Hyundai Kona MY2024 1000 km challenge

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This video was brought to you by Marcus Be elmech a planner Stone B Camp power And B Component yo what's up you know Kaa I Tested it in 2019 that's 4 years ago and Now we have the new Kaa here bigger car Slightly bigger battery big Improvement In the interior we're going to do 1,000 Km again and we'll see you know 4 years Ago I did it in uh 11 and 1/2 hours how Fast can it be now according to EV Database supposed to support charge at 100 Kow I haven't even tested not much I Waited because we had some bad weather So yes um I prepared you see now it's Just sitting in the garage now plugged In we've been charged 100% we have 18° Cus in the garage yeah I heated up with The floor heating plus this one and then Okay new Improvement is oh look at the Back o Kaa Electric we Have motorized lift gate now and you Know because I've been getting so much Bad stomach from uh Road food yeah Roadkill food this time I will bring Microwave oh sh I I didn't forget I Didn't think about this one okay what There bring microwave over and the Eco Flow I can just turn it off now now I'll Turn it on once we are charging so I Scrapped it down here so it should stay There quite firmly okay and then look The space the back seat has been

Improved because the car has grown in Size we have some food and a cooler back There yeah so you might be wondering B I Like your videos but why don't you use The vehicle to load here well the only Problem is that um when I'm charging you Cannot use the shuku it seems to share I Don't know what the heck mean maybe the Idea is that when you're using when you Were charging on AC then you know the The onboard charger is then busy Charging the battery and then you cannot Use it for discharging but um uh also When you're DC charging you cannot use This one so that's why we are using e no Big deal and then yeah sorry for that I Mean it's an Asian car after all but Look here improved Interior huh it's more modern more up Todate it has more like the design Language of other ionic like ionic F Okay take we in the we on the accessory Mode and then the car just want to ding Me that remember that we are in Accessory mode so um yeah you see I have 100% battery actually 96.5 VMS I heard On uh uh EV database that we have 65 Kow Hour net capacity look here so first of This is just the same as the the Nero EV That I tested last year apparently not Because the voltage is quite High when You charge it 100% And also uh this one Has more than 204 horsepower it's 215 or 18 I don't remember so it seems

To have a new driet TR new battery Compared to what we have tested before And also you know previously okay Standing soon we have the landslide so I Cannot or I I'm I'm not going to bother Driving The Detour and also I want to do Some Norway route but I figured that Some some guy on live stream asked me Hey why don't you take the Sweden route Uh at least parts of it I like uh yeah I Mean why not because uh I just defaulted To the Norway route because of covid and Then I forgot that oh wait but we can we Can actually drive all the way to Yung Chile and then turn around and then we Don't have to drive too much back and Forth so actually we 999 a little bit South of uh uh yeah I it will be around Esa Min I think so yeah that's a fresh Uh fresh update that we try a different Route so I think I will start in about 1 Minute or we'll see but roughly here now Yeah okay let's get ready and then off We go we are on the move and look here We have a new display here not sure Where when it came but you can see how Many percent has gone to Whatever uh un whatever uh category Right wow this is nice normally you have To dig in into a menu to find this yeah Okay but the car still doesn't tell you How many percent you will arrive it h Well I think I saw it somewhere but then Uh I didn't see it again when I tried to

Navigate so that's a bit Weird [Music] [Music] We are now in Sweden and we have 50% Battery left and I will show you that uh The state of charge scale is nonlinear Because you see at 50% we have now 30 KW Hour left so it means that the first Half we had around 35 KW hour and then The second half now at the bottom we Have only 30 yeah so this is always been A I don't know I would say a problem or Something but yeah but look at the Consumption man 226 wat hour per kilm That is simply amazing so uh yeah this Cola has improved the efficiency uh the Drug coefficient used to be 29 now it's 27 and you see it's cold outside it was Even 1° C in Norway and most other Legacy automakers will be hovering at uh Over 250 wat hour per kilm in these Conditions okay we have Tailwind the Wind is coming from the north today but Yeah so you see uh we have supposedly 182 km of range left and we are only 106 Km away from Yung Chila so it seems like Uh we should be able to make it to Yung Chila maybe also start heading back Before we have to charge for the first Time Huh we are now at T on them and okay so Now we're down to 109 km range and we Are 71 km away so it seems like Y is the

