Hyundai Kona 65 kWh MY2024 range test

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This video was brought to you by Marcus Be elmech a planner Stone B Camp power And B component yo what's up we're now In the garage and behind me here you see The new Hyundai corner it came out many Years ago I don't remember when 2017 or 18 but it is now in the new form It has grown bigger and it has some Massive improvements so the Dr Coefficient has been improved previously Was. 29 now it's. 27 hm it has more Slick modern uh grill or when actually The grill is gone and then the CH board Is still on the front we are topping up Now and in the back here you see we have Way more space Corner previously was a Little bit small wait wait where's the There there okay we also have motorized Lift gate huh so you know the argument Against buying Cora in the past was that It's a nice car with long range back Then but quite poor space in the trunk But now wait now it's actually decent H I need to do banana box test of this Yeah I wonder if I can do banana box Test in the Garage uh it is fairly large right okay But anyway let's focus on this one so Here you see back Seats H quite decent I like the recline Uh angle on the back seat and then in Front it has a more modern design So how was it before I think it had that Bridge design before with space under

There or something like that now it's More open more like what the EVS should Be here except for that this is front Wheel drive but also when it comes to Power it has 218 horsepower previously It had only 204 horsepower and when it Comes to battery i al also measure it in Uh another test before uh it has 60 well At least I measure 65.3 KW hour um you See here car's going a claim 63 or Something but we cannot always trust This one so yeah it doesn't matter right Now I'm just topping it up and yeah also Another thing you see that voltage is Higher than for example the EO battery Or Theo EV you know that one seems to Have not not that much uh improvements But cor on the other hand seems to be a Lot better it has more updated design at Least so okay since this is a range test Wait can we see the map there kind of Yeah um normally I would start from do Which is close to my new home now see Doll is around here but they No yeah yeah but they have lots of Road Works around here until midon so we will Start from midon instead and then we Should have a clear run up here so it's Already 1: in the afternoon so hopefully We don't run into too much traffic and It's going to be cold outside so anyway Um 99 99.5% okay let's unplug and Go it is a bit nois in here though so The pre generation Cora was also a

Little bit noisy I feel like yeah maybe It has improved slightly but compared to Many other cars nowadays even Tesla then Um it appears to be noisy and we even Have winter tires so and also we are on A rough norian asphalt so let me see if I move over to some smooth ass Instead yeah then then it becomes Better okay let's check the way to the Car Front Axle 1,40 should be front Heavy car might be around 1,800 kg In h 1860 H okay okay not too Bad okay we now I took okay Minun uh Right at the Chargers we are blocking Them ABC always block Charger okay but um uh we will just take A North Loop normally I'll go from here Okay so um maybe I'll go to Tong or Somewhere and then a turn around or Maybe the old turn just somewh around 60 Km Loop is usually good enough to get The an impression we're going to do the High speeed test Yes 120 km per hour so Now we have to reset let me see um can I Reset not high pressure okay since last Reset since uh charging you can actually Reset after charging that's a bit weird Okay this one you can reset okay but uh Let me just reset this One and off F Go and then how is the mus today oh a Little bit wind yeah head wind oh

Yeah okay um – 5° C we have to cruise 124 to much wait I'm not sure if 124 125 We'll see yeah but you see compared to The old Cora we now have true Head Up Display here huh nice upgrades and also Uh what else is it um I think we have Some ambient light here we have to show At night so um yeah wow at least it's Dry outside I wonder how thirsty this Car is going to be but but um we are uh Scavenging heat from the battery see we Heat up in the garage 15 to 25° right Now and we have a nice cool uh display Here normally you have to dig it into The menu to find it but now you can Actually see it here side by side with The navigation so you can see that we Are pulling whatever for for propulsion We have for electronics which is light And stuff like that 12vt typically uh Devices climate is done H uh AC or some Heater whatever BTC and the battery Carri is for heating or cooling the Battery so very nice except for that This uh screen here is not active when We are uh plugged in so that's a bit Bummer and just like ionic 5 and ionic 6 We have auto lane change and we have Side Repeaters oh yeah look at that oh J just L for us Nice Huh okay let's try the other one you can We can also you can see it here on the

