Convert any bike to a Cargo and Increase Storage Space on Any Electric Vehicle!

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This accessory will increase your cargo space on any regular or electric bike. A must own accessory if you ride bicycles and scooters.

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What's going on guys today I have a very Cool product to share with you so if You're watching my videos and you should Know and you should have seen this bag This is what I use daily and all my Reviews I pack all my recording gears Inside here this is the big design 10 Liter everyday sling but sometimes you Have bigger projects you have to carry The tripod your cameras more lenses so This will not do it and this is why I Bought this product this is a solution That converts your road bike your Regular commuting bike into a utility Cargo bike and this is how it comes Shipped and here I have already one pack Unboxed this is the four liter Fork pack And this is the six liter four pack Have the same brochure inside And these are both options six liters Waterproof bag and four liters four pack Looks pretty cool let's uh open this up Nothing else inside I like that this package is very Minimalistic there's not much waste and Hopefully they can use paper in the Future maybe use paper this uh fabric Looks to be very tough and it's a Yeah it feels like a high quality and Very resistant so you don't need this For that let's save the planet and use Less plastic so this is how it looks Like Let's open

This bag Yeah I like how compacted how Minimalistic this is And this looks really good And here side by side Comparison four and six liters This is really cool guys and this is the Mechanism we'll see I assume uh the Stuff is inside oh we have velcro here That's cool That's it So I believe this is the mounting stuff And here we have instructions All right so get the bike and let's Install this on the bike Guys I like this bike a lot has cool Features very good price point and uh It's perfect for off-road if you go Hunting if you live in a Range if you Want to put it to work and convert to Utility bike or cargo bike has plenty of Power and a very strong frame a lot of Travel here and I feel like it ain't got Enough attention on the first review Video I posted about uh two weeks ago or Something like that so We're going to be mounting this uh six Liter bags on this fork and I'll show You how easy it is to mount the system It will work on any kind of fork Suspension or no suspension in this Specific case we have plenty of room Here if you want to set up lower and you Have adjusted for you know full travel

You can remove this cover and have it Right here on the side but let's go Ahead and install this and I'll walk you Through the steps and I'll show you how To mount this bracket We have here The strap And we'll try this later The mounting bracket that goes here And we have zip ties allen wrench tool And some Hardware you'll see here a line So make sure it goes up and we can mount It right here I think this is the best Spot right here to mount it but you can Play depending on your fog type and how Much room do you have Actually I mount it on the fork You slide The zip tie through You insert the spin right here and you Use the allo wrench key and you just uh Thread it in And that should work Lift to this eyeball height And that's pretty much it I'll leave a little bit of room so I can Adjust it I think this is Perfect right there make sure when you Turn the fork you don't hit the frame so It's you know on the perfect spot for You Same operation with the second one Make sure it's pretty tight so it's

Coming loose and then I can push it in like that And then we tighten it They're organized [Music] [Music] Now we have this uh plastic Clips not Sure how to call them so in case if you Cannot roll it inside here the way I did It we can actually use these guys to Hold the excess close to the fork so it Looks neat organized alright guys so This is how it looks like and I think it Looks pretty Pretty cool and uh Covers well here and uh one thing I Forgot to mention so I put the Connection points right here in the Front you can actually put them in the Back so you don't see them it's a Preference I feel like it was easier for Me to put them that way but you can put That way around so I'm gonna do actually The second pouch right here with this Connection points inside so we'll see The difference if it looks better or not But this is the back and I think it's Pretty cool And uh yeah we can actually store a lot Of stuff this six liter doesn't didn't Look that big at the beginning but it's Pretty pretty uh Spacious [Music]

All right guys let's Mount the second Car Pouch If you watch it looks in and We have it it is a clever easy to use System that expands Your Capacity in Seconds and you can move it fast and add It only if you need it and when you need It increase your carb capacity on any Bike scooter trike motorcycle attach it To a trailer or a car also you can use It on your boat since it's waterproof And leave it outdoors and not to worry About it and to put it back just slide It down That's it And we can add the strap And turn this into a shoulder bag In my case I can add it to any evm Testing and not load up my sling and Have the way distributed on the bike or Scooter evenly and that carries on me I Can safely place my video gear or Chargers when I'm testing the range and Not to worry increasing my comfort the Attachment is 30 and secure also with a Strap can be carried with me anywhere I Go guys I found this product very useful And it helps me get my job done easier And faster increase my capacity when I Need it with a click on any Eva test I Place the links down below for those That find this useful and looking to get One let me know in the comments below if

This works for you and where else you Can use it AliExpress anniversary sale Is now live up to 80 off and you can get Five dollar discount for every 30 spent Using my code and click on the links in Description box below you can enjoy your Discount right now better choices better Prices only here on AliExpress Thank you for watching and I'll see you Next time

Electric City Vehicles Cars Power

Electric City Vehicles Cars Power

Electric City Vehicles Cars Power

The electric motor in an electric vehicle generates electricity stored in a battery. This power is then used to drive the vehicle’s wheels, making them run much like a regular vehicle. Some of these vehicles are hybrids that combine an EV with an internal combustion engine, while others are fuel cell cars that use electricity to split electrons from hydrogen molecules in the air to generate energy.

GM and Ford are making big investments in electric vehicles, with General Motors recently saying it would phase out its ICE vehicles by 2035, while Ford just committed to getting 40% of its sales from EVs by 2030. Both companies are also investing heavily in their EV manufacturing operations.

New York is gearing up for a massive shift in how people travel by setting ambitious goals for the adoption of electric vehicles and by expanding charging stations across the five boroughs. And Seattle aims to have nearly a third of its residents driving EVs by 2030.

Tesla and Ford are focusing on production of EVs that can travel far distances before they need to be recharged. Range is an important feature of EVs, but the broader efficiency of an electric vehicle is also critical to its effectiveness as an EV.

Electric vehicles can save drivers up to $1,600 per year in fuel costs compared with gasoline-powered cars, according to ATE’s Jones and SEPA’s Fitzgerald. They can also help keep a grid running smoothly, in some cases by providing backup power to the system during grid outages or by using their batteries as a form of storage for electricity.

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