Xpeng G9 charging test

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This video was brought to you by AED Ro Planner Camp power Marcus be storb and B Componente yo what's up in this video I'm going to show you guys how Blistering fast the xang G9 is charging Okay let's just roll the tape I include A bunch of uh 800 volt cars and except For the fat Eon is 400 volt but it kind Of resembles them right in in size and So on SUV but look it hits 315 KW Amazing it's the fastest charging car in This comparison and then it start Throttling at 22% but still 269 KW still beating many of the other Cars in this comparison uh stuff happen So fast right now so I can't focus too Much on the other cars I just have to Focus on the G9 we see okay compared to Electra you said the Electra okay didn't Hit the same maximum speed but had a Little bit flat the curve but Eon GT Which is the smallest battery here no Actually I only6 I forgot but Eon GT Seems to be leading in the percent rise At least uh but okay but back to the G9 Look at this like even at 45% it takes 213 kilowatt it it's faster than fat Ean Fatan goes so slow the fat Ean used to Be Charing King but right now it's Beaten by pretty much everything else Here in the comparison and even at 51% It still takes 200 kilow I mean it's Just unbelievable how you see the timer There on the on the top left after just

11 minutes 12 minutes there you went From 10% to roughly 60% in 12 12 minutes Huh where's the sun the sun went Home but okay okay back now what's going On ionic six starts throttling a little Bit wow okay which car is leading Eon GT Is leading okay and then on the uh G9 is A good second okay and then uh which one Okay Ion Electra is on the third I guess Fat Ron is the slowest okay um what else It man there's so much stuff going on Here okay the G9 is still going pretty Fast so okay it didn't just have a nice Peak at the bottom it can actually Maintain the speed at higher St of Charge but electri even faster but it Has a slightly bigger battery and it's a Lot more expensive two times the price Of the G9 just remember that one um and Then what else is going on with Eon GT GT starts going a little bit slow here But they already hit 80% but look at GT At 80% it throttled to 80 kilowatt but Look at the G9 even at 80% it takes so Much speed oh no okay now the G9 start Throttling okay naturally past 80% most Cars ionic 6 is taken the Korean Siesta LOL uh Q the fat rron is just way way Behind all the other on wait wait we Have a race to 90% G9 has a pretty good Lead now what the heck is going on look How fast the G9 is charging compared to The other cars the other cars Charing at Like Eon GT is charting at 42 Kow

Electro is charting at 55 KW and even Ionic 6 is Charing at only 70 Kow but Then G9 is talking okay okay now the G9 Started thring a little bit but G9 has a Really nice lead now sorry I have to Speak so fast because there's so much th Going on with the seems like G9 is going To win to 90% well come on come on come On Hallelujah a Chinese car beat all the Other ones here L wait wait bonus race Let's go to 100% uh oh wait is that Going to be enough now the G9 starts Slowing down a little bit Electra has Okay speed here ionic 6 has a smallest Battery so maybe that one has a chance To reach 100% firston GT is a German car They should have flat Cher what about Maybe there could be a a comeback with a Fat rron okay well fat rron hasn't Hit um 90% yet wait a minute which Car is leading now the G9 is still in The lead it has a pretty good speed Compared to the other ones oh wait what Happened to Electra I think I actually Stop yeah I don't remember what I have To Buton GT is looking pretty good now It has okay no no it has this weird Dance up and down down uh what wait wait Wait wait a minute G9 can the G9 even Win to 100% ionic 6 is starting to catch Up but you see the ionic 6 charges way Slower this is simply amazing how fast The G9 charges pass 90% okay now the G9

Starts going a little bit slow uh oh Maybe the other ones have a chance to Catch up the electr maybe what about fat Rron now fat rron hasn't even hit 90% Okay ionic 6 might be the one oh might Be the one to hit 100% first uh G9 has a Little lead but ionic 6 is right behind It z97 98% wow this is so exciting Eon GT on the hand kind of died out there With 25 Kow electri might have a little Chance here but wow this is so exciting Ionic 6 and G9 they are really neck on Neck which one's going to hit 100% first Oh the fat Eon if rron hit 90% finally G9 is 100 G9 is at 100 G9 won both Battles 2 90% And 200% the other cars Are just coming behind now L ionic 6 Come on come on Korean technology beaten By Chinese Technology okay let me see which one's Going to be second okay ionic 6 might be The second one and then what electri Maybe uh oh 99.5 come on oh look how Slow they are only six Chargers towards The end the G9 was just amazing how fast It went to 100% he went so you can Actually utilize the whole battery uh Don't have to worry about too much okay There ionic 6 second place and then uh Electra maybe yeah Electra might be the Third one uh what about fat oh fat might Have a chance andon is 96% there wait the Ron GT is just Falling apart he doing this weird dance

