems or You say this but but I mean you know What it would actually be better if Tesla moved over to 800 volt Uh because it seems like the problem for Me is that people always criticize me if I have some opinions that they don't Agree with Um and and the problem is because when I Say that the 800 volt thing is just a Hype you know people a good I've tested So many cars over the years you know 1,000 K Challenge and whatever and if You notice on the top of the 1,000 col Challenge which is like the the the full Stack test Um the best performance cars when we Travel fast and we have good range and

All that combined they are 400 volt Based or it's dominated by 400 volt Based cars like Tesla and some eqs and Some I I4 or whatever so uh because Remember that there are other things That is even I would say more important Than just the charging and the whatever Right which is efficiency efficiency TRS Everything because you can make the car As awesome as POS as you can when it Comes to charging speed and like That just look at fat rron but as long As you don't have the efficiency nailed Down then the uh then when it comes to The full stock test which is the 1,000 K Challenge it will be beaten by other Cars that doesn't even charge that Fast and then Al so what am I saying Here is that uh instead of focusing so Much on the 800 volt hype they should Focus more on efficiency but I think That's the problem because regular Consumers they don't understand this you Know they be H efficiency what what is That efficiency huh you know looking at The you see the model X in front of us Here uh I'm not sure which model X that Is but that is a really efficient car For how big it Is I know if it was thirsty it would not Be that Successful but but that's the problem Consumers in general they don't know too Much they don't want to know too much

About uh whatever they buy they just Need to know enough and they need to Know that their choice is Good right you guys know the megapixel High right it was a while when everyone Was fighting over the the highest Megapixel on the cameras the the photo Cameras or the whatever um And more megapixel means better pictures Right No uh and in a way when you talk about 800 volt actually I don't want to make It an 800 Vol 400 volt uh discussion I Already did that before no but um uh but Then suddenly people talk about um Sensor size because sensor size actually Matters the bigger the sensor the better Then you let in more light and then Actually if you have more pixels each Pixel would get less light Know for what right so and also well This is going to always be a discussion But when it comes to the whole pixel Thing how many how many megapixels do we Need in a camera uh the problem with Freaking huge sensors is that I mean I Mean like many pixels not physical size But problem is that um uh the pictures Become quite large and I don't need Humongous files like 50 megabyte files For every picture I take However it is nice to be able to zoom in Yes but there's always a butt crack then The limitation is in the lens or in the

Optics because you can make the the Highest Resolution uh sensor but as long as the Optics are not sharp enough then uh okay You can you can enlarge without having To uh upscale but uh as long as the the Image is not as ta sharp than what is The point right so everything needs to Be um uh how do you put this Um my opinion is that everything needs To fit together you need good Optics Okay we're using using that analogy you Need good Optics you also need a large Enough sensor and you need enough uh Megapixels or enough pixels enough uh Resolution right and then when it comes To cars yeah uh the cars what do they Need uh they need they need large enough Battery so they get okay range but they Also need good efficiency because with Shitty efficiency then it's kind of Pointless it's waste of energy like Brute Force everything again using fat Rron as a prime example yeah all the fat Rron always be you're always picking on Fat rron yes I know but it's a prime Example of how you can make something so Inefficient uh and yeah and then the the Fat rron owners the they the only thing They can brag about is the awesome Charging speed but they know and then They drive dog slow of course yeah but If you actually hammer it side by side With a Tesla you will see the fat rron

Is quite Thirsty and then in comparison you have For example a model Y which actually has The same space as a fat Rron uh way more efficient doesn't Charge that fast but it doesn't have to Well actually now the mod y charges fast Than fat Ron yeah okay that's true um But um yeah So uh C rating yeah and also yeah back To the whole C rating so you know it Becomes harder and harder for me Nowadays to compare batteries you know You know what you know what I could do I Could have done um in that comparison With the the BD blade battery versus uh Uh ionic 6 if I actually had a smaller Uh battery the 58 KW hour that would Make more sense you know I could then Take that one and compare it against uh Yeah Tesla it would be quite fair Comparison but I don't have a recording Of it I because I have never bothered to Test the small battery in Norway most People are interested in a big Battery but I would assume that most People would be smart enough to figure Out that we are talking about C rating Here anyway but uh uh apparently not so Maybe uh you guys learned something Today about C rating yeah So yeah and then yeah I I still wonder So with a whole with a whole 800 volt Architecture as long as you have

