Badass Steam Bike

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A true technological marvel and a piece of history.

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It's not electric but it's not gasoline So I thought you guys were enjoying Seeing this before there were ebikes People used steam bikes or call them s Bikes and this is a more modern Presentation but the details and how Compact the dyve train is so many moving Parts and so meticulously build this is Insane this is the iconic steampunk form Of Transport the reality is that the Steam powered bicycles have a long and Honorable history though they prove to Be one of the most final dead ends in Development of transport techn Technology the steam bicycle actually Dates from 1868 1869 before the Invention of the safety bicycle the one We ride today the cing front drives here Pushing the cranks like a plunger Pushing the pumps delivering compressed Air to fuel system building Pressure the front cranks driven by the Friction rollers and here in the middle It's so compact this is an impressive Build and it's quite powerful torque Wise and acceleration and can reach 15 To 20 m an hour pretty fast for this Development for this type of engine and Some steam bikes could reach higher Speeds later after developing steam Motorcycles that could reach up to 100 Km an hour that were pretty fast for Their Time still not as efficient and as

Simple as any bike but the engineering That went into this project it's above Impressive who knows maybe adding some Modern technology here would simplify The process and maybe it will include Less parts and maybe develop this Technology further and make it Better just wanted to share with you This short clip and Technology that's Super cool but died and barely being Used nowadays let me know in the Comments below what do you guys think Thanks for watching and I'll see you Next Time

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For many shoppers, the first spec they look at when considering an EV is its EPA-estimated range. This figure can be important, but so is efficiency—how much a particular model wrings out of the electricity stored in its battery. Luckily, EVs make it easy to compare this aspect of their performance the same way that shoppers can easily compare the fuel economy figures of conventional gasoline cars and trucks. We’ve ranked the best EVs in both MPGe (miles per gallon equivalent) and range, with both numbers taking into account the amount of power the vehicle uses, how many miles you drive, and climate extremes, among other factors.

The top-rated electric car is the Chevrolet Bolt, which boasts a class-leading 310-mile range. It also offers a host of convenience features and nippy acceleration.


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While the EV market is still relatively new, it’s gaining momentum. Sales rose 14% in 2022, and the share of EVs in total car sales is growing steadily.

With a regenerative braking system, all-electric vehicles need very little maintenance compared to traditional cars. That means fewer trips to the gas station, and no more oil changes or visits to the brake shop. Moreover, EVs are much cleaner than ICE vehicles. Their tailpipe emissions are zero, and even if you plug your EV into the grid, it helps to reduce pollution at power plants.

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