Volvo XC40 family test in 5-star hotel part 2

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This video was brought to you by Steinberg a better world planner Mr Green Camp power and Marcus Beale Good morning or should I say good Afternoon you know I tend to say that Very often it's almost four now it's Unbelievable how late we start today Because well actually we woke up at nine And then we went to have some breakfast With their bubbles there's a bubble Machine there And then after breakfast actually very Nice breakfast over here Then we went back to sleep because we Were so tired and also the baby Isabel Was also tired so um and now we are on Our way out I think we're gonna go to Central Festival look at the bubble oh wow I Wonder if Isabella is aware of bubbles Yet maybe not Or we have nice weather in Chiang Mai Today it's always nice weather here well Almost always this time of the year so Mostly just sunny days no wind almost no Rain so yeah and right now wow 30 Degrees Celsius all right so use the Car's navigation because it actually Works great over here we have in here And we also have here yeah Google for The win So uh yeah now we'll just drive over to Uh Central Festival actually I like this Location

This hotel wintry because it's fairly Quick to enter and you turn up the Motorway one thing I cannot accept is That we found a cockroach in the room so That means this one this hotel will not Pass we will not come back here well Unless the latest disagree with me What back at Central Festival it's like A standard place we have to come when we Do take these trips but look at so um we Chose to eat this Wishy Ramen so oh yeah Oh you know I I haven't had Ramen in Chiang Mai So yeah yeah let's get some of these Noodles Or the food is here Ramen And Oishi Yeah but the ladies are not here they Went to the restroom and yeah I guess I have to wait for them and just Stare at the food here Trying to lose It's good but not the best I tried the Best was each run in Japan Okay we're now on the second part of the Shopping trip and this is usually what Happens is that Isabel gets a bit grumpy So then Mayo needs to carry her and look They wear the same the same color Matching colors And then usually what happens is that The the cyborg stroller becomes uh Shopping cart Yeah all right

Um let me see I think wifey wants to uh Color her here and that's going to take Two hours and then I can get some work Done I think it's over here somewhere Yeah I think this is the one Okay so the The Hair Shop um I'm walking okay well The Hair Shop On in two days we'll come back here it's Going to take three hours to color her Hair Foreign [Music] Makeup stuff okay now the ladies are Shopping at the h m and then I just want To sit here and chill a bit so you see I Have edited the video this is uh Volvo Xt4 the Bangkok challenge I edited in The hotel room this morning around the Afternoon and now I'm rendering it both In both languages it's going to take a Little while so I'm also charging my Phones you see I can work anywhere yeah At least it depends what I'm doing of Course and then Isabelle is asleep yes He's asleep And I guess we just have to wait for the Ladies to finish at uh Okay here we get some dessert this is After you yeah that's the the shop after You So I have some toast yeah more toast and Some beans too and then here we have Ginger Always is ginger and brown sugar

We have ginger candy And then Pickled ginger oh yeah That's for me all of this Ginger Okay we're going to do a pit stop at the Room here because wifey needed to pump Her breasts actually very important Because she got the infection twice Already so very important to empty out The breasts and she didn't bring the Breast pump maybe in the future we have To always bring breast pump yeah but Anyway so um you know and this morning We found a cockroach here I kill it and then wifey saw another Cockroach these guys are freaking nasty And this one is not that big I've seen Bigger cockroaches of this So I took a picture of this and we're Going to answer reception this is not Acceptable Uh for five well so-called five-star Hotel there should not be cockroaches Here Which is okay kind of old hotel we've Been there many many nights I think over 20 nights in kumbakam and that was only A four star but we have never seen Cockroach there and then for example Five star like um Meridian also of Course no cockroach there so in my Opinion Even if it's just two star or one star There should not be a cockroach in the