Limitation and C rating on on on Cell Level uh some people claim that no but If you put manyy celles in in serious Instead of a parallel uh you get the Lower uh resistance or like that uh And then some some some some magic Things happens supposedly when you make An 800 volt uh pack versus a 400 volt Pack uh huh really uh if that's the case Why isn't everyone doing it yeah uh to Me it sounds like it's just a it's just A PR gimmick and it's oh what the Heck why are people driving so slow dude Are you trying to save Diesel what go go go go no accelerate Faster dudee come on for a Car I don't know how much space Okay okay I think he went into some limp Mode oh although the fossil car Bites the Dust oh man those fossil cars They are so junk oh I need to make I Need to make um um a Tabloid the counter Tabloid uh news I I can I can call it Where the sun doesn't shine That would be freaking awesome man where The sun doesn't shine and there will be Lots of anti fossil propaganda that we We're not going to we don't need to Promote EVS on that uh that uh newspaper No it will be every time I see a fossil Car that crashes or gets stuck by the Road needs to be rescued or some or Catches fire or like that that van you

Know and when they are polluting you Know I can you know no yoke I'm I'm serious know I could probably Make a lot of stories videos bashing Fossil cars but I'm not doing it I have Better things to Do yeah like uh spend time with my Family or eat noodles from a cup no but Seriously today you know this again back To the K I'm driving now the Kaa has a a Dedicated physical button for there for Recirculation they need that in Asia in Asia recirculation is on by Default because what happens is when When you put the when you put the Recirculation on uh the existing air Inside the car is then being filtered Over and over again it goes through the Filter several several times until it Purify right plus that it doesn't let in Uh pollutions from Outside but uh nowadays because winter Is coming oh actually it's already here Um when I'm driving behind fossil cars And they just started driving they have Coal engine and coal engine doesn't have Optimal temperature on the catalytic Stuff and the whatever filter uh And they are smelly and also all Especially all diesel cars but also in General all all fossil cars you can see The black smoke behind them and those Some of those people they also chip the Cars I even did it I didn't chip it was

Just chip tuning they call it they just I Just reprogrammed the car to have more Horsepower right because those fossil Cars they are weak sauce they have so Low horsepower they have a big ass Engine in front and a freaking gearbox Because it also has a quite narrow band For uh torque usually you get okay Torque between uh 1,000 and I don't know If it's a diese a diesel between 1,000 And and 4,000 RPM roughly and then you Need gearbox to shift through the gear So you can have okay speed otherwise You'll be D driving only at from 10 to 30 km power in first gear Right uh man like fossil cars they have So many disadvantages you will not Believe me how many disadvantages fossil Cars have they pollute they are noisy They require lots of Maintenance they Actually have quite poor space Utilization um electric cars they are Just Superior they have uh batteries are Getting smaller and smaller uh they also Make them more and more efficient Efficient they they have the potential To be really Efficient they don't pollute they are Way faster we talk about Peak power like Who needs who needs 1,000 horsepower for 10 minutes right you don't you don't you Only need 1,000 horsepower for for 10 Seconds to outrun that fossil actually I

Take it back you need 1,000 horsepower In the Plaid for only uh uh 5 seconds Then the the fossil car behind you who Tried to race you is gone G1 no but oh hopefully um I didn't hurt Anyone's vagina because I was talking about fossil cars I used to be a Fossil uh car lover also you know keep That in Mind oh B get off your high horse you With the big house and all the electric Cars no no no calm down guy calm down All right all right okay I know your Butt hurt but I didn't mean to hurt you All right I was just making a point that I could actually make a lot of bad uh Stories about fossil cars but I'm not Yeah I I've been there before I've Driven fossil cars I know the Limitations uh the problems but yeah so Nowadays I have to use the recirculate ABC always be recirculating behind Fossil cars especially if it's some Volkswagen in the that diesel gate area Man holy crap man you can you can smell Them before you see them that's that's Actually that's actually how bad it is I I get in a tunnel where the the fumes Are tra in there and I be like what is That smell smells like uh Teen Spirit no I'm just kidding but yeah and then after Some minutes like oh oh oh it's a it's a Volkswagen in front of me Yeah but yeah so I don't know how C