Way the place we're going to charge at Uh but you know when you press this Start button Here um you have battery conditioning Here so this car has battery preheating Wow it has the alien Technology um but not only that but you See if you navigate to a fast charger uh Which for some reason does not pop up Not all of them pops up on the map uh it Will preheat but you can also manually Activate it and I think this is a time To activate it because some guy in the Live stream claimed that it only Preheats until 20% uh and now we have uh 33% and it Might be a bit slow so we will arrive at The F start in half an hour so let's Activate it now boom oh oh look look Look here there's an icon there I don't Know if you can see It there there's a preheating icon ooh Nice okay so then it means that the Stuff here should heat up because during The trip now the car has been Scavenging Heat we started with 20 oh 20 to 28° C and it's scav heat from the Battery uh which is pretty good because Uh it then uh lower the energy Consumption so if you go back to the map Here you see that no wait no no this one Map Map you see here that for the most time Now we've been sucking only around 1 Kow

Sometimes also only 700 WS for heating The cabin when cruising at Motorway Speed and when it's 1 to 3° C like this Is very good yeah very good Indeed I just noticed that this one the Battery heater is going up well it was Going up 23° so it's trying to heat up The battery but also I notice here you See that battery care uh well it's 0% Because that's accumulated but uh it's Now pulling 4.5 Kow yeah so it's not That powerful uh Tesla has around 6 KW so um it's probably good call that we Start preheating now so that we get good Speed by the time we I mean good uh yeah Battery temperature by the time we Arrive in around half an Hour um we are now uh getting close to Hul top and uh at 14.5% the battery Preheating stopped so that's a big Improvement over 17.5 uh but there's not A problem right now you see here we have 33 km of range and we are 33 km away oh I I think we have to bail out at Yung we have to bail out at htop Supercharger we can't go to yunga uh or I can probably reach it but then have to Slow poke but that's probably not a good Idea so um yeah let's uh pull out that Uh Hawk top instead wait it's soon oh This is M okay okay and then okay uh we Only preheated the battery 21° Uh we are now at Hawk top charging and Oh look at that noise that's amp wait

Wait wait it's the 30 it's I need To move I need to move okay I move stall And now we're getting the speed we're Supposed to get at least uh but the Battery cooled down a little bit so this Is a bit unfortunate uh but yeah I've Seen it way too many times that many Many V3 superchargers they only give 30 7 Kow even to Teslas I be driving so if I move stall suddenly boom I get 250 Kow Or whatever right so the same was the Case here see at least we get we should Be getting 90 Kow so yeah I had to Deduct 5 minutes because this we had a Little bit of hand check problems also Uh maybe I was too eager plugging in or Some like that but uh yeah um at Least it should Peak at 100 Kil maybe Once this one hits um uh 25° and then It's supposed to Main maintain the speed Until over 60% so uh let's see all right I think it's time for some food and you Know I've been having some bad stomach Lately uh from the gas station food so That's why I bring my own food I have More later uh actually this one I also Have this one that I need to uh use the The uh microwave but for now this one is Still warm from home so we have some Pasta and some uh sauuce M wow Nice Isabelle loves this H so actually This night before we left I've been Cooking for over an hour for this and