Head of display so if I do this uh like This okay uh I have to adjust a little Bit no the other way okay okay let's Change plane you see we see it on the Head of display also and then it's doing This Automatically wow this is very nice I Like to say okay I've been driving this Car in 1,000 km challeng previously and Uh in curves it does a very good job in Curves it it doesn't feel like an Asian Car Asian cars they are nervous in the Curves they do some annoying even Pulse that does it it goes too close to The right side or to the inner curve uh Maybe some zigzagging or some like That here super nice and smooth feels More like a German car or a Tesla we're back at Minon and the Consumption was 2 58 wat hour per Kilometer and also this car under Port Distance by uh 7% so the the real Consumption even lower than this this is Not too bad considering was cold outside In the coldest place was- 6° so uh Actually this consumption is on par with Some summer consumption with other cars Okay let's reset and then go for the 90 Test and this car is equipped with a B Sound system let's listen how good it is Then Base is nice linear Deep lots of details here wow it sounds Much better than before in the old

Haa okay next song and also if you're Wondering why I didn't test the xang G9 Sound system well I could listen to it But I couldn't play the USB drive it Didn't support it so yeah I need to have The exact same trucks uncompressed to Give you guys an opinion of how good or Bad is but I can tell you it it sounded Pretty good in the G9 okay what but this [Music] One [Music] Can maybe there's a slight T of Not Peaks on the base I'm not sure yeah But uh you know the old Corner had quite Boomy base it was also a little bit Overwhelming so the base is way better Detail is also way better let me listen To some more songs and how about this Guy Are You Wow I don't want to wasting time I'm not Giv and Los it they will be all right in I okay this guy has a bright voice uh It's sometimes it sounds a little bit Unpleasant but for the most time also Sounds Great yeah you know it almost sounds Like a more high-end system but this is Just Bose is not well known for being a Some kind of high-end system but wow Okay Len listen to rattling at the doors [Music]

Here no rattling in the doors okay good Good good last one now let's now we Going to listen to some proper deep face This time okay how does it handly Done Wow you know the base sounds uh nice and Firm I wonder if the subw is located in The front or actually I have to check in The back but typically if you have subw Located in the back will give you Somewhat boomy base but if you have it Somewhere here or maybe under the seats Not that common though but B very had it Uh then you usually get way firmer brace Well actually and the top reference in Sound is um uh ke reference system I Just happened to him be name reference But um in the lutus Electra that one was Mount the subwoofer like back toback sub Was mounted in the Cent it was Madness But it was insanely good this one though This is some serious good man for a Bow system yeah well let's listen to Something I have to listen to um Clipping and Distortion Okay when you crank it up there will Eventually be some Distortion uh in the High tones uh the treble started Distorting a little bit and also uh some Clipping but so it doesn't play that Loud compared to uh some other systems But okay maybe that's where the Difference between the highend system

And the poor man system is but if I Would give this uh some kind of Point Rate Rating I think maybe a seven yeah s out Of 10 we're getting close to Tongan and wow What a wonderful landscape here so um Yeah over here is – 6° c um probably Didn't have much wind around here Because the snow in the trees they stay Like this so it's really beautiful you Get the the winter I I get Christmas Wipes When I See This Jingle Bells Jingle Bells angle all the way okay I'm Not going to sing otherwise I lose lots Of Subscribers but okay so by the uh my Point is that you see it's – 6° it was -4 at minus-4 yeah uh but um I was Wondering huh what the heck you see this Accumulated data uh it claims that we Spend 29% on climate uh no that doesn't Sound right you see that we are only Pulling uh less than 1 Kow okay let's see what happens if you Don't touch the steering wheel Came the warning Yet oh okay Yeah but no AUD Warning H is it not supposed to turn red or some no okay well no red but just bing Bing bong here but kind of pleasant Sound not too

Loud then what's going to happen Al St Is still Active wow you can actually drive quite Far without any Touching there okay it slows down all Right oh AO St Disengaged okay that's not good it okay Okay okay now it B okay but that was not Good um let me resume the Speed okay so um yeah um Auto St Disengaged uh it went to ping pong I I Actually don't understand why cars do That why not just maintain Auto steer And then slow down and then stop in this Lane because as you see there is no Other lane there is no emergency slot Here so Yeah it gets a fail there but at least Okay it gets a little bit fled it slowed Down some cars will just disengage over St and then keep the same speed try to Kill you in the next Curve back at Min soon and look at the Consumption okay I mean it's cold aside But 183 wat hour per kilm that's not too Bad for a spacious uh SUV okay but um uh The car has been scavaging heat from the Battery we're now to 7 to 16° C so uh is That cheating yeah because eventually uh It you can't scavenge anymore uh because Then the battery will be too cold but Then hopefully we'll be at our Destination so this Loop was 58 km long Um one strange thing is that the climate