What the heck is wrong with the Germans Today huh sh uh what happened to the Electra I think I actually stopped the Electra after a while I have to return The car I only had it one day oh yeah That's a problem um well well will the Fat rron now make a comeback beating the Other rron the slim rron well I'm not Sure which one will win this one um we Kind of stop all the other ones now so This is not very interesting but I'm Just going to show you that at the Bottom we have is the Germans they used To be king in charging but now they're Beaten by the Koreans and the Chinese And Electra is um British right look how Slow the rron GT is charging are we do We even bother looking at this what About the fat rron fat rron is taking 17 Kilowatt only what the heck it used to I Mean the Glorious Day of the fat eum Before the faton 55 used to charge so Fast to 100% because I had a humongous Buffer but now it goes so slow so now The Germans at the bottom they are the Slowest one we're just waiting come On we are waiting yeah I'm still Waiting okay we just h I I need to just Uh highlight okay look at look at the Time stamp at 100 G9 finished 100% in 43 Minutes Eon GT was fast kind of fast in The beginning but look how slow it is if You want to utilize the whole battery I Mean you paid for the whole battery

Right then you need to wait over an hour To get 100% what did they even get 100% No I think it gave up okay the fat Eon Le went there within an hour and if you Look at John yeah so the G9 had the Highest peak power but it could actually Maintain it for a while but um Electra Had the very impressive uh curve in the Beginning and then it dropped it has the Step step step drop which is the one Here um oh GT okay e GT right also Fairly aggressive uh charging curve and Then what was this one this is Ion six Okay what the heck is the one the yellow One oh it's fat rron what the heck man Fat rron yeah it's even a fairly big Battery but the J is so slow this is a Big disappointment for the fat rron I Was expecting fat rron to maybe charge a 200 kilow flat until 80% or something Nine n happen Okay um but okay back to G9 the red line here the G9 uh I don't Know but you see that it was charging uh Not yeah it didn't have the most Aggressive charging curve compared to Some of the other ones but somehow it Managed to win the battle how did he do It because you see it's like neck on Neck all the way at the very end um Maybe the the thing is that when you Look at some of these graph sorry I had Some many graph is that eventually one Of them will fall apart right for Example here okay the Ron GT went fairly

Fast right but then eventually the Ron GT just you see dipped below the other Ones and then did some weird over Here then that one didn't win to 100% And then what about Um uh ionic 6 Ionic 6 was already behind All the other ones for a while uh even Though it had a smaller battery then the Freaking Siesta here they lost some time There and then also you see here towards The end it was also slower than the Other ones so maybe the only uh other Car that could kind of match it was the Wait which color is this line Eon GT but That a slow one uh the red line the yeah But okay uh maybe this green one I only Six kind of yeah the I only six yeah When you look at this this graph you That I 6 was the one that was closest we Saw that in the comparison you're going To see see it here but now you guys have Seen it the whole Battle uh xbang G9 is just uh you know When I tested the xbang uh p7 Of many years ago it was charging dog Slow it was taking around 75 I don't Remember some some 75 kilowatt only it Was dog slow even though the battery Wasn't that uh small it was around 80 KW Hour and know I was just laughing at how Slow it was in 1,000 km challenge how Slow is the charging well I'm not Laughing now and also by the way the new Uh p7 uh charges way faster now they

Boosted it up to 175 KW so maybe xbank Have watched my videos and they figured Out that hm Europeans they want faster Charging so yeah and somehow they Managed to do it and but of course uh People always say yeah but what's going To happen with degradation well that's Another topic what's going to happen With it yeah but um are they pulling Another uh German thing where they just Kill the battery by charging it really Fast because you know I should mention That um uh Porsche tyan you have a an Eco charge option where you charge a lot Slower and also so I didn't include it Here but eqs also has a similar feature Where you charge roughly at half speed To preserve the battery so if they have Those features it means that the default Maximum speed is actually bad for the Battery and then the G9 doesn't have That featur so and we already seen in The previous generation Tesla with Panasonic battery in model 3 charged Pretty fast but also seems to have some Significant degradation so time will Tell how uh much degradation the G has Then yeah and by the way I'm now sitting In um Tesla Model y ra whe drive from Gab bin with byd blade battery I already Tested the charging here so that will be In another video we need to discuss that One also but this video was about the G9 So yeah I think that's going to be it

For now I hope you guys enjoy this video As always thank you for watching and Talk to you later

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