Some other Stuff then I can also eat it mm it's the Best when we are not making baby only Food I mean food specific for the baby But we just make some food that we also Eat ourselves then we save Time wait we hit 25° in Min but we're Still not taking 100 Kow uh Okay wow look at this I can have HVAC Running the heater is running and the Battery is not overheating previously if You tried to do this the battery will Overheat and you see now we're getting 99 Kow into the battery and then the Display claims 103 this is probably uh From the charger yeah it's very common It's it's always been like this in the Korean cars it will show you what goes Uh from the charger and you can even see In the app Tesla app should also show You the same thing wait uh is no Come on I have problems nowadays because Oh that's just my notes Um because I'm so dry on my hands so I Have problems unlocking the there you See 102 reported by the charger or I Mean from the App3 there and then wow you see this is Awesome charging speed it would be Awesome in 2019 but in 2023 then I'm afraid it's not cutting it Other cars are charging at 150 or 170 Kilowatt for example model y raar whe Drive from uh Giga Berlin with a byd

Blade battery has flat 170 KW curb until Around well depending on the situation Around 30 to almost 50% so but they should throttle at 62% That's what someone claimed look at uh The plan now is to Drive um to uh y you see here this one Here yeah it's closed so we just turn Around there and then we head north Towards Norway Again we are back on the road so um um The best deal was to charge to 69% around 62% it throttled to uh 75 KW But then at 69% it throttles to only 48 KW so uh yeah um I noticed that okay the Battery heated up to uh 32 to 41° and Then now it's Scavenging heat from the Battery uh you can see here that um um Let me see if we going show here right There you see that battery care is now Pulling five 460 watts and then climate is pulling Something uh well they might be a little Bit out of syn but I think what's Happening now is that it scavenges heat From the battery to heat up the cabin And that's why you see these numbers But it it's probably not cooling down The battery well too aggressively is it Uh but you can see here also that the Inlet is 20° so it cools down the Battery right now uh hopefully to heat Up the cabin and not to dump it out on The uh into the

[Music] Environment [Music] We're now back at the Norway border the Norwegian border and um I noticed that This time it preheated down to 12% Before it stopped uh and it stopped at 21° C so it seems like that's a toop Point um we can try to go deeper next Time maybe but okay anyway um I have now 6.6 KW Left and I'm not sure where we need to Stop but it seems like we might have to Stop at Pin yeah uh the destination I Set okay is too far away 27 km away from Uh uh what is that yeah but um we have 24 km range so yeah but we have plenty Of charges in Norway side so no Worries we are now charging at sinas Soon s Bon and you see now we start at 90 KW because uh this car seems to be Capped at 230 amp it's a bit weird uh Cap I would prefer that the volt I mean That the amp could be at let's say 250 Or 300 or whatever right it should Charge at flat 90 kilowatt no sorry it Should charge flat at 100 kilow from the Bottom so I mean no big deal we're Getting 90 KW here uh and also it seems Like even at 22° C we do get the the Maximum speed so it's not cold getting Or anything so yeah uh now we're going To go to I'm not sure where but um we Have to drive around

120 something kilom before we stop so um If I just navigate like here now that's Uh for example there Is whatever whatever I'm not sure where I'm going to go I think that's too close No no no no don't bug me on that one uh That's not yeah no okay we have to drive P slow okay I'll see I'll see I'm not I Haven't decided yet where to stop yet Because we have so many Chargers over There so no problem let's go back back Back back yeah and then here you can see 93 kilow there okay so over here at Night not much to do um I might grab a Little bit more food in my uh backpack But yeah you see we have the charges Here 50 k this this ones are going Extinct soon man 50 KW trium charges we Have the hypercharger there and uh yeah Shell is uh close I mean it's open but Just the the door is closed but you you Can enter the you can buy what can you Open it can you okay what there but I Don't have to buy anything so yeah let's Go back into the car I can show you by The way Kaa has grown in size it's Bigger than before you See it used to be kind of short yeah and And I feel the Comfort has also been Improved maybe longer wheway it doesn't Feel as bouncy as before and also the Auto stair by the way has been working Great it doesn't feel typical Asian it Feels more like