Rating uh D derail all the way to be uh Talking about uh yeah Foster cars but um Yeah so um a nice little uh 4K rant well Actually it wasn't a rant this time Yeah was someone who requested a 4K uh Thing so and I can tell you that I'm on Now on the on a trip with uh Kaa the new Corner and this is the new new route I'm Not going over Su hug anymore we take This route and then we go to yes home Yeah yes Him um so yeah and then um but I can Also tell you guys that in general when Also when we talk about the sea rating And the cooling some people also wonder But uh why can Tesla charge so much Faster with a byd battery versus byd and Their own batteries right well for okay U don't ask me I ask Elon uh but in General uh Tesla seems to have good Thermal Management on they seem to to be Able to design the battery packs well This time they they got the battery pack From somewhere else yeah some other Brand and we also saw that the was had a Freaking massive Delta uh 30° C no wait Was it 30 yeah it was it was 29 to 59° C Delta I saw it in uh in that model y Riv Drive yeah um I saw in the service menu I was like what the heck yeah I should Also um uh take the opportunity to Mention that Supposedly um the the OBD Port now has Moved um big shout out to enhanced a I

Think that's what they call the guys who Make the sexy buttons they sent me a Video they have have actually a video on Their on the YouTube uh you can see it There maybe if I remember it I will link It or you can just Google about it but You have to pop on the okay if you're a Driver on on your on your right knee on Your right uh right leg Yeah there that panel you pop it out and Then the OBD is connected there yeah I I Just didn't see it I didn't know it was There because I had the car for a Limited time but if I had OBD I would Know more what's going on and actually I Rapid gated during the 1,000 km Challenge uh because Yeah uh Pro I'm guessing that okay Tesla They got the blade batteries from byd But uh it was packaged in the blade Thing and whatever so uh maybe they had Some limitation they they didn't build The whole battery pack cells from ground Up unlike the fat cells and maybe that's Why that it has some limitation and then Uh one uh by byproduct of this thing or Disadvantage is that you have high Delta And this is actually a disadvantage Because when You when you hammer it you then um you Then overheat the battery I just thought Something Tesla they are quite good at Uh updating stuff you know what they Could do um they could

Precool yeah it's it's it sounds strange Man but uh normally batteries they need To be preh heat to achieve the best Speed but the the blade battery in the m Y uh could actually get it would be of Great benefit if it precool before fast Charging so while I guess uh the battery When you are cruising at 120 something Km per hour like I did during 1,000 km Challenge it was resting at around 30 Probably 30 to 50° C and then which Meant that once I plug in the temp would Rise to 59° or whatever and then the car Needed to throttle so if it could just Cool it down by around 10° C it would be A lot better um and then byd's own cars They also overheat it seems like maybe There's a a design flow of the blade Battery is that it has a humongous gap Between Min and Max temp I actually Don't know why it's like that maybe Because the blades they are just so long 90 cm long some and then that Becomes slightly problematic when you Want to uh have a uniform uh temperature Across the whole cell or pack or some like that Yeah but uh yeah so um I tried to focus On uh uh Battery Tech in this video Because yeah that's I think that's the Whole um the the red line Here and then we can always bash the Sun And fossil car I'm just kidding I'm not Going to bash this I I don't I don't

Have any agenda to bash fossil cars you Know just Um Yeah we we already know that the Electric cars are Superior okay I have to pay Attention and even when going in extreme Cold weather or when hammering it Electric cars they still uh do it fine Also in a way yeah um even today's Battery techch technology is already Very good uh also the prices are good You know you can you can Buy uh doesn't even have to be a Tesla If you're allergic to Tesla I fully Understand but uh you can buy an ID3 id4 Or poar or k or something there are so Many Brands out there with good Range well depends which brand but also Fairly fast Charging um and uh uh yeah the depends Of course where you live and all that if You live in a shoe box then uh maybe you Shouldn't be driving around with a car But as long as you have a house and you Have home charging then no Problem but um Yeah but then for C rating again yeah It's all about the SE rating you know um But I think I'll just end it here it was A very long uh chat and um yeah Hopefully you guys found it interesting Try to I I should have more of this Tech Talk rather than some kind of rant about

I'm I'm mad at the sun I'm I'm mad at The at uh I don't know uh the r the r Because they they were making noise and Then the baby woke up and then I didn't Get enough sleep I CH yeah less bitching And more educational videos how about That okay anyway I think that's going to Be it for now I hope you guys enjoyed This video as always thank you watching And talk to you Later

Jenn Fontana

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