New Super Light G-Force S10 eScooter Review 800W 21MPH

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G-Force is coming out with a new electric scooters S10 model.

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Okay so a good bunch of e-bikes from GeForce brand and they're very good Bikes averagely priced so actually they Have now a very good deal I think this Is really priced well and I tested the C-bike and performs very well now having Dual battery for that price I think this Is a very good deal so guys check it out But they have a new electric scooter It's called the S10 Model so and we just Got delivered today let's go and pick it Up delivery unbox it and test it out and See how this scooters perform compare Their bikes Let me show you inside the packaging Very clean Nasty packed Wow this is actually pretty well packed Also got in the Box this GeForce uh Carbon fiber kind of like you know look Pouch and here you have Allen wrench Keys some extra hardware And wrenches And here I believe is a charger so let's See how fast this thing is This is 2 amps 54.6 was 48 volts Good charger Design we have a completely new Redesigned stem with very interesting Extension clamp allowing you to adjust The height of the handlebars a different Folding mechanism I have not seen this Type of construction on any other Scooter the Spy black structure is very

Wide entire stem is super sturdy no flex No movement The handlebars are 21.5 inches in width We have this unique and quite unusual Always on light with two modes first Mode that's always on and the second Night mode that is quite bright I like this new console design very Compact the screen has this rounded Shape integrated into the stem full Color LCD that looks great visible even In a bright daylight you can easily fold The stamp but there's nothing here to Hook it up to the deck or secure it for Easy carry-on or loading into a car or Public transport the deck is 10 inches Wide and 31 inches long you cannot place Your foot over the fender because it's Soft and you'll you know kind of break But I find it very comfortable to Position your feet around the fender and In front right where it connects to the Front stem the lower part of the frame Has this rectangular unusual rounded Shape covered in plastic there's no Place to grip in case if you want to Lift the scooter but because it's so Light you can pick it up from any corner The Morris 500 watts and big Power Delivery advertised 800 watts the Battery is 48 volts 12 amp hour capacity Advertised up to 30 miles in range on a Single charge and will test that Controller 48 volts 18 amps discharge

They emphasize on their website six type Of protections on the BMS on the battery The short circuit protection resistance To high temperature overcharge over Current under voltage and over discharge Protection which is good to have Especially now where there's so many Issues with lithium batteries and fires Happening in New York City Top speed we have three levels on the Scooter first speed 10 miles an hour Second speed 15 miles an hour and a Third speed on a full charge battery I Was able to hit 20 to 21 miles an hour On Flats after you drive the battery to 75 you get about 19 to 20 miles an hour I weigh 230 pounds to do the test and if Your library will get higher top speed a Much stronger acceleration here in Central Park I was going over this hill And actually the scooter was doing Pretty okay for my weight and it was Pretty cold outside I was able to get Between 13 and 70 miles an hour top Speed going uphill The frame very light no rattle feels Very sturdy a completely different Approach compared to a traditional frame Scooter it is not an off-road model but Has so much clearance due to the rear Mounting above the rear axle so Suspension we have a front hydraulic Shock about half of the inch travel it Is on a stiffer side but this 10 inch

Tubeless tires dissipate vibration and Bumps so well making it a very Comfortable option for the city roads Range Added two tests first test and a third Speed and second test and the second Speed on the first test results were About 12.5 miles and range second test And second speed I covered 13 over 13 Miles in range not sure why the Difference so small but I weighed 230 Pounds the temperature was about 4 Degrees in Fahrenheit and these are the Results that I got riding for the city Constantly breaking and accelerating so Assume if you ride on a bike path or Somewhere outside the city without Stopping you'll get way more range to Reach the advertised numbers in the Website 30 miles in range most likely You have to be about 160 to 150 pounds And go in the first or second speed Level acceleration on a slow side Gradual lights and this is a cool part And very different and pretty cool So this is the first level JS Notification and it's a pretty bright And here's the top of handlebar's second Level This is extremely bright it doesn't have Too much throw but lights up at least 25 Maybe 30 meters in front of you and if You look here in the front it is Extremely bright

And we have The back lights and here's the brake Light uh really bright and we're like Here we have turning signals And they turn by itself off And here's the right one I wish the Turning signals were just slightly Brighter In the evening It is uh You know Seen much easier and much better The tires are tubeless 10 by 2.5 inches And you can see here the tire has Several protective layers which will Eliminate getting the flat brakes are Dual mechanical work as I should this Scooter only weighs 33 pounds for its Size and performance this is pretty Impressive the scooter is priced at 849 US Dollars and this is the GeForce team Vision of the perfect commuting electric Scooter a completely different design View and approach compared to a Traditional electric scooter with Amazing features but also with its own Quarks let me know in the comments below What you think of the S10 and how do you Like it I hope this review was Informative smash that like button if it Was thank you so much for watching and I'll see you next time

Electric City Vehicles Cars Power

Electric City Vehicles Cars Power

Electric City Vehicles Cars Power

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Today, a new generation of electric vehicles is driving a movement to replace conventional gas-powered cars with zero emissions vehicles. In fact, many of the world’s top automakers are investing in electric vehicles.

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Electrifying the Streets:

The city of New York is taking a leading role in the national push to accelerate the EV shift. Under an Electric Vehicle Vision Plan, it plans to dramatically expand public charging across the five boroughs.

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