Percentage keeps going up huh what um Okay let me see what what okay um what If you restart this one what's going to Happen then let's see Uh okay you see doesn't seem to reset This one okay anyway let's go home all Right we're back home now so based on The test today we see that we have Almost 360 km of range in Winter H That's not too bad and then when we Hammer it that means 255 so yeah I mean what should I say um Ideally I need to get this car in summer And test it when it's 20 25° C then we Can see some really low numbers when I Tested Cora many years ago that was in Proper summer so maybe I can retest it Again but I feel like maybe Kaa is not Going to get that many views or actually I have no idea uh this is the beauty of Youtubing so but um yeah so I think I Want to try to go to yo uh the car will Not be able to go to Yo and Back Again Batter is simply not large enough and It's cold outside but um I still want to See okay how far can you go it's like a Benchmark so let me see I I was trying To pull it off but in 2 days I have to Return the car so I'm pretty much I'm Only tomorrow left so yeah yeah um but I'm going to show something cool here You see it's now 3:00 in the afternoon And tonight I want to do an acceleration Test around here and I want to start

With full battery and we are down to 37% and you see that we need to add Around 40 no wa how much is this uh Around 43 KW hour and if I was living in The old home with only 3.7 KW after Charging loss I get around 3.3 KW into The battery that means you need to Charge for 12 hours before I'm full and That means that it will be uh how much Is This uh 3 at night no wait yeah but It'll be too late too slow right but now Wait what happened I'm in accessory Mode there there there okay um Charing Look look look it will finish Jing in 5 Hours all the luxury man it been I Finish Jing long time before midnight And I typically go and do the Acceleration test uh around 2: at night When we have the lowest traffic so man The luxury of 11 Kow oh wa yeah I have 10.6 into oh no this is 10.6 from uh the Charger and then here we get um huh why Do we get only 5 KW and this is really Weird where is the battery heating Active h this is really weird wait are We actually getting 11 kilow I have to Check T app okay let's See um no t t sorry I mean I meant e so This one is outside yeah I have uh this One uh not correct there the right side Okay left one okay hm so e Reports 10.6 kilow just like the car

Reported It yeah 10.5 But for some Reason oh yeah okay interesting the Battery heater is active now we can Probably we can't see it here yeah this Kind of silly but uh based on the Numbers here now we can actually Calculate that the battery heater is Pulling 5 KW and you can see this huh Wait Really does it need to heat the battery Just to charge on AC the man I Thought it was just a Tesla problem and That these uh Korean cars they had so Much Cobalt in the battery that they can Charge F I mean it's only 6° cus not That cold uh okay apparently we have the Heat of the Battery okay uh maybe I should uh fire Up the heat RS and I can do this you [Music] Know a the access man freaking Asian cars but I can take this One which a it's a 2 KW heater and then I just blast it on under the battery it Helps actually it helps this is what I Did before I started the test and I Started with 20 to 25° C this is also The way I've been heating up the leaf Battery just blast it like this okay It's it's PTC only whereas uh this one Is heat pump based which is more Efficient but it then heats up the whole

Whole garage but then I only need to Heat locally here so I'm not sure which One is the most efficient I mean that's The cop1 and then this one might be a Cop I don't know three or yeah it's kind Of cold now nowadays so three or four uh Maybe three so yeah but whatever Whatever works let me see uh I set this One a little bit low because I don't Want it to be too hot in here uh but I Think 10 is fine and then yeah okay but Okay that was a little bit of a Skirmishing about uh heating up for the Next test but uh yeah the range test is Over so Wait this thing here it reminds me of Xang G9 yeah nowadays all the cars they Get this continuous line in the front And also in the back but this one let me Check by the way does it have Any yeah yeah wait wait yeah yeah it has The rron style back here Also okay well now you guys have seen it The corner Electric and the next thing I Need to do also is to do a banana box Test yeah okay anyway I think that's Going to be it for now I hope you guys Enjoy the video as always thank you for Watching and talk to you later

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