German uh so the whole car in general me See if I open this one feels nice to use And nice upgrade I forgot to show you Guys I don't know you can see it there Kind of you see the head of display There it's not focusing head this is True head of display In the previous corut generation it was A was like a GL wasn't even a glass it Was like a plastic piece that came up With a poor man's head of display you Know the screen here is bigger the seats Feels nice like the center console area Here is quite spacious so it feels like This is a nice upgrade from the previous One they' have done lots of lots of cool Upgrades yeah so highly recommend well I Mean actually maybe it's too early for Me to recommend it yet but um so far so Good I've been charging for 26 almost 27 Minutes we almost good to go there 69% It's going to throttle now 248 Kilow there there there there okay That's it time to [Music] [Music] Leave [Music] [Music] We are charging now uh we arriv at 4% This is the deepest we've gone so far in The trip and yes we kept at 230 amp Again and now because the voltage on the Battery is a little bit low then we take

Uh 89 KW hour per Hour yeah so every time that I use Manual preheating and we arrive with 20 Something a little bit over 20° C and Then there is no cold gate so yeah um I'll show that this is a bit unusual Location you see we have chem power Chargers here nice from Coper um and this is a resting area to There's also charges on the other side And also a resting area on the other Side so it's a it's a resting area right By the highway and what's nice here is That we have a toilet there and then There's a grill but that's closed now But whatever I mean I have I brought my Own Grill let me just check if uh things Are still intact there if it has moved Or anything oh it moved a little Bit oh oh I need to adjust this yeah oh I need to adjust and tighten Retighten we good we're good now it Opens uh better yeah all right all right All Good let me see how is going in here you I like it that we have this utility mode Or whatever and that you can just you Can just fire up the car and heater is Running nice and warm in here because It's cold it's freaking minus 1° outside And the battery doesn't overheat when we Run the heater that is not always the Case for other

[Music] Cars [Applause] [Music] We are now at hesr yeah uh first I went To the Delta Chargers or similar to that One but just on this side not the other Side and it it kept failing handshake so Now we are here at the the hypercharger That so okay and now it works right away So yeah just like last time every time Pretty much this happens we get 90ish Kilowatt in the beginning yeah nothing Else going On so yeah um seems like uh it's going To be almost 6 by the time I leave here And that means that we might hit some Morning Stow it's Monday morning now oh I hope there's not going to Be too much traffic here it's going to Be around 6:30 by the time I passed by Oslo oh well okay let me see let me try To search for something here if I search For Ionity uh Doll how far away are you searching There I found what what it didn't find On the do uh what I want to do find here I want the Lar no it's the one north of Oslo this One this One uh huh okay I don't know Uh well maybe yes I missed it there was Okay okay no no no no no 12 okay it's

Roughly there yeah [Music] [Music] Okay We are now charging at Tongan this is Going to be the last charging stop and If you see Here 880 km this car under reports by 3% So a so we have to count to 993 and we have then we have to drive Another 113 km so that's going to happen Okay we drive here to the top uh and Then we drive back again and then 999 Happens around here yeah and also I'm Actually doing a charging test right now So um uh we will charge to 90% or I'm Not sure maybe even 100% but um I Figured out that we need around 34 KW Hour so once this one hits 34 plus Another I don't know 2 3 Kow hour margin Then we just count how much extra time We spend here so then I don't have to Waste time uh doing a separate charging Test because the battery is nice and Warm already here so That is the plan over here it's -4° C It's full-blown winter here yeah and was About to go out but then freaking dude Park really close to me ah man charging Etiquette Anyone okay so here you see W the white Balance is a bit off now but uh this is Tong and we have plenty of charging Options here I chose this one because

Um um because we have a close proximity To the Chargers and the and the gas Station and then I could use over there We have plenty of chargers over there You see there we have chem power even Further back there and we have also some Cement charger over there so yeah but What the heck man like what why do People Park so damn close to me I don't Get it man next time I need to block the M i don't have to park in the mid l so No idiots Park white dude seriously man Norwegians they they are weird species Oh freaking n man it's time for the Food fuel on yes okay this one should Not give me bad stomach so we just have To pop it open and then put it in the Microwave oven right just oh yeah you Can open this now okay put it in this Time I brought the the plate also so and Then I think you're supposed to fry it For around 3 Minutes wait no no okay Go there you go and then it started a Whatever I always forget how to do use This one now that I have a new one at The Yesam so you see that it pulls 1.2 KW Wait I thought this was a 900 W uh Microwave over Hm Okay um I was charging over there first At the Circ K charger and then suddenly

