4 Months later: The BUDGET HYPERScooter is PURE INSANITY ! Mukuta 10 PLUS Follow UP!

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This could be the best electric scooter I have tested under $1999 in 2023. With a massive 60V battery option and insane acceleration.

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Oh so what do you have there oh you need To wear this this is really really cool Do I need I wasn't sure I brought it no No it's visible yellow I think people See so night time it would be good but Do it today think I saw somebody Yesterday so I'm thinking to get this And write all the time because it's Reflective yellow it's got a light you Can push on it and then it flashes and People can see yeah if you are in New Yourk City Central Park is the best Place to ride and test electric vehicles And when it's not that busy you meet Amazing people and you can see here all Sorts of electric vehicles today I Started to test the new makura Knight Ebike this thing is the first 24in Off-road wheels electric mountain bike That has crazy suspension the ride is so Soft so much travel and the closest Place that has some off-road that I can Test and ride a Central Park but even Here this type of terrain is not worthy For this suspension I need to find some Aggressive trails near New York City When I can put this bike for real test This is my first ride out and this thing Is impressive so much comfort so so much Travel so much suspension I feel like I Need to get some crazy off-road trails And see what this thing can do oh look At this is that a Makura oh yeah this is holy crap this is

The new makura that I just Reviewed hi excuse me can I ask a Question yes can we start over there Yeah of course yeah let's go over there This thing is Super Rad so I'm testing This new ebike from makura and I see you Have the makura 10 plus this thing is Super cool uh how do how do you like it I'm I'm very like this this scooter you Know this very powerful you know easy to Control it I like very much how how long Did you have it when did you buy it Months just few months few months yeah So I have the makura the new bike this The new 24 in uh size so I have a YouTube channel I do reviews of electric Vehicles and I just reviewed this model About 2 3 months ago and people on the Channel ask questions how the scooter Followup share with them and see how it Holds up and you have I think you have 338 Mi so far I like your mirrors how's The quality what do you think about the Scooter like how any issues any problems How does it perform I so far I don't Have any issue it this bik is extremely Easy to control and very be powerful you Know is easy for me to come me every day To work to Andy things and I think from Um all the sco I tested there's a bunch Of good models but um this one stands Out because it's compact it's about 80 Lb it has the most power delivery and 60 Volt segment I reviewed couple scooters

In the same uh voltage system or higher 72 volts the Max fwn and uh this thing Has more power this thing is just insane And I believe if you want power but Compact Factor this is the one to get if You want like crazy uh Power but uh You're not concerned about the weight It's LS7 L robber that one goes 70 plus Mph so that's that's insane but that one Is just if you go in public spaces it's Intimidating it's big people will be Like hey what the hell is that you Cannot you know bring this here they Give you hard time but this thing it's Foldable I like that the handlebars are Folding it's very small easy to load in The car it's powerful it doesn't attract Too much attention and you can lift it Much easier and design Wise It's just so Much better than our scooters I like the The fenders suspension is amazing and The lights and everything the lights Actually this has the best lights from All other scooter I tested so far this Lights in front here is so powerful and This thing is just amazing can I take it For a spin Sure I had to jump on this model and Just see how it performs and compared to Mine there people around here so I have To keep it in second speed option but Dual and you can see on the start it's Just turns up the ground and you can Slide you can break hard so much man

Durability so comfortable so powerful Really impressive performance and Nothing less than Mine even low speeds and aggressive you Know Max acceleration and just shifts It's just so much fun to ride this thing Is Impressive the handling it's amazing Suspension but smooth and so much Travel yeah this thing is really fun to Ride makuda is the most exciting scooter To ride in under 100 lb weight and size I tested in 2023 the power delivery is Shockingly impressive for its size the Design and color chosen are unique and I Like that the E Bike carries the same Makuda finish is just so different than Any other scooters I tested so far and It looks great in person I was planning Today to test this new electric mountain Bike but after meeting Paul I think it's Worth doing a follow- up on a 10 plus Since many of you requested asking how It holds up after the review and later Test the ebike on some hardcore Trails Where it belongs listen to what Paul Thinks of this model why did you choose This specific brand on scooter because I Like the style I like the color there What scooter what I like and also the Pricing is not so high I bought it about Uh $2,000 but compared to other scooter you Know the power is much better than other

Scooter I have about 500 M on mine and I don't Get a chance to ride more because I have So many new bikes and scooters to test And it's just impossible limited time I Only get a chance when I catch some free Time but I would rank the 10 plus as a Top one option for me right now I like That the compan is very sponsive and They're looking to make a 72 volt Version in the near future with new Upgrades and Improvements and they put together this Awesome electric mountain bike that is Different from anything I tried so far In the market and I kept the same makura DNA and power delivery the 10 plus it's Solid and performance is the same way as I got in the first week when I post a Review if you haven't checked the full Review the link will be down below in The description box take a look and the Makura KN review it's coming in the Following weeks thank you for stopping Thank you for letting me try it and um Yeah if you guys have any questions Comment below we're going to follow up And uh you know this is that's pretty Much it thank you so much okay take care Bye bye h

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Electric City Vehicles

Electric City Vehicles

Cars powered by a battery have less moving parts than traditional gas-powered vehicles. That translates into less maintenance and repairs over the life of an EV, as well as savings on fuel.

EVs can generate power to recharge their batteries with cheaper electricity from the grid at night when demand is low, helping reduce utility rates for everyone. This is called “vehicle-to-grid” or V2G charging. EVs equipped with this capability also allow them to sell excess energy back to the grid during peak-demand periods. These two-way chargers are commonly used in school buses and other community vehicles, whose daily use profiles make them well suited to this type of energy storage.

When shopping for an EV, most buyers focus on the EPA-rated range, which tells them how far they can drive between charges. However, it’s equally important to consider efficiency, or how many miles per gallon (MPGe) an EV will get.

The more efficient an EV, the better it will be at reducing its emissions and air pollution. This can be especially important for people with preexisting respiratory conditions, children and the elderly who are more sensitive to pollutants.

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