INSANE!!! FASTEST 72V Electric Scooter I Have Tested So FAR Nanrobot LS7 Plus UPGRADED

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This Electric Scooter is Insanely powerful, the fastest I have tried so far!

My favorite products I use and recommend:

0:00 Picking up Delivery
1:01 Unboxing
1:53 Nanrobot Ls7 Plus Upgraded
3:23 Specs
3:34 Battery inside the frame
4:29 Charging/ Fuses upgrade
7:07 Top Speed
13:41 Range Test
14:02 Closer Look
18:04 Size
18:23 Size
20:40 Price / Why buy this electric scooter

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How Electric City Vehicles Will Change the Way You Drive

About Electric City Vehicles

For navigating congested city streets, there are few cars more adept than an electric model. EVs’ instant torque and lack of gears make them far easier to maneuver in tight quarters. Plus, their fuel efficiency is second to none.

With the EV market growing quickly, many car makers have made big commitments to plug-in vehicles. For instance, GM plans to shift completely over the next decade to models powered exclusively by batteries. And Ford has committed to making 40% of its models electric by 2030.

Seattle wants to see nearly a third of its residents driving an EV by 2030, and it’s already working to upgrade the city’s electrical grid to accommodate that kind of demand. The city has also teamed up with PG&E to install 7,500 charging stations in its service area. Meanwhile, the utility has a program in place to allow its electric car owners to act as battery storage for the grid during peak usage times.

While EVs are still only a small portion of the U.S. car fleet, the market is expanding so rapidly that franchise dealerships are reworking their sales and service departments to help prepare for the future. And even if they don’t have an electric model in the showroom, they’re still training their salespeople to talk about the benefits of EVs and getting ready to provide chargers for customers who bring in their own. And because EVs have fewer moving parts, they need less maintenance than conventional cars.

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