It just failed when I was doing the the Microwave stuff suddenly the charging Stopped I wonder did that did did the Microwave open knock out the charger no I I don't think so because I kept trying It and it kept failing handshake three Four five times and then they gave up And now we're charging at Camp power cam Power never fails no problem with the Cam Powers Yeah And but it messed up my uh my charging Test but whatever so I I look at the Recording fortunately I had the Recording and I look at uh how long it Took and all that so and I calculated That we lost 7 minutes so we just Deducting 7 minutes from it and that's It so maybe I can do the joing test After the challenge then yeah okay so Now we still have to wait until this one Passes around 40 something 40 45 kwatt Hour before we leave let's try this oh Look at this Salmon well you can't see Ere Exposed m m Salmon there is it the final run so you See look here 88 okay we have to drive a Little bit over 100 km before we finish This and then time okay uh we add 2 Hours to rec curring time roughly so we Get uh 10 hours and 19 minutes now oh oh Uhoh is this going to be faster than Before before it was 11 and 1 half hours Oh but it's cold over here -4° C what oh

China is watching you okay if you do This what you going to do now huh what You going to do now Eh well let's do the countdown 9993 Little bit late 9994 9995 996 997 9998 9999 that is 1,000 consumption 258 okay Time 909 909 which means Uh 11 hours and 10 Minutes a 20 minute uh improvement over The old corner and it's even winter over Here look it's freaking winter here Wow but anyway so how fast was this 1110 Is 20 minutes faster than the the old Corner but remember that it was Winter Run it was quite cold today well Relatively speaking and I think in Summer it would be at least 10 minutes Faster maybe even more so we're talking About sub I mean below 11 hours then and Compared to other cars in similar price Range size range then they have uh also Roughly the same time like Nero okay uh Or uh ID3 or yeah um what again Auda yeah model y it's a bit more Expensive even the ra whe drive but uh You done get more space and then you get Uh faster charging and also it's faster In 1,000 km challenge but but um yeah so

You know I felt like the old Corner was Lagging a little bit behind but then the New one is better but not in just one Thing like I mentioned you know they Have bit bigger screen more updated Interior slightly better soundproofing Even though it's not that great head of Display if you go for this one yeah the Exclusive one that we have here cost 433k Nook um and what else is it yeah it Seems to be good bow sound system sound Really good I need to review that in the Other video range test uh electric lift Gate you know so it has lot of nice Improvements over the old one so if you Cons if you have the old one and you Consider the new one yeah go for it it Has lots of good improvements and if you Never own a Kaa before and you consider It now then you know that uh if you go For the new you it's it's like you go For a car that is fairly up to date uh Versus other cars in the same uh Market But versus you know when I tested the The neero EV the new yeah that was was It one year ago I was not impressed they Didn't do much improvement Kia Hundai They are same you know the same group uh The charging wasn't that great and also The car wasn't didn't really get that Much improvement but this one is a lot Better Kaa new versus old Kaa so when I Kind of talk down on the new Nero it was For a good reason because uh you could

Get other cars like AIO but now this one Is a worthy AIO competitive even so it's Like two thumbs up from me then yeah Hopefully Nero also gets the upgrade or Maybe they should just ditch all that Stuff all together because this is after All just front wheeel drive they're Building on a platform that will not be Uh the future the future is in egmp Platform so yeah but anyway okay we at Least we did the test and it did it uh Well but 100 kilowatt in 2023 um might Be a little bit slow should be 150 to Stay on par with the competitors but Anyway I think that's going to be it for Now I hope you guys enjoy this video as Always thank you for watching and talk To you Later

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