Nio ET7 acceleration, braking and noise test

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This video was brought to you by Steinberg a better world planner Mr Green Camp power and Marcus Beale Oh Questions All right we're back home let's take a Look at the result so see the et7 did Actually quite well it's actually faster Than spec despite having soft winter Tires very impressive and you see that It's just slightly slower the Palladium Which is supposed to be way faster but Uh for some reason the Palladium is not And look here the e27 is even heavier Than the model S so wow very very Impressive what the es sorry the et7 it Could be something with the tires no you See it even has a narrower tires than a Tesla huh how about that okay and then As for braking uh well it was quite cold Okay maybe that was why it was sticking Well yeah maybe in minus nine degrees it Might also do something to do it might Also improve the acceleration yeah that Could be it because actually yeah you See the the model S did it worse here so Okay whatever but then what would you Want to see is noise look here look here Oh Et7 is by far the quietest car I have Ever measured okay actually slightly Beaten by EQ here but this is just I'd Say it's a measurement error but this is Quite clear that if we're talking about

Uh like half a decibel high or lowers or Lower noise than than the second best Head like eke eqs you can see the uh Really good Okay Okay the reason why I Guess e does it better than eqs by the Way is because it has R5 times they are Five times yes it helps but maybe if the Eqs had R5 and more rubber 50 profile Maybe that would be better but you know When it comes to these press cars I just Get them with whatever tires I can get Many people say hey everyone you should Test the test the the Press cars with Low I mean don't test them with big rims Well I I can't control it it just they Just provide me whatever card with but They retire and that's what I get but Yeah so now you guys have seen it et7 is Super comfy I also okay what I didn't Measure here is the the ride the the Like the the softness and everything the Comfort on the right it's superb really Really good super quiet as long as the System doesn't ding at you at least it's Fast and it also breaks relatively good So I think that's going to be it for now I hope you guys enjoyed this video as Always thank you for watching and talk To you later

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