In the house it should be clean and Cockroaches they tend to seek for dirty Places actually yesterday when we Checked in here uh the floor felt a Little bit dirty so I had to actually Wipe it myself at the floor to make it Slightly better but still feels a little Bit dirty here so Yeah let's I'm going to ask the Reception what we're going to do with This huh can we get another room at Least or something uh I don't know if it Helps but let's see what they say All right so I asked the receptionist I Show her the picture of uh this and then Um uh her response was okay uh she will Send a housemate to clean up this and I Said well I mean we can clear this up But this twice now two occurrences and We don't know if there is any more in There right so I said that this is not Okay I mean uh cockroaches they like Dirty places I had to clean I told her I Had to clean the floor because so can we Change room at least if we change room It could be random whether there would Be roaches there or not right so they They said yes okay they can change room So we'll do that but I think the ladies They want to go to night Persona I was Like I mean personally for me I would Take care of this ASAP now it's nine and The ladies want to go to uh naipa sound There's two hours left before they close

So okay whatever so we're gonna move Room and move you have to move the whole Stuff there tonight uh in two hours Roughly all right let's go then Okay this time we are at night Bazar so Last time we came it was uh Sunday and They actually closed most of it but Today it's here yeah there's no walking Street here so yeah the ladies they want To go shopping And then that's for me how to do the the Daddy Duty which is to carry Isabella This is my view most of the time Yeah Okay so I guess we'll go shopping for a Bit Okay I think we are hungry now but the Problem is that we have Isabel with us And this food area is very noisy so we Ate here uh last time it was nice but Today there was some kind of Rock fan Sounds like uh AC DC so we can't eat There unfortunately we have to find Another location Room now we're going to pack everything ASAP and then move room Okay so there's our whole sheet ton of Stuff we need to pack And then wifey said that at first he Said that there was a roach here but It's not a road I mean I am not now Yeah there's another roaches though okay Oh lemonade okay but it's uh it's um

He's just an ant Yeah well I can zoom in here as you see Come on come on Focus was a big ass Ant Man I wonder where how they get in here Is it VR Is it via this one Or Is it this thing here maybe it's like Some kind of shaft It's a big mystery where they come from Really but whatever we're out here Hopefully the new room is better or Maybe not Okay just as I was packing the mini bar Then I just saw Yet another Roach Man these things are nasty You know they are like from other they Could you know these roaches they could Probably survive in Mars that's how uh Robust there are but ah You see it's it's we have baby stuff Here it's supposed to be it should be Clean here and the roaches are dirty The Bitcoin Army Between them [Music] Dead d-e-d A [Music] Right we have moved to the new room and Uh Yeah

Uh what should I say at least we don't Have any roaches here but the floor is Dirty I can show you so I I just wet This uh this uh cloth here and I'm going To wipe the floor now And then The air conditioning smells like urine Yeah I smell air conditioning like this Before I think it needs Servicing Yeah this is the first and last time we Stay here at win three that's for sure Um I mean if okay I can live with this Two more nights actually Three more nights We have four nights here If it's if it's too bad then I actually Consider just canceling well it's Non-refundable that's the problem But okay whatever Um We just have to live with this

How Much Electricity Do Electric City Vehicles Use?

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How Much Electricity Do Electric City Vehicles Use?

Electric city vehicles are becoming a viable alternative to gas-powered cars. They reduce carbon emissions while offering the same features of a gas-powered car, such as a motor, transmission and tires. While they have a slightly higher upfront cost, they can be purchased for less than a traditional vehicle. In addition, electric cars can qualify for grants and tax credits.

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Getting an idea of how much electricity an electric car uses isn’t always easy. It depends on a variety of factors. Most importantly, how long the EV can travel between charges.

Some fully electric models can drive more than 400 miles between charges. However, they may need to be recharged at home, work or on the road. For long trips, drivers should plan for a large buffer between the EPA combined rating and the actual range.

The EPA rates electric vehicles for their city and highway range. The city range is the amount of time a vehicle can travel between charges in city traffic.

Long-range EVs can perform well in start-and-stop driving during rush hour. On the other hand, highway driving is where range matters. To cover more than 1000 miles in a day, drivers will need to be fast.

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